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Capstone mining market cap order

Capstone mining market cap order research topics on health management mass effect 3 citadel news reporter ´╗┐Jerry Falwell Jr has a fan in Bristol Palin now that well jr. of course is president of the conservative Liberty University if you could remember he recently just made this call for more guns after the San Bernardino shooting look if some of those people in that community center had had what I've got in my back pocket right now is it illegal to pull it out I don't know I've always thought if more if more good people had concealed carry permits then we could end those Muslims before they before they walk down killer I just wanna I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get your permit we offer a free course let's let's let's teach him a lesson if they ever show up here so yeah let's end those Muslims don't worry later on in a statement he said I was just referring to the terrorists in San Bernardino I'm not referring to all Muslims at that quote there are many good Muslims many moderate Muslims okay well hey glad you made that a little bit of a clarification right okay so now Bristol Palin had actually really loved the call for more guns on campus saying this in a recent blog post farewell is absolutely right only having armed citizens already in a targeted location will stop someone who's determined to kill a lot of people yes because having everyone armed will not create a situation where you would have potential crossfire not only that but when the authorities actually do arrive well if everybody's got guns how can you tell the good guy with the gun versus the bad guy with the gun are you gonna look for I don't know a beard well a lot of people have beards you look for somebody who looks Muslim me well that has its own issues so yeah not exactly the smartest idea not to mention guns on college campuses look maybe it's different Liberty University but a lot of people colleges like to get drunk and party hey there's nothing wrong with that I enjoy the random you know getting III enjoyed getting drunk having some fun right well the problem is you mix guns and alcohol well it's not necessarily a good idea to do both of those at the same time you do that well you allow people to carry guns concealed carry guns on campus I'm just saying that it might not be the best idea now but Bristol Palin here well as I said we're talking about Bristol Palin so bad ideas well that's kind of her thing now she also said this afoul was remarks about Muslims and granted and this was before his uh his clarification right he should have Dez should have said this preparation would defend against terrorists not Muslims okay look that's sensible right she even she Kim went out and corrected him and said hey you know what you shouldn't say that she gets a point but now I'm gonna take that point back quote we know not all Muslims are terrorists even though the fact is also undeniable that most terrorists are Muslim I don't know how many times I've heard that but I'm out to a little bit of research disproves her claims he let's look at Europe let's look at terrorism in Europe okay and then the United States so we can get a broad picture right so we're not just focusing on one let's focus on both now according to Europe all will start with Europe European Union's law-enforcement agency the vast majority of terror attacks in Europe were not perpetrated by Muslims but by different separatist groups for example in 2013 there were 152 attacks in Europe according to Europe all but only two of them 152 were religiously motivated hmm while 84 were predicated upon ethno nationalist or separatist beliefs and these numbers were detailed in last year's report interesting now here are some more examples of that those kind of attacks and who they're perpetrated by from The Daily Beast some examples of these groups like the FL and C which is French that advocates for an independent nation for the island of Corsica in December 2013 FL and C terrorists carried out simultaneously to tax against police stations two French cities and in Greece in late 2013 a left-wing militant popular revolutionary forces shot and killed two members of the right-wing political party Golden Dawn while over in Italy and an anarchist group FA I engage in numerous terror attacks including sending a bomb to a journalist and then of course there was the terrorist attack in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik remember he killed 77 people in Norway because as he describes he was anti-muslim anti-immigrant and was for a pro Christian Europe now there's also other forms of terrorism that are not just ethno national but also other forms of religious terrorism from surprisingly enough Buddhists Buddhists have reportedly killed many Muslim civilians in Burma or otherwise known as Myanmar and in Sri Lanka some went on a violent rampage burning down Muslim homes and businesses and killing four people for Muslims and yes I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of heat for this one but there are also Jewish terrorists I know according to the 2013 State Department's report on terrorism there were 399 acts of terror committed by Israeli settler settlers and what are known as price tag attacks these are tax on Palestinian citizens injured 93 people and vandalized scores of mosques and and Christian churches yeah so that happens there's also a lot of of course terrorism against Jewish people as well another problem and there's a lot of anti-semitism as well and we can't ignore that so apparently everybody's terrorizing everybody okay now in America let's go to America in America an FBI study looking at terrorism committed on US soil between 1980 and 2005 found that 94 percent of the terror attacks were committed by non-muslims in fact forty-two percent of these terror attacks were carried out by Latino related groups followed by 24 percent by extreme left-wing actors that's really strange once again underscoring the point how everybody seems to be terrorizing each other well it's not a good thing all terrorism is bad okay so now the study continues as a 2014 study by the University of North Carolina also found that since the 9/11 attacks Muslim League terrorism has only killed about 37 people Americans now that's terrible it's all look everyone of them is a tragedy right however in that same time period more than a hundred and ninety thousand Americans were murdered by other Americans and non terrorism so let's finally let's wrap all this information together in a nice little bow for Bristol Palin she said that guns will make us more safe right especially since there's terrorism terrorism's everywhere right in 2013 three people were killed in the brutal Boston bombing where two brothers of course bomb a you know bombed the marathon injured lots and lots of people killed him as a horrific horrific attack right in Boston that same year five people were killed by toddlers well wait a minute toddlers toddlers an accidental deaths by toddlers who just happened to get a hold of a gun and accidentally shot their family members more people died from toddlers getting a hold of guns than from terrorism in all of 2013 in America and yet here we talk about is and terrorism as if it's the most important thing as if that's the most deadly thing when clearly the numbers point out that it's not an Islamic terrorism while it's surely a threat as is terrorism as is fundamentalism of all stripes we are simply more likely to die at home by another by the gun of another law-abiding citizen than Isis pulling off a 9/11 style attack those are the numbers those are the facts and look you can dislike it all you want I'm upset the fact that there is left-wing terrorism that has killed people as someone who is very leftist I find that abhorrent but it does exist and whether you like it or not facts or facts and facts will always exist whether or not you agree with them facts matter capstone physical therapy wa Binghamton University.

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