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Capstone mining globe az

Capstone mining globe az do my capstone law new hampshire f1 in schools presentation ministries ´╗┐oh yeah that's nice wow what a nice what a nice welcome home now this is where we met Abraham the first time I spoke to Abraham we were where it was called a Black Canyon highway where the intersected interstate 10 as they were developing it in that's right that's why first Abraham says take the next exit and it never stopped jabbering and and you promised me you wouldn't tell anyone hahaha well that got out of hand this is a day of many many first as today's the first day Esther is wearing a wireless microphone yes yes I don't have a tail anymore ha ha ha it's the first real welcome all you guys around the planet to the first worldwide Doug 44 countries 44 states 40 and ever and every continent except Antarctica Antarctica if only penguins had computer you know what I do yeah I'm tired of messing around up here I would like you to bring Esther up and she will bring Abraham up would you please now to come okay hello goodbye I love my part and argue refreshed good we want to talk briefly about moving vibration incrementally Jerry and Esther and friends were just on a cruise ship that went through the Panama Canal and the water level was 84 feet difference many physical beings who are at a different vibrational place than they really want to be would like to just jump and it was an interesting thought to think about that big cruise ship just leaping into the higher water not a practical thought at all not possible so instead the boat sailed into a channel which was blocked off and once it got in then water was added to it and then the locks were opened and the boat just moved into the next lock and then more water was added and then the boat just moved into the next lock and it was not fast but it was sure and it was efficient it was effective it took this big vessel and many others from one level of water to 84 feet higher in a relatively short period of time and we would like you to think in terms of vibration as being a bit like that to where you are and this is going to sound very profound where you are is where you are where you are is where you are it is your point of attraction and if you wonder where you are look around look at what's happening if you want to know how you feel look at what's happening around you in other words if you're worried about something look around if it whatever is happening is a response to whatever you've got going on vibrationally no exceptions ever so where you are is where you are and even though you'd rather be someplace else if you think in terms of the big cruise ship not able to jump into the higher water you can't either really and if you will give up trying to defy these laws of physics and instead you will just acknowledge that where you are is where you are and by acknowledging it we mean observe you can't help that by observing what you don't want it causes you to launch a rocket about what you do want and then in your relaxed state in your understanding that all is well in your understanding that you don't have to do it this red-hot minute in your understanding that the larger part of you is summoning you in your understanding that the larger part of you is the dominant part of you and it will it will call you it will call you eventually it will call you in your perfect readiness so this is really this is really the part that we're wanting you to here with this freshly offered analogy even though you think you want to be in the vortex because we've now convinced you that that's where you really are that's where who you really are is it's where all of the co-operative components of that which you want has already been gathered this vortex really is where you want to be here this you don't want to be taken into the vortex before you are vibrationally ready it'll just spit you out anyway but in the same way that the ship analogy it's much better to do it incrementally we want you to to relax into the idea of allowing yourself to be prepared vibrationally to move comfortably into the next vibration and the next vibration and the next vibration you see what we're getting up because so often what you think you want you think that if you could have the manifestation and you could have it right now that then you would just feel better about everything and while we acknowledge that everything that you want whether it's a material object or a pile of money or a better relationship or or a new house no matter what it is that you want you believe that the reason that you want it is because you will feel better in the half of it and we want you to step back a little bit from that and instead of wanting to have it so that you will feel better in the having of it we want you to contemplate the feeling better the feeling better which then will result in the halving of whatever it is that you're wanting and it is our promise to you that if you will take a vibrational approach to this and you will ease up on yourself and others about it and you will accept the certainty the certainty of this powerful vortex that is summoning you toward it when you have what you call your death experience and what we call your croaking experience when you release your consciousness and your attention and therefore your attraction through this physical apparatus this vibration of who you really are in your vortex will be dominant and will take you into the vortex and you will have an exhilarating experience in the process but you are really not wanting the quantum leap that you think you're wanting you're really not wanting these huge vibrational jumps what you're wanting is the ease and flow of just moving incrementally into your vortex you're following do you know how many times a day do you think you're in your vortex what would you guess do you think there's every day that you're not in you think that you ever go a whole day without being in at some point no there's never there is never there is never a day that goes that you are not at one point or another in your vortex never day the key is recognizing the difference between what it feels like when you're in and what it feels like when you're not and this is the thing that we want you to understand if you've been moving incrementally through these logs how much difference do you think that ship felt by the time the water level was equal and the gates opened it didn't feel anything moving into the moving into the next water level felt completely comfortable there was not even a bump there was not even a splash there was not even a gurgle or a bubble it was just ease into the next level of the water and this is the thing that we want you to understand vibrationally if you will cool your jets just little bit and knock off the impatience that you have with yourself and no longer try to compare where you are in terms of manifestation with anyone else and you will just pay attention to how you're feeling with this interest in increasing your improvement in the way you feel what you begin to notice is as you move in and in the vortex and into the different levels of the vortex that you will be able to incremental II recognize what you are doing and that's when deliberate creating really gets fun will visit with more of you now and then will wedge more of our message in the crack because this is the thing that we really want you to hear today all right right here [Music] enjoy the game enjoy city I can do it what is a doctoral capstone project cheap SUNY Plattsburgh.

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