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Capstone mining career for money

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I mean, it was interns, our campaigns director, our New Hampshire field director, our New Hampshire state director, and our field director, so. (laughs) - [Cameraman] And there's a thunder stick, there's a set of thunder sticks in each seat, so two. So there's 1400 thunder sticks, or like, 1200. - [Suzy] (laughs) Yeah. ("At The Hop" by DJ Quads) - Now batting for the Kansas City Royals, the centerfielder, Jason Kander. - Centerfield? - Yeah, well. - Okay. - I don't think they'd let me pitch. They gotta show their impingement. - [Cameraman] Well, Alex is hurt. They need somebody. - Well, Paul Orlando probably covers more ground then I'd do. ("At The Hop" by DJ Quads) - We are in Nashua, New Hampshire for the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner. Jason's the keynote speaker. Diana and True are here. We have staff here, there's a bunch of great Granite staters here. We're super pumped. After the election in 2016, Republicans in New Hampshire were very upset that Hillary Clinton won the presidential race here, and Senator Hassan won the senate race here. And they decided it was because college kids are allowed to vote. Normally when Republicans are trying to stop people from voting, they don't say it out loud. But in New Hampshire, they were very loud and proud of the fact that they didn't think kids who go to college in New Hampshire should be able to vote to in New Hampshire. So they started to try to pass legislation that would create poll taxes that would intimidate college voters, and not just college voters. Like anyone that they didn't think were gonna vote for their candidates, they were trying to stop. So this has become ground zero for voting rights. It's why we were here from the beginning. This is one of the first states Let America Vote was in. There have been a bunch of special elections in New Hampshire, we've been involved in six of 'em. 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Suzy, how do you want me to hock these? Limited edition Let America Vote socks? Is that? - [Man] Where are these available? - [Jason] Suzy, where are these available? - - [Cameraman] I'll put it on the screen, like. - Perfect. - [Jason] There you go. ("Myspace" by Kimengumi) - [Announcer] New Hampshire Democrats, please pick up those thunder sticks and give a good New Hampshire welcome to President of Let America Vote, Jason Kander. (audience applause) - Hey. (audience cheers) First, there's two things that I wanna do tonight. Other than completely change your lives by offering you a sample of Kansas City barbecue sauce, which is on your table. (audience cheers) Yeah, you're quite welcome. Now, there's two things that I wanna do. First is, I wanna make sure that I give you hope for the future of this party, and of this country. And second, I wanna tell you why it is that I decided to bring Let America Vote to New Hampshire. New Hampshire is ground zero for this fight in 2018, folks. We have to show the country that voter suppression 'aint gonna fly here, or anywhere else in America. (audience applause) (glasses clink) I volunteered to serve in the Army because I wanted to protect the rights and the freedoms that our nation has to offer. And I'll damned if I'm gonna come home and watch Chris Sununu, and Donald Trump try and take those rights away. (audience applause) We will not let them roll back the progress that President Obama, and so many people before him made. We won't let it happen, because we're patriots. And because we understand that patriotism is not about making everybody stand and salute the flag. Patriotism is about making this a country where everybody wants to. (audience applause) And we can be that country again. And in January of 2021, ("Skyline" by Ukiyo) when we get a new President, we will be. Thank you. Thank you, New Hampshire. Thank you. - There's enormous Democratic momentum here. I mean, you saw how many young people, for instance, were here. Well in general, the President should pursue an updated authorization for use of military force. And that was true even before this. I mean, look, we're operating on an authorization for use of military force that was put in place before the current enemy, ISIS, really came into full existence. Look, when I was doing it, I was telling people what my vision for the country and for the party is. I've been invited to do that now in 38 states. Campaigning for Democratic candidates, speaking at events like this one. I'm always honored to do it. And as I said, I firmly believe that we have a guiding principle that is, we care about people, including people we don't know, and that that includes every single American. And I'm not gonna miss the opportunity to make sure that I get to push that message, 'cause I think it's an important one. The Republican politicians here in New Hampshire made a decision. And that decision that they made, was that rather than try and convince, for instance here, college students, young people, that they should side with the Republican party, they just decided to try and eliminate them from Democracy. I think that that is un-American. I think it's wrong, and I think it's about time that any politician in the country that thinks that they're gonna win elections by making it so that people that don't wanna vote for them can't vote, I think it's time that they start losing elections as a result. Yes, that includes the Governor. Thanks y'all. - Okay, thank you. - I appreciate it. Thank you. (upbeat music) - [Man] I was just wondering, how can I help Let America Vote? - Sure. We have a distributed organizing program so that even if you're not physically in one the states where we're active, and there's five of 'em, you can like, organize phone banks, you can do a lot of stuff. So we have 70,000 folks signed up nationwide to be a part of it, even if they're not gonna be physically in New Hampshire, or the other states. (upbeat music) capstone nutrition cfo for money Lander Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.

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