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Capstone microturbine problems order

Capstone microturbine problems order write for me capstone ministers singers microbe hunters book report worksheet 7th ´╗┐coming up on look today well a meeting took place last night Skidmore College in Saratoga on the issue of immigration we were there I've got details and Fresh Air Fund host kids from the inner city more on that coming up and the Saratoga County Fair kicked off today guess what we were there it's all ahead a look today [Music] welcome everyone I'm Jay hood Jackson this is a look today well tonight's program I sit down with Heather Varney she's Foundation and development director for Saratoga Bridges and we're joined by Amanda Bajoran she's an artist and they're here and talk about upcoming fundraiser the white party I also sit down with jennifer frame she's director of development for Special Olympics New York and she's here I talk about the upcoming silk and satin 5k race that's happening this weekend plus we've got your weather for the Tri North counties but first these headline stories well in our lead story a panel was held last night at Skidmore College on the complex issue of immigration well the talk featured mayor Joanne Yepsen of Saratoga Springs as well as professors administrative workers from the immigration office and naturalized citizens on the panel delved into a lot of topics currently there are 8 million undocumented immigrants in the United States now 60% of those undocumented civilians have been in the country for more than 10 years well we were at the meeting we spoke to me or Joanne Jepsen about how immigration affects our very own area what we can do with what we're doing here as the mayor I started as human rights task force because people asked where they want to talk about these issues they want to talk about how they can clip for immigrants they want to talk about how they can be a welcoming inclusive community they want to talk about how the diversity of a city only helps us are socially culturally economically and that's what's important here tonight and I'm going to be talking about that and trying to allow different sides of the story to get told I couldn't agree with her more all right in other news well the Fresh Air Fund of Saratoga welcomed seven kids from New York City Fresh Air Fund is an organization in our area that has hosted kids from the inner city since 1877 different families host the kids and given the opportunity to experience the Adirondacks well we spoke to a Mia Shepherd she's from New York City going to water something is different and is higher in now we also spoke to one of the co-chairs of the organization her name patty Leroy kids has a freedom of running and Gracie and playful and last time we did marshmallows on the grill the barbecue just the excitement of them getting out of a busy city into a nice country and they could see the skies and they got a drive-in movie for the first time you know the things we take for granted every day these kids never get to see no Patty's been a guest here on look today she's so dedicated to this organization what a great organization all right switching from news to weather after night a heavy thunderstorms heavy I think that's an understatement you know many households were left without power so let's see how the rest of the week is shaping up for more detailed look at our weather let's head to the Glens Falls weather center for a look at your first forecast thanks Jesse I mean you're all declarant sponsor here's your first look weather forecasts will start the National mess with high pressure in control for much of the area here's one towards Detroit here's one over the Gulf of Mexico it's going to bring relatively high humid weather maybe a few pop-up storms along the periphery of the ridge cold frontal boundary making its way through parts of the Dakotas into parts the Upper Midwest the Great Lakes and then towards our viewing area will see a few showers and storms but nothing major as we look in the closer look here we'll see temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s for overnight lows across the Capital District we'll see mid 60s towards Clifton Park Greenwich 64 for Ted were 63 Glens Falls even we'll see a low temperature for the overnight hours about 63 degrees jomsberg 54 at elevation we'll see some patchy fog as well mostly clear skies 63 as I mentioned for the day on Wednesday mostly sunny upper s across the viewing area maybe a little bit cooler high elevations a sunny start lower 70s through relatively mild with mostly sunny skies and we'll remain mostly sunny throughout the rest of our Wednesday Thursday may be a slight chance of storms but we'll still see some sunshine here and there high of 84 mostly sunny 86 Friday before our next cold front passes by the weekend we'll see temperatures dropping into the lower 80s on Saturday with a 40% chance of storms and then on Sunday a 50% chance of storms high of 78 degrees low temps it's 60s throughout the forecast let's look at the first look what a forecast and meteorologist Clara sponsor enjoy the rest of your day thanks clearance man did we get clobbered with those thunderstorms yesterday all right back to the news guess what first day of the Saratoga County Fair kicked off today this is the 170 sixth year of the fair and it takes place fairgrounds in Ballston Spa now the fair runs on only until this Sunday so you got to get their features livestock carnival games great food and rides well we were with Donna Frank on the grounds today for an update about the fair hi it's Donna Frank here for look TV again this year at the beautiful Saratoga County Fair it's a gorgeous day it's going to be a gorgeous week there are rides there's fenders and beautiful fun shows every hour you won't want to miss it good music you've got Big Sky Country repeater Creek all weekend long listen this is the place to be and if I don't see you here you're a big trouble you don't want to let Donna down I'm telling you right now alright up next I sit down with Heather Varney she's foundation development director for Saratoga Bridges what an organization we're also joined by Amanda buyer on but she's an artist and they're here to talk about the upcoming fundraiser the white party plus I sit down with jennifer frame she's director of development for Special Olympics New York she's here to talk about the upcoming silk and satin 5k race that's happening this weekend but first if you see news happening you want to share a story idea how about joining us for an interview then give us a call on the hotline the number is seven nine eight eight thousand well that's all the time we have with this edition of look today just a couple of things if you catch the early broadcast Rockman record Club Cafe Lena Fleetwood Mac rumors these are fun events and they're always packed so get down there if you want to also Saratoga tickets we have such a huge demand on this I'm really asking you if you have set aside tickets here if you're a winner please pick those tickets up we're running out of tickets and you know you know human nature people are going to storm in here on Friday and we're not going to have enough tickets so please now by the way two winners today Ross Armour and Heather Thomas so please pick up tickets here Saratoga studio between 10:00 and 3:00 p.m. any weekday this week and get over to the Saratoga fair and last but not least a personal look out to a buddy of mine I've been friends good friends with Jeff Townsend for better part of 40 years and Jeff runs the Saratoga fair he was stricken with sepsis which is a pretty severe blood infection but typical Jeff he's back on the job and he was there today for the opening of the Saratoga fair he's looking pretty good but Jeff please take care of yourself all right that's it for tonight Queensberry town board meeting a new one and don't forget tune in tomorrow night for the stories that matter to you good night everyone capstone mortgage ppi order Eugene Lang College, School for Liberal Arts.

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