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Capstone microturbine pdf for money

Capstone microturbine pdf for money write for me what does capstone event mean importance of women education essay with outline map ´╗┐hi my name is Paul sergeant welcome again to AP European history and today's in an episode we're going to take a look at the 1920s in Europe now this is a time where we're going to see really three things happening number one we're going to see France trying to secure its borders against Germany frantically creating all kinds of different situations to make sure that they don't get invaded again understand why last time they were invaded and layman the time before that didn't work out so well I mean in the end France won world war one but all of the fighting was done on their soil the second thing we're going to find is the absolute failure of the German vimar Republic and largely especially initially has to do with economics so we're looking at economic problems that happen and you happen in Germany and how we go about fixing those in the United States comes in it comes out a little bit and then finally we're going to look at the stock market crash of 1929 and how the onset of the Great Depression changes all of the things that people had tried to put together in the 1920s which will lead us into the 1930s and that's got some not so good things so anyway here we go the 1920s in Europe enjoy so in order to understand the 1920s you have to understand the fact that the Versailles peace treaty was not perfect all right it led France to really spend most of the 1920s trying to secure the security that they had tried to secure if that makes any sense to anybody in the Treaty of Versailles and so they're going to spend most of the 1920s making agreements with different people and trying everything they can to stop Germany from ever rising again now don't forget the Germany and its allies had already lost tons of territory in it peace agreements but there was more now the most important reason to do this or the easiest I guess was to force these reparations on them and the reparations were set on Germany at a whopping total of 33 billion u.s. dollars which proves absolutely impossible for the German government to pay now the German government itself is being beset on all sides by communists and-and-and monarchists and revolutionaries and everything else they certainly can't pay this in retaliation the French move into the most industrialized area of Germany the Ruhr Valley and take it over this doesn't go over so well with the Germans so they decide to start just printing money in order to meet the obligations of the Versailles Treaty and they print so much money and give it to the Allies that the money becomes absolutely worthless it goes from a mark or a dollar being worth about four point two marks in 1914 to a dollar being worth about four point two trillion marks in 1923 you can see here that money was so cheap and so worthless that people are using it to stack as blocks to use for crafts and even a wallpaper their homes and when that's your cash you got problems yeah so basically hyperinflation is a bad thing if you go out and you print all the money you need and you just give it away it's not worth anything if I were to write down a s on a piece of paper and give one of those to every one of my students and say hey you get this whether you study or not they become worthless but I go if I have one and I say one of you is going to get the a and it's the person who's going to study the hardest then there's competition and that becomes very very very valuable that piece of paper so the same thing can be said for Germany when they deal with their problem by simply printing money they throw themselves into economic collapse and as you've seen it got so bad that it ruined the savings of a whole lot of people that's not a good situation for a new republic so in light of this France in 1924 agrees to restructuring of the German debt and a program that will realistically allow them to pay the reparations they owe so it's at this time where this fairly familiar face Adolf Hitler decides to stage his first coup he and some friends in the National Socialist Party which is one of many parties that pop up decide to try and take over the government in Munich and they hold a coup it's unsuccessful they're put on trial and Hitler spends some time in jail now jail turns out not to be such a bad time for him here's a picture of them hanging out in jail but while he's there he does do one major thing he writes his book meine Kampf my struggle which will turn out to be the blueprint for a new germany that's to come just a few years later so by 1924 Germany's debt problem was pretty much solved at least for now and many of the insurrections were put down and so France turned to the League of Nations for its big hope for international peace now if you recall this was created by Woodrow Wilson in an attempt to be a place where nations could come together and talk out their problems and prevent war and it ends up that's what they did but that's all they could do is talk they were absolutely ineffectual and when the United States would refuse to join the League of Nations one of the most powerful countries on earth was not part of the peacemaking process so France tries some other tactics in 1925 the Locarno treaty is signed which guarantees all of the borders again from the Versailles Treaty in 1926 Germany is admitted to the League of Nations and in 1928 the kellogg-briand pact is signed by lots of nations ensuring peace throughout the world by outlawing war as a method of international policy but ultimately all of these things are doomed to failure and there's one reason the reason is that there is a completely ineffective League of Nations and without that war is unavoidable so the lesson of all this for France is that if you go through and you make all these agreements with people they're only as solid as long as people live up to the agreements and the one place the one thing that could have held all these agreements together was the League of Nations the League of Nations is not functioning right and the strongest power not really part of it and that proves to be a problem you just wait till someone comes from Germany has a name that rhymes with fitler decides to try and see just how far he can get with the League of Nations turns out you pretty far and as if that wasn't bad enough in 1929 the stock market crashed causing billions of dollars to disappear people ran to banks banks shut down the global economic system collapsed and all of the world dropped into a depression which would be really harmful for people in Europe all right so to sum it up basically what we've seen is that France was completely unsuccessful in trying to secure itself from German aggression that Germany was completely unsuccessful in trying to establish a republic which had a strong economy and part of it was because France was all over them and and and the efforts of the United States and Britain and lots of other people to try and help stabilize the situation ultimately failed when the Great Depression hit and basically no one could pay their debts so the big picture here is guys that solutions to problems really need to be thought out and sometimes creative solutions to problems won't work and so it takes different solutions and different answers in order for problems to be worked out so think about that and I'll see you next time hope you're enjoying these videos my name is Paul Sargent tune in again topics for dnp capstone project online SUNY Cortland.

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