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Capstone merchant funding do my capstone child development center and pre k tuscaloosa al 3 minute thesis ubc vancouver ´╗┐hi everyone Rose Webster here a lot to tell you this week the EPA quietly approved twenty US states to release well back infected 80s now I'm seeing a lot of great comments out there where people saying what about birds and fish and bats and all these other things that consume it and you're absolutely right introducing will back him into a species that never had before is causing problems in our ecosystems and dire problems at that now this is entirely false this statement instead of relying on genetic engineering mosquito mate infects lab-grown misgives with the common bacterium Wolbachia pipi entus which affects mosquitoes but not animals are humans this is entirely false and I'll show you this study notable points well back it can infect mammalian cells even human cells the potential for horizontal transfer to animals and humans has been established and while back he should be further evaluated as causes of human infection and in that case the falero coxal gene was not found which is the nematode worm that normally admits will back give it a lot of people think this is the only way humans can get it or even animals now Welbeck is not just a bacteria it's up there with some of the nastiest ones it's also a reproductive parasite and it's maternally inherited along with mitochondria it's very powerful it's more powerful than these genetic GMO aza tech trials and things like that in my mind but none of this is a wise idea when you have more than one or two vectors of Zika and they're not just the two you're hurt you're told about we also have cool expect Evans at L determined that there were 35 species and seven of which are in the US that covers the entire US and what has alarm bells ringing my mind is Kulik starts alice has been found to be a vector of Zika in Mexico and it covers most of the u.s. now when Kulik starts Alice which normally doesn't have vacuum naturally acquires it and how does it do that when things die birds etc different organisms etc what happens is is it becomes a better vector of West Nile virus which is very related to Zika and in another cool experience when the cool expired the wool bokkeum and there's numerous can almost countless ways this can happen okay so here's the key thing the entire US is at risk of having wool ba Kia in Culex enhance Zika virus and carry it to the gonads heart central nervous system optic loop and retina and what I want you to keep in mind here is that well back it can survive at least a week outside of a cell it's extremely Hardy and they can reinvent cells and establish stable infections at all time points and I'll show you that horizontal transfer events are common they're actually common even though you're going to hear oh it can infect the mammals it can infect humans this hasn't been found and hasn't been found well guess what if this is so safe why can't we test for will Bhatia and when these North Atlantic right whales were dying it wasn't even on the radar oceans initiative told me they don't even test for that well guess what if you're going to release these into the atmosphere we should be able to test them in vertebrates and if they're found guess what we pretty well know it's because there's certain species that feed preferentially off the aegis genus of mosquitoes larvae and eggs now the larvae okay Eddie's larvae and Culex larvae they behave differently they look different ATS and cooks different birds rely on the census when they when they eat certain insects and fish often rely on and I'm generalizing here but movement and a DSLR bite do behave differently in the water as opposed to coulis Kulik spite overnight and I think we've all been told daytime active daytime active so the people most vulnerable are going to be overnight workers and homeless people especially and this is going to be a big mess this really is now I want to let you know also that there's quite the effort to sort of contain what is known about these vectors and I did find this from a Brock University student they did look at Kooks pipiens and said they're likely poor vectors of Zika now in different areas mosquitoes can genetically be different and have different abilities to transmit so every area needs to be looking at kulaks as a Zika vector and notably you've said does not negate all Culex mosquitoes and 80 subject I navies that will pick this may complicate the issue and those were a few of his points now let me just get to my other point here now the CBC disabled a comment of mine which was which was quite disturbing but when I first heard about mosquito mates plans to release these in twenty US states I started making post now Ronald Torino from the UN immediately shared my post I have no way of knowing who he shared it with he's from the UN and you know the WHO and the UN they're connected and you know they've been working on this eliminate dengue which is the will back infected ad stuff for decades so I want you to keep that in mind now I'm seeing some very disturbing posts stating things like to what extent does air pollution play a role in infertility and then we're also seeing things like plastic pollution so these are all bad things yeah but I'm almost wondering like when is it going to be that climate change is to be blamed for infertility because here's the deal in Canada we contribute 1.6 percent of the global total of greenhouse gas emissions now yes people say per capita were this Ananda sensed horrible well that doesn't matter it doesn't matter 1.6 percent of the global total is 1.6 ok the u.s. Indian China need to be all on board there what is more urgent right now so we got more than half of men with declining fertility rates more than half of insectivores dramatic declines in population and a grass line that grassland species and there's one more and I can't remember but oh sure sure bird but I think it's like a forty three percent decrease that these are alarm bells going off saying labaki is infecting vertebrates we have to do something and the other thing I'm seeing now is that why are people so many people dying it's street drugs it's the fentanyl and an air pollution is killing 1 1 in 6 people worldwide well you know what if you read up on robach e enough it'll scare the Dickens out of you and what we really need to do is sort of look back at this hype going on there is this big headline more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue a warning to humanity and this is where the CBC disabled my comment they talked about a growing middle class and its carbon footprint so now we gotta tax the middle class more and that we're in the throes of a mass extinction event well when I tried to comment that they disabled it because in all sincerity climate change is happening yes but it doesn't cause mass vertebrate die offs like Arctic Terns and and the at a delay penguin the chick died us and the North Atlantic right whales which will continue to die and pretty sure of that keep in mind too there's a couple stories so CBS ICBC that uh up to half of all American PhDs are faked so this is really alarming we've got fake experts out there and and what baffles me is I've had conversations with some of these people online and they're like yeah but this isn't genetic modification yeah it's much worse than that to reproductive parasite it's a bacteria that's bad really bad and a parasite so I we need to demand that testing on vertebrates be done and should it be found those doing these releases need to be held accountable but the biggest problem right now is we got to stop these releases and the EPA I just I found out they threw out half their science advisory boards or whatever so I'll show he's that headline too anyways thanks for listening I know it's a long update but I'll keep you posted you write for me kapstone paper and packaging skokie boulevard northbrook il Methodist.

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