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Capstone meaning in bengali order

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got to me [Music] [Music] hello angel lee ryan good Michelle forgive myself no so today today today we might better suit we're ready to go and what are what are your plans I'm where we're going to spend half an hour hopefully interviewing David Ellison and i'll ask him lots of probing questions and the paranormal and we're going to go out to the Historical Society will talk about the history of the richest person the great boat and what a fact and what's fiction and they're very excitingly we go out the news late symmetry where maybe change the vinegar was buried the 17th of months eighteen eighty and we're going to see if she's around of what David Ellison sustained by the great side of Mary Jane he wrote a song of course right the very famous single he co-wrote we've dated my scene of Megadeth back in nineteen eighty a it's a very iconic heavy metal song and we'll see if the witch comes true and talks to him and will dispel those facts as well as we move along she actually diver xperia in Iowa but i'll talk about how the urban legend and all the facts came alone and be sure as rivers today as well she's co-host on my show more questions and answers that I on a friday night the only paranormal news quiz show anywhere in the world we will talk about that on there as well well we've got our hands full of away yes we have a lot of work out if you see it again in a couple of hours before dish level than we do now oh and it's getting filled up quickly yeah I think he's going to be a standing-room-only immediately then you won't be able to get in your snow the coffee down the high street but you won't get any further yeah so that's it having resigned everybody just at the end of the world is it to spend your day drinking coffee hanging out with rock stars and going to the guitar this bush miss Worsley determination so so if you guys don't know agent Lee the link is down below in the description check them out [Applause] this is going to be the guitar Davis it was good actually two exam in Germany and I think of people hurt so he's going to be beautiful to get the place of honor yes life here alive and oh no where do you think okay bye safe harbor you oh my god North give credit where credit is due that is a smile you are here so please let's do the traffic's again he has a smart women are usually go awesome yeah hey yeah [Music] hey [Music] [Applause] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] where is it actually written down below right that's it yep down there so they be where my friends as you pass by you are now so long since I all down there you could simply can't really creating word prepare my friends to follow me so let's call where the where it came from 21 rubber period come on check it out over here's what yeah mmm so we continue mark from Hollis and coffee company here in Jackson opening see you bye you let me know and we'll cut rate good ok we're here this afternoon in lakefield century in southwest Minnesota David Ellison with me at the sight of Mary James of it occurs greystone this was the genesis of col- despite creativity but the actual facts historically aren't adding up to this unfortunately she died of diphtheria and there was no attachment to that it's worth actually was very Christian you can tell by the symbolism on the great stone that she has a lot of religious Christian symbolism into their you mentioned on the way over here and your father was actually involved very deeply in this society did you mention how he became involved in this and she sure you while I was probably on 15 16 years ago all the way I grew up on a farm or the Jacksons or maybe four or five miles just to the east of here and I remember as a teenager my father would be gone a lot in the evenings and he was coming over here having these planning committees to start the Jackson County Historical Society so really glad that as time went on and my father has passed away in august with 23 years ago mike and other people from the society would you know would ask my brother and my family about about now Mary Jane but also about some other things relevant to it so I actually donated some items from the so far so good so what album tour was a big successful it's a platinum-selling record for us to another world so we were able to you know I actually had one of those plaques at my mom's house said I was able to do to put over here and no it's interesting too because you know as you talked about the history of this because on here there's many many things that I'm glad in your book you dispel because it says twilliger yet there was the name Terwilliger that was I think in Petersburg Iowa reserve it was close by so there was many different variations of this as Dave and I went we had finished the dead time peace sells but who's buying record and we were on our way to New York we stopped here in Jackson we went out to the cemetery and there's always this sort of folklore that if you step on her grave or you smash a beer on it or whatever your thrill cigarette on it that somehow you would pay this horrific probably def you know there'd be some sort of retribution for violating her grave and was really the the folklore and the story that it was so fascinating to us metalheads and you dispelled I to see a lot of that and I ever find interesting to you talk about her on you know being Christian in a lot of that so a lot of us as we talked today of our age when I remember Black Sabbath heaven and hell came out Iron Maiden the number of the beast venom all these metal records came out we were always so fascinated about sort of this sort of the abyss of the occult we want it to look in and see that and I find it in your books you've done a say a really great historical sort of full circle on that sort of describing a lot of what those things men's right I agree and I think sometimes the facts are actually more interesting and go deeper than the urban legend the facts about her life and her family and even the history of the verse and where that comes from is actually for me more interesting has more depth to it then that kind of throw away since that she was a witch which we're obviously dispelling at that moment so he's been back to the same tree since that I have not right I've not here we go absolutely we're going to go there next we'll see what's over there we're going to reunite David hopefully with the spirit of Mary Jane will ask her perhaps if she remembers or she knows about the song but we will treat her with respect and hopefully at the end of this broadcast would have a better idea that she was just a bit too a bit theory of that period and we're dispelling the myths of the witch as we go along you capstone title ut Rose Hill campus, The Bronx.

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