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Capstone manual pdf

Capstone manual pdf write for me internet of things iot tutorial pdf patientenkollektiv dissertation examples ´╗┐hi bureaus and welcome to the craft beer Channel today we're making a video we've been trying to make for a very long time because this man please burgers part man part burger part man part burger at back I mean I did it was there it's actually pizza and beer I don't know pizza right well we've got a video for that yeah so it is the time for the burger to shine the bride sandwiches we also know it Brad sandwich let's do it so we've come down to biro and have an awesome beer list we've picked three of their most amazing burgers and three beers off of their list and they're all IPA you are they're all IPOs who done the craft beer nerd thing of picking exclusively IPAs but they're very different IPAs yes and they are all beautiful with the burgers that we've chosen so this isn't just about the burgers in front of us this is a masterclass and matching any burger with any beer or indeed not matching any burger with any beer because there is an art to it so we've picked three different ways of doing it and the first one is just the massive IPA let's do it man so what we've got here is hot hunter from Sierra Nevada a very old school brewery they don't get enough enough love really yeah I play they used to make certainly got a lot love from our innovators - sounds like a sort of euro pop found to me anyway well I mean you're not wrong and I can smell that from here that's great so hog hunter is made by it's like a hot sauna they swim and fresh hops and get all the flavor aroma from it during the hot Sun they to steam out the oil I thought it's quite a nice image of some hops just chilling out in a sauna really foreign it's interesting it's not sort of big and pointy like the classic West Coast is it is quite soft and honey way yeah floral miss me but also super dry and really tangy on the backend which is what we're looking for with this match so this is a classic cheeseburger and with the classic cheeseburger they've used mature cheddar with mature cheese what do you need these massive hot successive Tanger the Mojo cheddar tang of the hops come together to create a salivating really on sexy Mets powerhouse powerhouse we call it about that but that's better let's dig in it's like a birthday cake it's like better than a birthday cake it'll be finished by knee isn't it I'm gonna bring out tankage cheese you have a tank to use in the beard there buddy this is that this is one of the problems of having a hipster bit it is so it's bringing out the cheese it's cutting through that lovely mature beef it's an absolute sonker but it's really simple yeah and it cleans up your palate as well which is really impulsive everybody and over isn't it it's beautiful it's brilliant together yeah like the old piano keys that did not expect that kind of reference but that's pretty much bang on so he started simple it's about to get real we've got the beer X named after me man of course the Brad Rex oh yeah I wouldn't want to meet that monster when I sat next to one when the bhima's comes out so what we have here is the beer X so start sounding simple you've got onion reach you've got bacon you've got American cheese and beef but then hey it's chili Xena's Chili's a jalapenos jalapenos pickles I've got some Mayo as well cheeky little diced onions some diced onions or four it's gonna be big but what we've decided to do is to show you how acid can work with a burger so we're also gonna match the jalapenos and the pickles with a slightly sour at IPA oh and it's also got barbecue sauce which I just got barbecue sweetness about making it worse weekly grapefruit so we've got Elvis juice which you might not be called out with juice for much longer after the Elvis estate had something to say about that when I say sour it's more like tart tangy and that's what these pickled jalapenos are going to be as well I mean that's going to be is that that knife diamond-tipped so carried out through that beast of the earliest of onion rings porky you pulled the whole thing wait there we go I'm not messing around take a whiff of that how much grapefruit there may be a link at the end of the video if you'll make your own greater IPA we've done a cool recipe it's not as good as that [Music] wait that's super good and this I mean it's actually taking while up flavor away from the beer yeah this is that big but what you are left with is loads of aromatics on the retro coming back up your nose up you swallowed lots of grapefruit if eNOS and tang eNOS are having cruise yeah it's enough bitterness so the acidity is cleaned it all up but also kind of enhanced the pickles and the jalapenos and washed away the way that creaminess has come from the Mayo he does a killer combo so Julie we've left the field of destruction could be have in a waste laid waste to the beer ex me that was what combo yeah what could possibly top it I don't know so this lovely IPA don't know why I thought it was suffix they're all like pas it's from Bheema town and this was one of the first place it was proved by Logan Park driver yeah and a beaver town it was a story obvious Bob here actually a man and it was brewed specifically for the food that was being served yeah but with pork though right yeah so so Eightball is a rye OPA so what you wanted is that Tang from the right if you've ever eaten rye bread I hope you have come it's delicious you get a kind of spicy tangy tart kind of just just hit it and that's why they shown just a thickness - yeah yeah and that's what they've added to this IPA yeah so we thought we'd get a double bacon cheeseburger as you do actually do and put that with this delicious beer so we're going to get that sweet fatty kind of meat and we're going to go through it with the hops and we're also gonna match that lovely rich flavor that you get with lots of right dude I'm already there so you can do the honest with the burglars give me the bag so remote isn't it towards me a bit of a bitch to brew with okay and I think this is one of the best drivers in the country I don't think I know it and it has some that all these beers have which is really important in burger and beer matching which is bitterness mm-hmm so much as I love New England East Coast IPAs none of them will work with a burger no maybe maybe a chicken burger that could be nice what's a chick again I came from get involved thanks man I'm not quite sure how to get involved at this just got it for the pork but actually with the aged beef it's banging that is incredible Wow that caramel that aged beef oh that's blue mommy kind of sweetness and you've got that genuine karamatsu yet it's also got enough hops to mix and party with those pickles we're gonna pick up I'm right here sounds that sounds so good almost feel hate and way to top that company I don't know it's a big ask I mean I couldn't choose between those you've got the good the bad and the deliciously I'll give the dad in the giant hard sack it's a shorter film that one the moral of the story is as with a lady way for a man hubby you want rich complex uniqueness yeah but not bitten but not bitterness here that's so nearly worse is in an hour yeah yeah yeah yeah that was almost on peace right so guys this isn't the end of our journey this is the start we want you guys to tell us where the best burgers are tell us your best burger matches and we will desperately try to go out and find them any time and even if you make a burger Tanner yes if you're the burger maker we want to hear from you solutely so just drop us an email you can get it on our about page on top as a comment and we will come find you and come find your burger cheers guys time for some more destroyed war stories cap stone pavers Pratt Institute, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

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