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Capstone management wichita ks

Capstone management wichita ks do my 402 capstone drive marble falls tx academy locations tulsa oklahoma ´╗┐nine to six Penn State out in front there's a young man that's filled in very well for Dylan Alton James ball raff he's been in there for four years doing a great job for Penn State and he'll fill in again Dylan oh not gonna line up because of surgery on the offseason here comes Derrick st. John and he needs to get the hawk eyes back into the win column here with the Penn State out in front nine to six and the strength of their lineup coming in coming up in the second half well a little bit like Ramos st. John gets his a bonus points not really by big moves in the beginning of matches here but by pecking away and creating a high pace but Vollrath really solid athlete who's impressed with him and his work you know he puts a lot of offensive attacks into his seven minutes as well and so you know this is gonna be st. John will have his opportunities of course the defending state champ the national champ excuse me NCAA runner up did it on the bad wheel his sophomore year comes back to his senior season without hopefully another national title in mind for Hawkeye Fanning but I've been impressed with his bull rap here it holds good position it says someone attacks in and probably has to go out there do the same thing he saw his AK fights do is get on your office don't wait make a match on it there's good work and state coming off two in a row where freshmen have stepped up big and one for them after Tony Ramos got a big fall at 133 to put the Hawkeye's out in front six to three but two very nice decisions by Penn State puts them in front nine to six to third period takedowns and then matching those matches at 41 and 49 opportunity st. John very working light [Applause] not worry looking for many of his attacks right here so there's an attack there by bull wrath and st. John does a pretty good job here notice how he'll try to stuff that or try to attack that ankle right there and he'll try to get bull Rass head on the outside of the leg attack that grip he's got an opportunity cuz that grip is locked with the of the palm down right there see that grip where I've changed it up it's got to go ahead and go attack the top hand let's say up enough time keep calling the stalemate stalemate go back to the center 47 seconds left in the first period Cael Sanderson happened to feel better not just because he's ahead but the way his freshmen have come out and competed this is a total mention in the open the tire and the athletic department site a countdown to wrestling with Iowa you know they're making a statement here horses a nationwide audience and following this with the Big Ten Network and nobody knows the prowess of these two schools last six national titles have been with these schools and Vollrath again not a starter but this is an opportunity here for him to go ahead and make an impression and if he does get the opportunity to go Big Ten to Nationals and muscles well here he could get a seat end of the first period the score 0-0 you make him good rant it's not like Gyllenhaal he's gonna be able to come back in and just you know take that spot handed to it James Barr it's gonna have something to say about that all opportunity here for James for Athens walked into the second period in good situation with a 0-0 score st. John number-one-ranked NCAA champion out for one and out in front one hero early in the second period that's the one thing you see with Saint John you don't see him being ridden too much and he's a tall lanky guy narrow at the waist you'd think that you'd be able to get him put put a good tight waist on him but he just seems to be able to go ahead and compete down in that bottom position really a tough guy and they just I was so impressed with him his sophomore year on one we a nice high crotch right parents stepping up big finisher he's gonna scoop away one-for-one John adds to his escape a takedown out in front 3-0 wouldn't look for him to try to create too much riding time he doesn't go to job as anybody that country an attacking role the ways but also riding below the waist when he needs to was up there looking at the time for the coaches to see what his next move on to be st. John prepped right here in Iowa City Iowa City West High School Pennsylvania prep James ball rough out of Council Rock South High School from Richboro Pennsylvania it's Iowa Pennsylvania it's Iowa Penn State one in the same Pennsylvania high school wrestling Iowa high school wrestling who are the best in the nation look for st. John to push the pace here a little bit really needs a takedown here for his team got a little reading room here with that first takedown I look for him to tack that leg that does not have the ankle band on it that lead leg in and out in and out works the head heeda has it doesn't see something he likes it go right back into it nice work on the defense off the front headlock pushes back into his opponent now a get down to be huge short time a pretty good job by bone rough fighting this off two points right at the buzzer one second left to take down for Saint John he goes out in front five to one big takedown Jim 20 seconds he went in a circle like that that is commitment that isn't that's not easy to do it was a great job by Bulworth you know fouling and squaring up and squaring up and squaring up but st. John just had it just a little touch more speed gets that take down with one second round good effort now good effort by both guys really in that situation a lot of guys just don't even compete in that bottom position and don't try to square up and full wrath is a tough out working hard in the top position trying to get his riding time point 45 seconds of riding time the crowds appreciative of he's able to break st. John is able to break lower out down least get the 1 point for his efforts and again st. John not great at turning in effect a 6-1 lead a minute four seconds riding time now so st. John's got the riding time meets a couple of takedowns actually needs three takedowns you take downs and a ride out to [Music] [Applause] that that leans six to two and if your goal Rath here why not go ahead and take your shot you know get on your offense again when the guys coming at you this hard he might be making mistakes on his don't defense and you can go ahead and maybe tighten this match up you don't want him to sit there and take the take the stall calls and it was a stall call on Vollrath that's a warning Oh point first warning for stalling single-leg attempt - Danny lets him up for an escape he's working on a couple of things here Jimmy's working on takedowns he's working with the crowd on another stone call all offense right now from Saint John short time he gets another star warning he doesn't need as many takedowns [Applause] they've got to be telling him to cut him right now yeah it's not [Applause] [Music] so we can hear Terry branch saying keep him on the mat but he's not really doing a good job out there is that it's going to be a regular decision there's six points with writing time seven and so you were right Jimmy should have brought should of cutting with 16 seconds left 16 seconds left with that type of activity up he was gonna chose to you know he's a little disappointed in his corner you can tell that look of disgust there yeah you know I mean it was he should have cut him right away and they're telling him to keep stay on the mat but he's disagreeing with it so that makes the score ten to three which is a seven-point advantage so he's going to choose neutral yep you know he gives him this cape but you can hear his corner saying keep him down keep him down and we have cost the bonus point great effort by st. John their workman my Quinn he's so tough a big win for Derrick st. John but only three points for the hot guys rsp capstone turbine Dutchess Community College.

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