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Capstone management towson md for money

Capstone management towson md for money capstone hospitality llc for money blue crab report ct 2018 ´╗┐if you analogize heat to the idea of your emotional body and the fact that something to be agitating your emotional body and making you feel irritated and cranking and you don't realize that its energy you think that it's personal and you attribute the reason why you're upset to the personal things happening in your life not realizing that pretty much everybody is going through at the same time and right now we are in one of those periods where everybody's energy is cranked way up now there's a lot of stress well I was just about to say it is crying as the night before we're talking to David Wilcock at the moment he's a researcher and lecturer and filmmaker and and what I was going to say to you is I have noticed you know in the United Kingdom at the moment are people getting stressed obviously the credit crunch but not just that it kind of people being more irrational and being you know acting quite strange and also a lot of people getting in tune can have more esoteric stuff and and you know getting involved in more weird you know things like that you know in terms of what they're interested in are you saying that this is something that's happened happening across the world because of these changes in the universe yes it is that's what I said is exactly what I'm saying and one of the most fascinating discoveries goes back to the practitioners of transcendental meditation where they found that if they had a gathering of 7,000 people and those people meditated for a whole week together that the overall worldwide amount of terrorist activity or violent crime car accidents all of those things substantially decreased in fact and one gathering they decrease worldwide by seventy two percent so here this is where it gets fascinating because although some of these things could be caused by sunspots or other astrological factors various planetary movements other other aspects of it is that we can control the field ourselves and when people call themselves down as groups then that have a field effect that will call other people then we have wonderful amount of data 0 X so David in your research what you're saying is and I don't know how many people listening to us will have her do this but every now and then a bunch of hippie deputies will bring us up or whatever and say listen we're all just sit down going to meditate on love we're going to think nice things for a couple of hours it's gonna happen across the world like Sarah how many people listening to Chara where this happens with sometimes big groups of people thousands of people will all pick a time specifically to meditate and be nice are you saying that does genuinely work oh yeah you have to understand there's been over 22 different scientific studies of meditation gatherings which usually are done on the level of the city that the meditation gathering happens and in one of the most dramatic examples you know the people that did this were aware that this was produced crime and terrorist activity there was a gathering in Lebanon during the Israel Lebanon War in the early 80s and there was gunfire and explosions going on outside the doors of the building where people were having the meditation gather and they were actually looking at each other going well should we like run should we evacuate because this war is literally right outside the doors of the building and we could all be blown up in here or somebody could come in Lois all that was me and they basically decided they were going to trust the science and trust that if they did this meditation thing that there would be this wave of energy that would affect people's minds obviously can't see the energy but you're going to feel something and it will naturally reduce hostility so they actually decided not to run they all meditate it together and sure enough by the time they got done meditating it was dead quiet outside all the hostility and left the area and it is 22 different times the cities where they did these meditation gathering pet substantial decrease in crime file of fatalities terror in the moment this is kind of like a south I've hung out would be pretty beneath this constable I've never heard someone like myself still it was research and to come on backing up this kind of son well let me put my tin foil hat on for a moment just suggest the idea that there might be power groups that knows this stuff really works and they have made a very good effort if not ever getting anybody to talk about it because they don't want it to be used against them I'm thinking that you're kind of looking at the brain as being something that receives and transmits thoughts like a radio set work you know like Janine rather than exactly right so it so is that actually de can i receive thoughts can you receive thoughts and transmit them is that what you're telling us yeah i'm saying we're doing that all the time the problem is that we have well it's not a problem it's actually a blessing the blessing is that nature has given us a biasing mechanisms and avoids us from going schizophrenic and that biasing mechanism is that when thoughts load in we interpret them as personal but there are there are multiple studies that have been done that show that if you live next door to someone that p rated which you breathe the rate of wish your heart rate is pumping the rate at which the electrical activity is happening on your skin all of these physiological factors synchronize with the body of the person who lives next door to you even if you never talk to the guy that you live next door to which I know in London probably happens all the time and sure does here in LA so this is not just pseudoscience stuff to studied in this stuff has been laboratory documented there's a guy named dr. William broad who has shown that you can have somebody in a room and have a secret camera aimed at them and they don't even realize it did you wire up their skins for how much electrical activity they have and when you have someone stare at them in a monitor in another room and that person's electrical activities being stared at goes way way up and they have no idea they're being stared at they'll feel anything they don't notice anything but their body does so a lot of times animals seem to be much more attuned to this stuff that we are that's why get ready to have an earthquake or something all the animals leave the area and we don't feel anything that we did hit but the animals things know something coming jo that's the holy it that's the point yet we have the ego and the ego will get little budges little pickles we just say oh that does you've gotten used to thinking it does amazing so it's subtle the problem is this these kinds of messages never really hate you over the head you have to be willing to pay attention to something that could splitter in and out of your mind very quick the problem is most people are in so much stress is there obsessing over all the details mr. mind all the time to mind is clear so all these like Zen Buddhist and Taoist bumps and everybody are always telling you to meditate near your mind the reason why is that the more that you clear out the repetitive obsessive thoughts that you would naturally have the more you're opening yourself to the purity of field which is ultimately what a loving consciousness is a joyful in Turfan civ radiant plentiful fate you write for me access 2013 capstone project ac 2 SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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