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Capstone management austin texas order

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what's worse a dead frog or a live frog see it's moving where's he going [Music] [Applause] [Music] you weren't supposed to tell her Chelsea meows good job you see if it were gonna surprise you breathe on mommy ed and now he's got his mouth closed any other time your mommy kisses give mommy kisses the one time yeah he stinks there you go Oh smell minty that's for sure smell like it no matter what really smell your breath still smell ed you guys smell it so the verdict is still out on that review Michael II I'm not doing it I'll notice it tonight because when he snuggles with me on the couch and I rub his belly he's really got us face up in my face so update on my shorts basically that stuff dries pretty quickly I just pressed it down and it's like it's staying it's not going anywhere it's kind of it's a little I don't want to say stiff it's not really stiff it feels normal it looks normal it feels normal so I'd say it's pretty good the only thing is these are inside-out so the only thing is is I haven't watched them or worn them yet so I can't really say for sure but I mean it feels pretty good oh and there was a mark but it's gone now so I think that might have been from my hands like I think I had water on my hands or something when I touched that earlier but yeah looks good that only took a couple minutes and it feels good so I think it's a probably a good fix it's time for the question you today's question comes from popcorn girl and the question is what is your least favorite smell at least there is no Eddie's breath no after talking about that all day you're at least favorite Laura Oh skunks mostly swamp Florida swamp water swamp water it smells like sponses swamp and then our water thankfully is like heavily chlorinated cleanse cleaned chlorinated or you really see and in our know I know you're talking I know in our last house our water was really swampy smelling I think it was just the general area that we lived in like the way they clean the water or whatever and here I've noticed it's a lot better but here's the thing you see that a lot here's the thing Michael's bathroom you're some of the sinks put off the funny smell do you notice that it's like only in certain faucets some stairs I don't notice it in the shower anymore Oh in the old house and in my bathroom in my room yeah Michael has his own bathroom but it stinks yeah that's pretty bad it's a bad smell and you know when you're throwing up and then you smell it and then it just makes or what's worse is if somebody else throws up and you smell like oh my gosh well I read Kenny any guess for what mine is [Laughter] that's pretty bad just like it makes me want to throw up no it's not that bad no that's good I was gonna say fried bologna or I was actually gonna say what Alex I'd vomit Michaels because you don't have to clean up after other kids when they've done it do you remember that time that Chelsea threw up all down me and I had to hand her to you because I was covered in it do you remember that she was here's maybe a couple months old maybe [Music] she like I was completely covered in it and I had to hand her to him because I'm like I can't like I was covered in it and standing in a puddle yeah it's not so I mean it's curdled milk but yeah it's not so bad but like vomit but there was one time when I was in elementary school and a kid threw up on the bus and it was like a hundred degrees out cause it's Florida that was probably like I'm I'm feeling sick talking about it that was probably the worst smell I've ever smelled MLE things smells that come out of Eddie's orifices he gets some serious gas sometimes in man it's bad no okay with that all in mind we want to know from you guys what is your least favorite smell tell us in the comments below [Music] you [Music] do my capstone project level 3 excel The King's College (New York).

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