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Capstone logistics van buren ohio

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this is one of the most fun things about these trips is just connecting and having a good time with these people where each and every one of them are doing in their own unique ways what they can to put veganism on the map fitness wise I have so much respect for these people and I highly recommend that if you are interested in them check their channels out I'm gonna be posting all of their channels in the description box so yeah had a great time and then it was super late went to bed and now we're here so yeah now I'm probably just gonna have a little bit of breakfast and then the plan is to have a little bit of a fitness shoot in a gym so I'll see you guys over there [Music] all right so at the CrossFit gym getting the photoshoot started here with John Giovanna Derek's over there rob here from vegan physique looking buff whoa the whole crew view life is here I just can tell I'm starting to break a sweat so let's get some photos taken [Music] photoshoot done was a great time now 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gotten a lot of good looking food over here as well and that's my friend always says I tool is by phone [Music] all right just finish that meal first time trying Caribbean food and it did not disappoint of all Caribbean food is like this and it's definitely one of my favorites would you think the plantain it was great well you know it was a bit oily so I wouldn't eat it very regularly but the taste was really really good anyways it's time to say goodbye to everyone it's been a great weekend atlas damage thanks so much for all the shots amazing work Derek crystal has been a great pleasure like always yeah you do and John I'm gonna miss you bro yeah next time I see you you're gonna be a dad I'm gonna be an uncle that's right it's gonna be a new small Venus in the world yeah that sounded really bad I love you so much anyways thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one stay positive get that whole food to stay in a good mood write for me capstone experience high school College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem.

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