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Capstone logistics salisbury nc phone number

Capstone logistics salisbury nc phone number capstone logistics kansas city for money essay writing services sterling heights hello YouTube this is user cubs rural 2040 and we're gonna be doing a tour of downtown Albuquerque New Mexico party penguin Warren and elevator man 1:55 this videos just for you and elevator man 1:55 tell me if this is anything like downtown El Paso I know you can see the Wells Fargo building is is lit up in green come on TX 20 focus huh there we go sorry about that get another look at the building there we go right over there is the Bernalillo County Courthouse and of course I won't be going into courthouses to film elevators unless I do get special permission some extent downtown Albuquerque is a little like downtown El Paso and that is it's in just like one small area and we'll get one last look at the Wells Fargo building video still and of course I'm in this part of Albuquerque for a specific reason I have a dress rehearsal with the choir I'm singing in because I have a concert tomorrow night here's the Bank of America parking garage know we're there I think is some Public Safety Building can't see too much of them because like the I think those are office buildings that are currently closed right now right over there is a Bank of America building they can see the entrance to the building and but I think there is a security desk there so I'm it may be difficult he's trying to film the elevators in that building yeah we've got a green arrow green light I mean I think I might actually head in head south I've had East actually there's the Albuquerque City Hall zoom in and get a better view of that and there's the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Government Center and over there you can see the Double Tree Hotel is lit up blue elevator man do you see this in downtown El Paso then there's another look at the Bank of America building again I hope I get into that part of the building that I just showed you a few minutes ago and they have the other set of elevators no I feel many elevators in this part of the building though I think those were initially Dover they were modded by teasing crop I think around around the late 2000s of 2010 and we got us agree in the green light here as you can see this roads blocked off I'll have to get into the Convention Center a different different route again here's a good look at the Doubletree Hotel and there you can see the two tallest buildings in the city and and in the state bank of Albuquerque aka the Albuquerque Plaza tower and the Hyatt Regency I know elevator man 1:55 you kept telling me a bunch of times that Albuquerque's the more modern version of El Paso again my downtown is a little like your downtown to an extent and and again that is it's just in one area unlike downtown Houston and we're gonna be getting a green light here there we go and the TX 20 is having a hard time focusing our was or not really and I believe look over there is Kimber the name of that building but I remember the elevators there were recently modded by cohn a and again side view of the Wells Fargo building which has elevators they're modded with Dover impulse for those of you who haven't seen pink jazz axis video and none of you have a Double Tree Hotel and I wonder what time it is right now there oh if you could see it or not on the light on my watch let's turn out again there you can see it 6 o'clock p.m. and the Albuquerque Convention Center is where I'm headed because once again I have a dress rehearsal there so we're gonna start working our way over there well probably come back to this part of the city uh on like a Saturday or something you know there's some building I don't know the name of it looks rather rundown and I know elevator man 1:55 I've seen her video of downtown El Paso and yes some of the buildings there also look rundown that's an apartment building on an office building so I'm not gonna try to get in there to film the elevators I think that is Martin Luther King jr. Boulevard and we're getting a green light as you can see here we go I don't think I'm gonna stop my camera once I get inside the convention center because all right we are outside the convention center and we are going to work our way over to Alvarado transportation center as you can see there is the Albuquerque Plaza tower again there's a convention center which we just came out of there what you're looking at right now is a convention center east extension which as you all know has otis escalators and an Otis series one elevator which we had already penguin one film back in June and now we are at the intersection of thinka 2nd Street and Tiaras there's the East Convention Center for our for those of you traffic light enthusiasts yep we get the walk signal yeah if you can see the first Plaza gallery we use the zoom lens to get a close-up of it hey lady you want to hold my stuff you can hold the TX 20 with both hands just so won't be shaky yeah you can see the first plaza Galleria has a modded Dober elevators now we're innovated again you need to get a nice view of the Albuquerque Plaza tower and the Hyatt Regency elevator man 1:55 is this anything like El Paso to me I don't see any El Paso kind of feel to it the most part doesn't feel anything at all like downtown El Paso except for the size which like I said earlier in the video it's compressed into just one area and there you can see the hotel on the loos which you can tell it's a spanish-style architecture so we have a little bit of El Paso here we have we have a little a little bit of an El Paso feel right there and there you can see the Acropolis parking garage alright for those of you crossing enthusiasts there goes the light and now let's cross the street let's hurry before these changes you barely made it three two one zero and there are some office building which I don't know how to get in and I'm wondering am i if it might have a vintage Dover hallo button elevator I've been dying to find one of those in the state of New Mexico and yet the only one I found was a 1983 Dover inside an office building on Menaul Boulevard it was modded with the custom classic fixtures its mod in the late 90s then you can see the Albuquerque Convention Center parking garage as most of you know has Dover and post traction elevators Wow this a little bit of Vegas style right here now this is what I call the big city vibe elevator man what do you think of this and there is the sunshine building and and I might have to edit that part because I want to get a copyright claim and over there is the Alvarado transportation center and look how nicely it's decorated for the holidays there you can see an ABQ ride bus all right crossing enthusiasts I do apologize for the shakes because I'm walking here pulling the TX 20 in my right hand zoom back out you can see Century theaters and Tucanos Brazilian Grill and there's the century as a century sign now let's cross the street yeah piers alight for the first reading if you look down that way you should see a lot of decorations over on Central Avenue probably get a better view of it this way boy the GX 20 would focus thinking the distance you should be seeing the Kimo theater sunshine building and we've got another walk signal anyways here is the moment you've all been waiting for right here that's right the multicolored lights underneath that bridge on Central Avenue I'll let you get a good look at it and my battery is running low take a look at that elevator man 1:55 I bet you don't get this El Paso I'll get a video stole of the bridge then I guess since now we're over at the Alvarado transportation center I'll give you a nice one look at the decorations another video still and because my battery is about to die I'm going to stop the camera so that's it for this clip do my enterprise risk management overview Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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