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Capstone logistics oakwood ga for money

Capstone logistics oakwood ga for money write for me capstone international office presentation df obat untuk apa manusia ´╗┐hey welcome back to another edition of cooking with Ben so me and my girlfriend are still on our ketogenic diet so we're gonna be making some more keto recipes and today we're going to be making finger foods I'm gonna make three different dishes and kind of release them over the next three videos so you have those to look forward to the first one we're gonna do today is buffalo chicken bites and they're absolutely amazing I made these a couple weeks ago to kind of test them out loved them so if you're looking for something that's a keto friendly or paleo friendly this is it and it's amazing especially if you like buffalo chicken I'm gonna double the recipe that I got I'm gonna put it down in the description below but uh here we go let's try to [Music] here are the recipes we're gonna be using for today's buffalo chicken bite we've got 2 pounds of ground chicken we've got cream cheese 2 eggs almond flour blue cheese crumbles and then for the sauce it's just butter and Frank's redhot all right so I'm going to use the very popular overhead view like so many so many cooking videos use and I'm going to show you how to how to make the the buffalo chicken buffalo chicken ball bites so our first ingredient is gonna be and again I'm doubling the recipe so I'm gonna link that down underneath the video here but I'm doubling everything so the first thing is gonna be 2 pounds from a doubled recipe of ground chicken so it took me a little while to find this at the supermarket I hope this bowls big enough I think it's gonna be fine so 2 pounds of ground chicken we've got two eggs I'm gonna add those guys in here we have over here 4 ounces of softened cream cheese now I've never actually softened cream cheese I just microwave whatever I got out of the fridge cuz leave it around soften all the time you're gonna use 1/2 a cup of almond flour I'm gonna drop that on in there and the original recipe called for three tablespoons of blue cheese crumbles and 16 tablespoons go into a cup Thank You Alexa so this is about 1/2 a cup is a little less than half a cup which would be 6 tablespoons from my doubled recipe now I got all this in here and I'm gonna mix it all up I was gonna take me a while there's a lot of weird a lot of different ingredients probably get my hands dirty go in there and use my hands probably just get them all gross just to make this easier but we're gonna try using a spatula first and yeah we'll be back in just one second all right so yeah I was right this is kind of hard to mix so protip I learn this from some other recipe online if you're going to be mixing a bunch of goo peas with your hands warm that or wet them first right so I'm gonna go do that real quick so now I got wet hands and now I'm just gonna do some solution all right so I got the the goop adequately smushed together here and now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a little scooper Deeley I thought I had a handy whoa yes sir about that vibrate a little scooper and now put them on a cooking pan that's all sprayed and I'll show you what that looks like here in a second but so far as you can tell it's a pretty simple recipe and it's awesome so be back in a second to kind of show you what I'm doing with the other cookie sheets all right I got two pans I'll probably end up eating more because I've made a whole lot of stuff but we'll see what happens basic what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your cooking spray I'm gonna spray down your spray down your pans they don't stick while I'm doing this I got my oven preheating to 350 degrees so you know one inch each balls those are like done that will go from there all right so as you can see I've taken my my chicken goopy mixture here no put it on these on the cooking sheets that I sprayed and I put them really close together they're not like cookies they're not gonna like spread out and like you know melt into each other and honestly whenever they come out they're kind of hard anyway so you gonna just pull them apart doesn't matter if you make them super close together so now I've been pre even preheating the oven to 350 and I'm gonna put these in for 10 minutes and while those are in there cooking for 10 minutes or just kind of hardening up a little bit so you can handle them I'm gonna go ahead and make the sauce and I'll check back with you for that after I put these in the oven alright so now for the sauce again doubling the recipe that I'll link below but you're gonna use a whole stick of butter and a cup of Frank's redhot so I'm gonna go ahead and pour a cup of Franks in here no as soon as you can do it on in a saucepan or in the microwave I'm gonna do the microwave just because I don't want to do more dishes and honestly like this bowl that I'm making this in is what I'm gonna use for the dipping part coming up so I'm gonna take this here I'm gonna put that in the microwave for about two and a half minutes I let it get nice and hot and melt the butter and mix it all together a little bit and we'll be back in just a little bit after the balls are done in the oven and this is ready to go and we'll go from there alright so you can see I pulled the the chicken balls out of the oven and I got my my sauce here ready to go so now you can kind of see the cream cheese kind of oozing out a little bit that's all alright we're just gonna take these guys and drop them in the sauce put them back on the platter and that's about it for this step this is where you're getting all the goodness on there these are kind of tender because they have all that cream cheese on the inside of them and so you gotta handle a little bit gently you don't gonna be like crazy but you also don't want to like toss them around too much because they can't fall apart on you but yeah that's it for this step I'll come back once I have all these ready to go and I'll tell you what the next steps are alright so as you can see I got my sauce on all of them and I even have gonna have some leftover sauce we're gonna use that at the end here oven is still on 350 what we're gonna do is we're gonna take these put them back in the oven for 12 minutes so I'll join you back here whenever we're there we're gonna go with our final step and then we get to finally enjoy these guys alright so here are the buffalo chicken ball buy things after they come out of the oven with the sauce on them smells unbelievable if you like buffalo chicken do you smell like buffalo chicken and they're great we have like I said we have some of those sauce left over so the final step according to the recipe is it take if you want if you like them really so come on add the remaining sauce to them and then cook them for another four minutes so we're gonna do that now I'm just gonna use a spoon and just kind of you know doll up a little bit because I don't feel like you know taking them off the tray again so I'm gonna go ahead and do this put them back in the oven for four or five minutes and they will be 100% done and ready to go so we'll be back in a sec alright so here is the final product of the quito chicken buffalo ball bites and they're absolutely amazing I already had one there's really really good you can see I doubled the recipe and I made about this many and they're meant to be like an appetizer so you know if you're having like bunch of people over make this and a few other appetizers you're good to go so yeah I can't recommend this one highly enough it's fantastic if you like buffalo chicken and it's really simple I mean it just took a few steps and here they are and they're super good to dip in blue cheese and reign it or anything you want to so thanks again for tuning in to cooking with Ben and we'll check you out on the next video which is gonna make some more finger foods see you in a bit [Music] capstone project post partum depression cheap Yeshiva University.

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