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Capstone logistics oak creek wi order

Capstone logistics oak creek wi order do my capstone exercise excel 2018 writing thank you notes for wedding gifts all right the bloc québécois wants to ban the Cure pen from Parliament it's the ceremonial dagger worn by Sikhs this debate comes just after security guards this week stopped for Sikhs from entering combats legislature because some were carrying the knives Quebec is already considered legislation which would deny government service to anyone wearing a face covering the parti québécois wants to regulate kir pans as well Sikh groups are condemning the idea of banning them from Parliament this debate hits close to home for Navdeep Baines he is the Liberal MP from Mississauga Brampton South and he does carry the Cure pen welcome to you well thank you very much for having me are you carrying the care pen now yes I am where is it can you show it sure I actually have it underneath my shirt and my pants but I thought I'd take it out for you okay and so I carry with me all the time and particularly since I've been elected in 2004 in the House of Commons okay so it's about the size of your hand I mean it all depends it's a personal choice different sizes for different people it really is one based on one's faith and ones commitment and one's desire what size you want to wear what part does it play why do you carry it it really just an external manifestation of one's commitment to be a better person the Cure Panaji is a representation to fight against injustice and inequality it's not a weapon by any means and it's ironic the individuals that were going to the Quebec legislature we're going to fight for someone else's religious freedom and what do you mean bill c90 for about you know banning the niqab not allowing any cab did be warned that's what they went to defend is saying freedom of religion is very much part of our charter rights and freedom very much part of our constitutional democracy and it needs to be respected and there needs to be one law for everyone and so they were going in for that premise and they were denied access simply because they were wearing their article of faith in this instance of care fine okay a cure ban is a dagger if though it could be if let's say somebody gets angry yeah and they can use it and these are legitimate questions Canadians have raised in the past so that's why the supreme court looked at this case and decided unanimously ain't nothing in a case so that went all the way to the highest levels in 2006 regarding a young man that you just showed earlier on I wanted to wear to school and they said no that your pen is not a weapon and that you know it has to be properly secured and if there's security concerns the onus is on the institution to determine what those concerns are so I'm wondering why the Quebec legislature has raised this as an issue when it says not as considering security concern in the House of Commons I warned my care plan to the US Congress to the Supreme Court so why all of a sudden is this an issue why is a bloc politicizing this issue and if they have concerns they should have brought that forward in a reasonable manner we don't need to elevate the political rhetoric on this we need to take a deep breath and say hold on what are the concerns does have a rational debate and that's the Canadian way why do you think the bloc québécois wants to ban the kirpan I think it's fear-mongering personally I think it's politics at its worst they're really trying to pick on one minority to gain make some sort of political attraction and it's unfortunate because they're fully aware of the Supreme Court ruling they're fully aware that the care patent is not a weapon they fully know that I wear one since 2004 many of the bloc members have seen it I've shown it to them they've asked questions out of curiosity they've been legitimately asking why do you wear a turban why do you wear a care pad and that's what makes Canada so great we actually have our diversity reflected in the House of Commons and we have that opportunity to exchange those ideas and different practices and that's the way we need to deal with this issue in a very calm rational way in a reasonable way and if there's legitimate concerns at the block or she'll decide concerns he should have picked up the phone and called me or done my best to explain but it's unfortunate the way to win about it okay so what are you going to do now well my job is to simply educate and to dispel any of the concerns that I've been raised because when the block says they want to ban this because they consider this a weapon they're misleading the Canadian public it's not a weapon and it's my job to educate the people what it is and do my best to do so in a common rational manner and not pick one Canadian against the other and and deal with it in a way that that makes us respect each other and have a better understanding okay in a in a mix let's say an extreme scenario where somebody said okay identified you as a Sikh and said I know he's carrying a cure pan and perhaps I will try to get that away from him and use it as a weapon how difficult would that be it would be fairly difficult as actually I've taken out of my shirt but they have to untie my shirt they would have to basically take it out of its case it's it would be quite an adventure but we've made it because you've taken it no no no I cheated leave my shirt like this and underneath my pants so it's not something that's exposed and that's the way I decide to wear it's not me we're on the outside but really the issue is that anything can be deemed to be a weapon the pencil here that you have if I wanted my intent was to injure you with it I could take it and stab you with it if that's the intent a staple or anything any object if the intent is to injure someone you can use anything but the gear pen does not have that intent same with scissors or or pencil so it really is is is needs to be seen in that light but it's not a weapon and if you see it from that point of view then you start to get a better appreciation of what the issue is and how to deal with it and really dispel some of the stereotypes some of the misconceptions and some of the you know the fear monger that goes along you say well no this is what it is and I have a better understanding and when I showed it to the members of the block they were like oh okay they got to touch it they got to feel it it really I think helped them understand the issue better and so that way they can make a more informed decision going forward so that's why I'm very disappointed when were you talking to them in letting over the past six years any time and candid discussions in the lobby over dinner you know we get along we - about it or when they just tell you yeah we might you know I mean I believe very much in the unity of our country they know that we might not agree when it comes to their view on Canada but we at a political level have conversations all the time ask questions about reasonable accommodation and I was like why do you guys we'll use the word accommodate I don't accommodate my neighbors I respect my neighbors I don't tolerate my neighbors I work with them so I even we had really good discussions and debates around that issue as well so that's the kind of way that's the kind of mentality we need to have to deal with this issue all right we'll leave it there Ontario Liberal MP Navdeep bames thank you for coming in and showing us a thank you very much okay parking at capstone theatre order College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem.

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