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Capstone logistics kck

Capstone logistics kck dot paper notebook printable looking for someone to write my thesis on physics for 10 [music] Randy: Welcome and thank you for joining us for the very first episode of School of Thought. Where we highlight the greatest and latest about Round Rock ISD. It's time for our Top Three where we look at the top three things you should know about the District. First up is the highlight from Festival of Bands. Check it out [music] David: Well, we're here for the 18th annual Festival of Bands. It's at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex here in beautiful Round Rock, TX. This is our 18th event of this nature, and it's my third as the assistant director of Fine Arts but also my 16th as being in the District. So it's a very exciting night for us. We have our high school bands performing their productions, and our middle school bands join them after they do their halftime production, their competition show. And they all play a tune together, so it's a lot of fun for everybody involved. >> Boone: It should be really fun. I'm excited. Our show is really good this year. [music] >> Madison: Our show is called inverted and basically it's just got a bunch of upside down backward things, that are pretty cool. [music] >> Jerry: I've come here to play at the Festival of Bands. We're going to play "We Got the Beat." [music] >> Brandon: I'm a senior, I've been doing this for four years and today I will be performing "New York State of Mind" is our show this year. Kind of a little something different. Kind of putting us in the little aspect of day-to-day living in New York and what it's like. [music] >> David: This is such a great night for us to kind of show off a little bit, but more importantly to express our thanks for all of the support the Fine Arts gets in Round Rock ISD. We have some fantastic support all the way across from little string players at the AIAs, all the way up to the high schools and the marching bands and all the great things that go on here in Fine Arts. We definitely appreciate all of the support we get. [music] [music] >> Randy: Part two of the Top Three is that Round Rock ISD celebrated the opening of Pearson Ranch Middle School. The District's eleventh middle school. Kim Winters is the principal of Pearson Ranch, where they currently have over 600 students and can hold over 1,200. You can learn more about the new middle school at Joining me for part three of the Top Three is the Area Superintendent of the Westwood Learning Community, Becky Donald. To talk about the pilot program at Westwood high to exclude class rank from student transcripts. [music] >> Becky: The Rank in Class Program at Westwood High School is currently in the past we've had it as a ranking school. Now as of October 1, 2017, it is now considered a non-ranking school. A non-ranking means that by state law the top ten percent students must be ranked and it must show up on their transcript. But for the 90% of the other students at Westwood High School, it will not show up on their transcript. This program is currently only at Westwood High School. It is a pilot program and we will look at assessing this program and it's successes at the end of the year. Well we're hoping that it'll effect Westwood students by one is trying to get more of the Westwood students into colleges and universities of their choices. And we know a lot of this has to do with college and the university and how they rank our students holistically. But research and schools that look like Westwood such as Anderson or Lasa, Westlake, they've gone to the non-ranking schools, and what they're showing is that more of their students are entering the school of choice. So that's what we want with the Westwood High School community. If a parent or student has questions about the non-ranking or ranking program, I would reach out to your school counselor or principal. They would have that information or could point you in the right direction to get those answers. >> Randy: Next is our Student Spotlight, where we highlight a student for going above and beyond. And that's exactly what Deshayla did when she performed CPR to save another student's life. [music] [student counting compressions] >> Deshayla: So we were at the pool. There were a lot of people there, like probably four families. including us. And we had all gotten out to take a break to eat and everything. And Elsie went to the bathroom and wanted to rinse something off of her bathing suit, so she slipped in to rinse it. And Kye, my 13-year old brother was still in the pool and he saw her go to the bottom and nobody else saw it, so he looked at me and was like, "Shayla, I don't know what to do" And I was like, so I looked at Elsie's mom, Kim, and I was like, she's at the bottom. I don't- So then we all jumped in, pulled her out and then we brought her out and she wasn't breathing so I started CPR. I'm in the Health Science Academy so sophomore year we went over it briefly, and then my junior year I was in Health Science again with Mrs. Wells, and we went through the whole certification process. So we watched the videos and did the demos and everything. >> Rita: I did not think anyone would be utilizing that skill that quickly. I thought maybe it would be something in the future that they may use. That type of thing. But I was just absolutely amazed. Deshayla's a natural anyway and she just picked up on the skills really quickly and well. And actually she took on the roll in my classroom as being the tutor. So when students were having problems with depth and compression, she would take them off to the side while I worked with the rest of the class, and she would go over the skills with them. So she's a wonderful student all across the board. I'm very proud. Very proud of her. Kind of makes me want to cry a little bit. It does. What your goal always is is that when you teach your students, you want them to make a difference in life. And not only did she make a difference in her life but she made a difference in someone else's life. >> Deshayla: I think if you have the ability to learn CPR, even if you don't take the class, just learning the basics, it's really important. >> Randy: What an amazing story! And if you're interested in learning how to perform CPR, reach out to your school counselor or local community center. Up next is Rock Talk, where we take a closer look at some of the lingo, processes and ideas you might hear around the District. We're almost out of time here so we'll put 60 seconds on the clock. Speaking of running late. Here's Ms. Maritza to talk about our new Late Bus Texting tool. And...go. >> Maritza: Thanks, Randy. School bus delays are often unavoidable and unpredictable. However, keeping parents and guardians in the loop isn't. We're piloting a new program that lets parents and guardians know when their student's bus will be late in picking them up or dropping them off. If you didn't receive a text invitation, please contact your student's campus to make sure that your preferred mobile number is on file. And then text the word "yes" to 67587 to opt-in. To opt-out, text "stop" to 67587. For more information and to see FAQs visit >> Randy: Well that's it for this episode of School of Thought. Let us know what your favorite story was in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more videos. Like this video, smash it if you so please and we'll see you next time. [music] good research topics for linguistics Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

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