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Capstone logistics human resources phone number for money

Capstone logistics human resources phone number for money do my 8th grade capstone projects 2 page essay about alligators ´╗┐in our flowers comm Twitter feed a lot of people enjoying Joe Thomas who sat in with us um though someone did say Joe uses a lot of I was or I did in his answers if he was already decided to retire he's a great listener it would be great on TV radio Golic and Thomas sounds right whoo all right I'm out see Wow I'm done hey just Michael just cast you aside that's okay Mia sir yeah pretty much waiting around here for about 20 years there you go how about Nick going on one of the questions we asked is it kind of Frey yeah and Nick says maybe my favorite tweet of the day a Tater Tot it's just an afternoon hash brown citator Tata Frye see they're all for the potato family right is prepared the same way see that's difference with a sandwich sandwich can be on all you know there's all different kinds of ways to manipulate a sandwich there's only a certain kind of way you can prepare a potato so it's just about how are you prepared so how is it tater tot not in the fry family well that was Joe's I know its own separate entity no I I get cuz if you just took some fries and balled them up and drop them in a fryer what would you have a tater - tater ton but you know but see there's all kinds if there's home fries there's hashbrowns yeah just go to Waffle House you got a plenty of different I like the really scattered mother yeah it's the way you like them I'm with you I'm with you there mm-hmm I like that a lot how about Danny talking about where you would watch it right by yourself or with the team at your Super Bowl said Raider Nation for life if the Raiders make it I'd rather watch it in the biggest black hole possible that would be a party what go launch yourself Oh super Nolan and join your Super Bowl that way Michael just talked about Thomas maybe retiring Spencer said he didn't suggest drafting a left tackle so maybe he's letting us know he's coming back that's also we don't know we got both sides data core you know we tried to pin him down yeah we did and he was slippery he's good at this what is he not good at he's good at everything Golic and Wingo's presented by Dollar Shave Club upgrade to shaving with a fresh blade whenever you want for a fraction of the price join to day goal can we go with you on ESPN Radio and espn2 you know I feel like I let you down to me about to alert you to something in the last segment of the show they probably would have been really happy with another day thanks which is why people are tweeting that in um it's national peanut butter day peanut butter day you know that no I did not I know that either and I meant to tell you about an hour ago and I forgot as I said that yours I said that age-old question of you Ronnie a remote island can only live off one thing for the rest of your life what would it be Nina butter jelly sandwiches nothing without question now would you have the toaster no I've never toasted us I know I listen I get it it's not that I would turn it down but I know I just I just and I make triple Decker's oh yeah yeah have you ever done peanut butter banana I I I have I do enjoy that cuz I like bananas like peanut butter and I like them together peanut butter banana and honey not also not the biggest funny fan in the world now honey honey honey peanut butter bananas is a solid come yeah yeah but you can't go wrong with the staple of peanut butter PB&J yeah so I feel bad you ever have you ever tried to fry peanut butter or toast it I have not sure there's bears everywhere that so crispy on the outside hot and you open it up that's really good yeah there's really nothing you can do about peanut butter that would love it yeah it's really so happy national peanut butter thank you very much I'll enjoy some later I'm gonna have a PB&J coming up in just a little bit so we had Joe Thomas on tackle for the Browns at this point we still believe he is the best left tackle for the Browns but we know we we put him to the test because they have the first and fourth pick in the draft they have had outside of Joe Thomas being selected the last few times they've had two first-round draft picks had gone so we asked Joe we put him on the spot said your new GM John Dorsey what would you do with those first two picks here's what he said and here is what he said right here we have a hundred and eighteen million in cap space so we got plenty of money to do whatever we want but I would actually sign Kirk Cousins and then I would use the first and fourth pick on the best players available probably say Quan Barclay and one of the defensive players so all of a sudden you're a heck of a lot better immediately overnight that would be interesting you gets a qualm Barkley you got like maker Fitzpatrick possibly Louie from the secondary and he had said you went further to say why wouldn't do Alex Smith get out because you have to trade for Alex Smith so you'd have to give up something for that or Kirk Cousins it's just gonna flat out cost at least a hundred million dollars it's one thing to try and get Kirk Cousins but he has to want to go yes he does and and he actually had a really good response to that too he said first of all we'll pay like thirty-five million dollars with the signing bonus for the first year and then he went on to espouse the virtues of Cleveland now you're from there I've been to Cleveland many times listen Cleveland great city and it's back up and coming again the flats in downtown area is really groaning again so I'm very happy about that but from a football standpoint I mean John tweets in if you're Kirk Cousins you become a free agent why would you go to Cleveland no matter how much money they give you and see here's the difference they can offer you more it's not like basketball where you get a max and ever you get the same amount anywhere you go but you know you're only gonna go to a certain amount he's gonna get high offers from other teams so that is a fair question would you go to a team that's a perennial loser where you can get as close to the amount of money and go to a team that maybe has a better shot now that's not to say that Cleveland can't build to a winner but I've been saying that for a while now in Cleveland so you could understand a free agent saying well wait a minute if I can't get exactly the same amount of money but I can get close to the same amount of money and go to a team that's further along why wouldn't I do that it's a tough sell in Cleveland I do get it well I love the town I do but you know the guys going there to play for a team and if you can get a lot of money anywhere now you're looking at okay where does this team have to offer me not only from an individual standpoint we're talking that much money you're talking about a guy that's counted on to play a bunch right then okay where are we as a team and working this team go and who's further along look the the idea of the Browns really turning it around I think this might be the year where it starts for them because of the cap space they have because of the draft picks they have because of what may shake out in free agency again our set up nicely I mean they just got to pick the right players yeah you know and John Dorsey their new GM has already said we picked the wrong players they did a lot of times before they have the draft picks they have the cache if they've got the right guy and they make the right picks it might turn around pretty cool you know if they need to do is channel their inner Jacksonville that's exactly the Jacksonville hit free agency and drafting they hit the nail on the head and Howie Rosamond did a great job with my Eagles as well with some of the players and that by the way that rosters most of that is locked down done a really nice job all right coming up tomorrow Tim Kurkjian will be here talk about university of essex capstone project State University of New York at Canton.

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