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Capstone logistics hatfield address order

Capstone logistics hatfield address order write for me copthorne hotel cardiff menu world bank 2030 report ´╗┐alexander hagan i'm the CEO a small medium-sized tech company in Silicon Valley prior to that I was a financial analyst and a financial journalist I worked in research and development and filed several patents tonight is my second report in my most recent series of investigations on media censorship and I've got a doozy for you tonight you definitely should stay tuned okay so on the last video I talked about who are the owners of the media and here very briefly are the owners Vanguard t rowe Price Blackrock fidelity state street and capital world these are the institutional investors so to speak okay then there's also that personalities that founded the company people like Rupert Murdoch with controlling interests individuals and we'll get to that but we're going through it layer by layer so here's the company to control the media Walt Disney General Electric Sumner Redstone owning these properties Time Warner owning CNM Rupert Murdoch's News core owning Fox and wall street journal and the point that i made last time is that then if you go in and look at the owner ships via you know finance yahoo com put in their ticker symbol and then you'll see who owns equity in each of these companies and so what we found here investors in television media Vanguard State Street Blackrock fmr which is fidelity price t rowe price dodge and cox capital world investors here's another vanguard fund bank of new york mellon another vanguard fund spiders and index fund dodge and Cox's listed twice so you know it's a fairly small group of institutions okay hmm so we're going to now go and take a look at so why are they suppressing ron paul was a particular story looking at now i'm also curious why they suppress the many facts about the libya award those are the two things I've tracked really closely recently so in the last episode we looked at equity ownership of these types of companies here so let me review what we did last time yes real briefly so here is a dump tagging the outlet and their mother company of every position held and then we get to a dump here pretty soon okay and this is where they're all sorted by company okay and you can see that actually there's more consolidation one can do invesco has different ways of being named but any rate then what we do is we list their specific positions and summarize and there it is and let's see here here are the actual evaluations that I do have this uploaded to two micro topia org or if I don't it will be tonight so here's the bombshell hmm okay let's take a look oh this is an interesting trivia a murder rates by country us is about in the middle here so look at all these afghanistan i think as less deaths murders per capita than we do according to this and these are the most peaceful company countries anyway top ten banks fidelity state street fidelity state street so two of these institutions also big physicians in bank of america HBC JP morgan city bank although i haven't done the work of that I pulled that off of the web I happen to pull it off but it's interesting I've even gotten to banks yet okay so here are all the government contractors in the United States so we have Lockheed Martin to 16.7 billion with the US government a year 11.4 for Northrop 10.4 for Boeing 6.7 for Raytheon science applications international seems to make creep wear for the secret police they even did a remote viewing project which is basically the mysticism that you can leave your body and see other things astral projection they call it remote viewing General Dynamics Corporation we voted them the Kellogg Brown and Root one of everybody's favorites and then level three apparently gets their largesse then we get into like PC makers down here okay so those are the big government contractors okay so now who are the owners of each of them so I did the same thing I dumped everything off of finance yahoo com I have a cleaner one on that here it is okay everybody's positions then we subtotal it then we summarize it as a stage okay so here's of the bombshell so the total valuation we're looking at for what we've tracked is 73 billion into the media companies media companies would be worth about that amount they weren't appended to conglomerates like General Electric and Disney in my estimation around 13 billion a pop for about six outlets so then we've got the military-industrial complex the primary I only count the top seven web weapons contractors along with the creepy secret police software company and look at the State Street is number Vanguard is number one the problem is my tagging system all the yellow ones are vanguard if you have them all up there it's assuredly number one in media and in the military industrial stuff eight billion in Vanguard has what four billion 5 6 6.5 7.2 okay vanguards and State Street are tied for first and same with the media companies Black Rock has more in the media that em to a direct government contractors but remember not all of what they're doing is necessarily disclose there could be off book stuff for the military-industrial complex we aren't dealing with police or Corrections yet either although i'm not sure if you to talk 100 federal or top 100 total and then here's fidelity they have up billion into the military the top six contractors six billion into these media companies a t rowe price two billion into the contractors four billion into the media so these media companies have the same group of interests right here for as defense companies the only difference is dodge and Cox doesn't have one of the top defense positions in the top six contractors you might elsewhere and then we don't find bank of new york mellon directly invested but guess what the oh yeah here it is 225 probably and here's some more fidelity money here's goldman sachs so that is incredibly creepy so we got fifty three billion accounted for in the direct investment these six dudes and the symmetry is quite stunning so the next step is to figure out who owns these companies right here Vanguard is an index fund since it's in their interest to perpetuate the to benefit their investors I can't say more than that for now but this really shows us how dangerous a law citizens united is citizen United allows all of these companies which are private equity firms they don't have to list a single thing about their contributions to political parties so what you have is you publicly traded companies to get all the benefit of being able to liquidate your profits on the market if you're one of these people benefits from this right these are all more or less public companies then the companies that have the majority to stop them to be private so these are all black rock is private fidelity is majority-owned by its founder so to be continued but citizens united loves we cannot find out what they're doing politically but what we can say is that when a guy on CNN says that Ron Paul doesn't exist it's wacky and needs to be discount it ok CNN is owned by Time Warner Time Warner uh there are steaks and Time Warner by all of these companies here and these same companies all its takes of these companies over here and they're not entirely dissimilar investment ratios is that creepy or what all right very good then good night and good luck write for me capstone medical spa American Academy McAllister Institute.

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