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Capstone logistics geneva al phone number

Capstone logistics geneva al phone number bc new curriculum capstone pishkun reservoir ice reporting ´╗┐good morning good evening good afternoon guys how are you doing so this week the time has come for me like so many others of you to move back out of my house and make my way back to University and for me it's the second time so it's not so much of a daunting thing for me to do but for so many others of you it is your first time and let's face it you're probably yourself there's no point in sugarcoating it dressing it up you are yourself and that's acceptable because it's a really big step in your life so in this video I thought I'd pass on some advice X pressure to new pressure here are my top 10 tips for starting as a fresher at university tip number one don't be alone so when your parents drop you off and they they give you all your stuff and they kind of wanna help you unpack and you just like don't really want you to unpack with me and then they leave and you're like as soon as your parents leave definitely definitely definitely 100% go and find somebody to speak to you whether it's a flatmate or you just go outside and find something else that's in the university obviously not just a stranger off the street but somebody from the university that everybody's in the same boat so somebody's gonna just be free to speak to you so just go find somebody to take your mind off it because otherwise you're gonna get upset and homesick before you've even begun tip number two don't expect that everyone wants to kill you now this probably doesn't apply to everyone but when I'd gone to uni as a fresher in my first day and my parents had gone and I kind of met my flatmates somebody messaged me on Facebook and asked me to go to the pub and because I'm such paranoid individual I instantly thought oh my god he wants to murder me which is definitely not the case because he's just trying to make a friend and I need friends so don't expect that everyone wants to kill you because that friend who asked me to go to the pub is one of mine now closest friends tip number three hold out what I mean by this is when you move to university it's really hard to have such a large step in your life so don't go a week and then say I can't do this I don't want to do this and and give up the advice I would give you is that you should hold there until Christmas because first I'd say about three weeks are gonna be the hardest week so if you get to Christmas and you you still not enjoying it you don't like the lifestyle you don't like the course then I say that that's a good time to say okay I'm not enjoying this and I want to go home and I want to give up which is completely fine however I would definitely hold that until Christmas because until then you you're just feeling emotions because you're homesick and it's a completely new life everything's changed and you will eventually get used to it if you hold that get number four don't take it too seriously so the worst person that you can you can be in a freshest reach is somebody who is like I'm just here to study I don't want to party and just here to Lin because being in university that's not what the lifestyle is and it's perfectly okay to not want to go out because I myself only tend to go out probably once or twice a month if that but don't be somebody who is like completely against parties completely against alcohol and completely against basically the university lifestyle because you think you're just there to live because after student you've got to fulfill the stereotype of being a student tip number five be sensible with your money whether you like it or not you are gonna be poor because that's just high students are don't go out on my own and spins like five hundred pounds and then have no money for the rest of the year because although it may seem like your student loan it's a big pool of money that you can just dive into you're gonna need it all if not more than that I'm following that tip number six remember that you have student discount if you can get an NUS card for some shops I believe except your University ID as a form of discount so if you show that in the shop they they give you a ten percent off or twenty percent off and I think in McDonald's you get like free cheeseburgers and chips and an all cool stuff like that so remember that you have that because when being sensible with your money the discounts really really do help number seven seven go free be hunting every University has this thing called a freshers fair where they have people come in and they have stalls and they're trying to get you to sign up to stuff but where wherever you go to university every freshers fear has thousands of freebies so definitely pick up every single freebie you have because they can be cups and mugs trolley coin things t-shirts bags pick them all up don't take them for granted if you see a freebie go and get that freebie because you will use it to the max tip number eight make sure that you attend all of your introductory lectures because this is really important you can think that that's just an introduction an icebreaker thing but then you get there the second week and you've missed like basically the whole year's wig because you don't know where you are you don't know who people are you don't know who your lectures are you don't know what the rooms are so introductory lectures are very important you should most definitely go to them tip number nine don't be afraid to ring home your parents 100% are missing you just as much as you are missing men just seeing their face on skype or hearing their voice on the phone call can kind of bring your day up from being down it's someone to speak to you when when you've got no one to speak to you and your mom or dad is it's your mom or dad you can just speak to them whenever you like they're not gonna feel like you're intruding on their life because you've moved that nobody's gonna make fun of you for wanting to speak to your parents because everybody misses their parent and last but not least tip number ten tip number ten is something that because I'm well shy I I have to embrace you should definitely be ready to embrace the stereotypical jokes about where you are from please don't be offended by them because people are gonna make fun of your accents the way you say things for example because I'm Welsh naturally I'm a sheep shagger there are also certain things that people say just relative to where they live for people don't understand and embrace the fact that people make fun of that but that's just the part of home that's shining out in you and you should embrace that and that's it guys that's my top 10 tips for a fascist art in university I hope you don't feel like I've kind of lectured you about how to do things obviously do things your own way and just have fun that's what it's mainly about you just go there have fun and make sure that you make friends and enjoy it because you'll paint a lot of money so you should get the best out of it I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give a thumbs up down below and subscribe to this channel for a new video every Thursday and the occasional Tuesday as well I really wish you all the best of luck in university if you're watching this and you have started or you're just about to start and I'm pretty sure that if you just be you you'll be 100% fine thank you so much for watching guys I love you all so much I shall see you next time goodbye write for me capstone mining glassdoor Mercy College (New York), Dobbs Ferry.

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