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Capstone logistics fontana

Capstone logistics fontana write for me system for capstone taylor arrest report ´╗┐oh hi I'm Antoinette June with free speech TV and i'm here with Miriam Pena she is the co-executive director of the Colorado progressive coalition samarium I know you guys do a lot of work to try and raise awareness around racial profiling tell me a little bit about that so CPC has been working on racial profiling under the umbrella of our racial justice and civil rights program and we started this work in the early 2000 when we were noticing just excessive patterns of police brutality and people being people of color being stopped without reason that year we launched a racial profiling hotline and passed some of the most aggressive and tie racial profiling and legislation in the country and we continue to do that just over Martin Luther King weekend this year we relaunched our hotline which is statewide I'm to be able to track the similar patterns still happening and every time we try to pass legislation or try to pass policy against police brutality and things like that and what we hear over and over again is racial profiling doesn't exist so and this is a way for us to quantify that it does happen and so we just want to raise awareness about that especially over single DeMaio weekend tell me out you know what brought you out today why'd you come to Cinco de Mayo cinco de mayo and so I was born in Mexico Cinco de Mayo has a different meaning in you know first-generation Mexican culture and but I think over the years Cinco de Mayo I hope continues it's not as important I would say as like Mexican Independence Day and singled in mind I think in the United States has become more of a holiday to that symbolizes a Mexican pride it it just kind of embodies the Mexican pride and that the underdog fight that everybody loves and so I remember it and it makes me proud to be mexican american now i know earlier today we were talking about how successful CPC is in their outreach and you know they're organizing within the community tell me a little bit about the events that you guys hold at CPC and how you guys organized to get people to come to those events yeah so we like any other nonprofit organization we're really thoughtful and strategic about where we want to be three years and five years etc etc I mean overall we want to create a progressive Colorado where everyone has the opportunity to prosper and live a good quality life and in particular representing communities of color and low-income families and but we also have to be nimble enough and flexible enough to I'm take to the street important things that happen so for example the Trayvon Martin we that that March really like came from the community it wasn't something that CPC planned but we were able to mobilize through the community organizing and outreach that we do um and it was really just trying to inspire people to come out and and can get angry with us and demand justice for those types of issues and will continue doing that over and over as we see police officers getting their jobs back with back pay that have just brutalized our community and CPC will be one of the voices there too and you know to be the outlet for for community members to fight back and what are some of the other issues that you initiatives that you guys work on I know I've been to an event where you guys were you know standing up to a fraud closure so tell me a little bit about those oh that is so much fun so I think Antoinette you were at the event when we shut down the wells fargo and so we like moved in shut wells fargo down for like four or five hours and and it was just the coolest event like you have people community members facing foreclosure walking with like household items and juxtaposed with like this like SWAT and you know in their riot gear and everything and we're just like we just want to say no to foreclosures so actually one of the things since then and I'm glad you brought this up we CPC has filed for a ballot initiative we're trying to qualify something right now for the twenty twelve election that would pretty much and require banks and lending institutions to prove that they owned the debt on your house to prove that they own the note of your house before they foreclosed on you I know it seems crazy but it's happening right now over and over some people they don't even know who owns their house anymore but they're being foreclosed on and so they're they're out hundreds of thousands of dollars and they have no idea why for why Wells Fargo is coming to their door saying you're foreclosed on and they're like I've been paying and so it's a very simple modest request banks should be able to prove that they own the note on your house before that they can foreclose on you and so we are currently trying to gather signatures we have to collect 86 87 thousand valid signatures before August to qualify for the ballot that we know if we can take this to the hands of the voters like we're going to win and this is just a great way to stand up against the big banks and you know that the horrible things that they're getting away with so we're really excited about that I know with a free speech TV I kind of work on the social media so I remember a couple of maybe it's been a month now since you guys launched your petition against the it was calling for an investigation into the Denver Police Department how's that petition doing that petition is going ok so this was all initiated maybe last summer the ACLU wrote a letter and had a bunch of organizations like CPC sign on and demanding that the Department of Justice investigate the Denver Police Department and it's practices and not much movement has happened and several months ago I spoke with and some members of the FBI based in denver and they said and it's still in the works and it's so slow and so you know keeping it in the media keeping it a you know the attention alive needs to continue happening so a few months ago we were like hey let's like make sure people know that we're still waiting for the DOJ to investigate so the petition has been has been going well I know few weeks ago we crossed the person mark so I mean I think those can only be you know positive signs and I hope not only you know to a department as big as DOJ but I hope that that's also assigned to our local elected officials like our police chief our mayor to say look how many people like are demanding that we investigate the the DPD so that's good and that that petition is still alive on our website progressive coalition org we have a petition there for the DOJ to investigate dpd and we also have a petition there for this foreclosure a ballot initiative and if people go on it's under economic justice page and if you go on it's a great way for us to get involved with you if you want to help us out with that or if you want help us out with racial justice and then investigating the DPD okay so one more time tell us the website that we can go to to find out more information it's www progressive coalition org and there you'll find both petitions if you sign up will we're really good about keeping in touch with you and just over the Cinco de Mayo weekend festivities our hotline is going and that phone number if I can give it out is 303 866 0908 and then you'll be prompted to I think push number two if you have a complaint and and will follow up with you and do an intake and you know we can't promise any legal resources or anything but this is helping us build a narrative to put some pressure on the city and and make sure that this doesn't happen in the future Miriam thank you so much for joining me today I'm Antoinette June from the cinco de mayo festival in denver colorado capstone subject unimelb for money College of New Rochelle (School of New Resources).

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