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Capstone lighting led gooseneck lantern for money

Capstone lighting led gooseneck lantern for money do my capstone project coursera looking for someone to do my term paper on management cheap ´╗┐ladies jumping i'm joseph irvine and welcome to UWA unscripted episode 9 we are one episode away from the biggest episode of unscripted yet manikin Murphy here starting up the camera here in the backyard let's see we yes script I am Annika Murphy it is a very cold day but nobody decided to show up here at UWA headquarters UWA Yard but we wanted content for you all so I'm gonna be issuing an open challenge an open challenge to anybody mean we know it what's up sis anybody at all who's gonna be coming out well there will it be who will face hey Eddie can Murphy will it be a Jacques Lester what oh it's one of our newest wrestlers ladies and gentlemen this is grazi no grazi no from Tijuana Mexico the second luchador that we have here grazi no oh man this is gonna be something exciting grazi no see anything he's a good guy he'll shake his hand see there we go oh form smash straight to the mouth of Graziano welcome to UWA here we go this match is now underway grazhina with a kick Oh big palm strike there see last episode we saw me and get battered by Jacques luster and that was not a good time at all but you know aside that here we go oh we've been teasing the new wrestlers for weeks and I did make an error on my update video Thrasher and Jay Mazzone will actually debut on episode 10 of unscripted so that will be exciting ah here we go with this match Annika Murphy vs. graslie no the only match we have here for episode 9 of unscripted looks like both of these wrestlers are getting some offense on each other oh boy oh what's that oh cardboard box Oh put it on his head oh it fell the Mountain Dew box fell but then work out oh right to the face oh boy Annika Murphy could be going for it the view trigger oh man Oh fuzzy no man I knocked out no I don't know what will knock out him then Anakin says that Graziano has to earn this handshake earn the handshake of Anakin Murphy will Graziano do it well will he earn Anakin Murphy's respect Oh super kick there and he can Murphy's sit at remove Grazyna with a mountain Dew cardboard box hit I'm just I'm just coming to clarify with you guys this may be Graziano's debut but his contract with UWA says this is his one time appearance so you will not be seeing rosy no on fury or even our first event Russell Khan or any other unscripted episode beside this point so let's get back into this now and qamar feet with a kick to the gut oh it looks like Oh knee strike straight to the face and always at the chair no good could come out of this BAM cherish shot straight to the face cause you know fall into the shed no next episode is unscripted episode 10 the biggest unscripted episode yet and we will announce the full match card in the coming days and we will be giving out a preview to you guys as well to be a lot of fun there is four matches for blockbuster matches that is you know you guys will enjoy a lot but enough talking about episode 10 of unscripted will do more talking later on let's get to this match grazi knows one time appearance here in the United Wrestling Association president looks like his head has taken a lot o Super Kick by Anakin Murphy oh boy all we tried to go for another one did not work out classy no with a roundhouse kick Oh looks like a knee can hit him with a roundhouse kick of his own Oh Super Kick he caught him there he caught him where he doesn't deserve Oh ooh friends do you know which is just a slap to Anakin Murphy's face was waving his finger but oh all looks looks like horizon is an go for that bullet clothesline BAM he hits it just came out him like a bullet hence the name bullet clothesline oh I was like Graziano will be giddy Nanak and Murphy up oh oh shake him out a bit Oh headbutt they're rocking both competitors it looks like he's got a diet coke cardboard box and he's got the stereo speaker cardboard box I don't know what a Anakin Murphy could be going for here and it looks like got a chair now straight to the back darling cause you know the side a bit of course um next week actually the official date is March 11th will be unscripted episode 10 March 11th ladies and gentlemen will make that date you know no one better but uh yeah it's happening then No oh boy Murphy oh right right through the cardboard boxes no one side guys you know is he gonna be going for another bullet bullet clothesline what's he gonna do looks like a Anakin's it up another bullet clothesline maybe oh cardboard box straight to the mouth he's got another one maybe Oh where's Eno kicks it away oh he's grabbed he's got enough Oh Anakin right to the shoulder oh and again and again there we go Graziano really picking up the momentum oh cargo box is stuck on Anakin's head though it looks like Anakin's really groggy cuz of all those hits and grass he knows really tired because of all the momentum of his swinging oh nice strike the hesitation cost him there looks like anakin could be hesitating here Irish whip it's reversed and it's a first oh now Anakin Oh drop kicking the cardboard box hit Grazia no more no what's he gonna go for here Oh handin ball not really working out there maybe you should just stick to the drop kicks oh there we go cannonball didn't really work out very much therefore anakin Murphy looks like yeah this foot stuck he's got the plastic lid and trashcan lid he's got a plastic trash cam part that's been broken off a lot of things have been broken on UWA Oh was a kind of a chop there by Graziano oh and another one Graziano not really holding back anything from Anika Murphy here pushing down the slide as he looks like he's gonna pick it back up Oh kicking the cardboard box on the oaken Murphy's hand oh and a big big palm strike there and a double chop to that back some more palm strikes from Rosie no and you can Murphy shovel Rosie no coming back Oh cold boy what is Rosie no thinking of here oh but it looks like and I can Murphy just kind of moving into way hit and Rosie no they think all along here razzy know whatever weapon here it's sure effective ona kick but a big slap oh and an uppercut from Anakin Murphy cause you know it looks like it doesn't really uh really faze him Mises you got the lid oh boy what could happen here Anakin Murphy he's on he's on the top of the play house Oh Graziano with a punch as you know hesitating a lot Anakin Murphy looks like he's starting to become more more aware of what's going on grazi nose going up very very slowly Anakin Murphy Oh Oh Anakin Murphy picking the right moment Oh big kick Anakin Murphy is down now you know girls you know staring down at Anakin Murphy Anakin Murphy's just I don't know if Anakin Murphy can really continue this match Oh grazi no again Oh straight to the back of the head xeno he's really coming at him Oh Anakin Murphy coming back with some gut punches pushing him the end could be near here Oh Taylor for black mask didn't work out styrofoam hit to the gut super kick to the midsection Oh oh boy oh very very effective by Anakin Murphy Anika Murphy telling Graziano to get up cause he knows getting up could it be going for the black mask kick Baney Adam the black mass he's gonna get him back up oh oh and another one will that be all she wrote nine white drazi no kick on a tulle black masses oh and he's up what I need no Eddie can Murphy you had a contraction there now guys you know running on full speed ahead and looks like he hit him with a superkick crazy nose down and the camera is getting them up Oh No Oh superkick will that be all she wrote will that be over yes indeed Anakin Murphy is your winner of the match perhaps cause you know earned that handshake he wanted at the beginning there we go respect between the two Thank You Grazyna for coming on to UWA what a match well we thank you guys for watching episode 9 of unscripted see you guys later get ready for episode 10 capstone logistics 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