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Capstone library day for money

Capstone library day for money capstone health nj white goods sector report ´╗┐hey guys it's me Amanda and today I'm doing a taste test video for Trader Joe's I am obviously so excited funny thing this video has never been requested I have never seen this being commented on any of my videos I just really want to eat food in front of you guys and Trader Joe's is just Bay and I haven't been in Trader Joe's in a long time so I wanted to go and just buy a bunch of food that I've never tried before because that's what life's all about just trying food and being happy and yeah I didn't buy every single vegan food item that they sell Oh Trader Joe's because if I did then I'd be living out on the streets so I bought a few of their items and I was just started because I am hungry and I'm like sweating from my excitement which sounds really gross we can just imagine like on Thanksgiving like sitting at the table and just sweating like this and just being like so are we eating already or are we eating and just like me covered in sweat that's disgusting anyways let's get started oh Jesus Christ so I'm going to start off with a salad you know keeping it healthy keeping it light so this is the mega crunchy salad with a bite love the name it looks like this super healthy super green super soggy ah now I'm going to put the dressing on the salad obviously looks very attractive mmm dressing is a one taste very good and I was actually prepared and I got a fork so go me I'm like spitting everywhere because I'm salivating this is so gross so first bite mmm bomb a F mmm this is so so good I highly recommend this mmm honestly I feel like this is gonna be a video just me moaning after eating every single food item and it's like you're into that and like this is the video for you mmm next food item is this veggie wrap with hummus I am so excited they actually had a lot of vegan wraps but I'm I'm gonna buy all of them so oh my god yeah let me zoom in on this it looks so bomb oh my god and yeah it just looks sexy I'm gonna eat this like really happily mmm mmm this even vegan like it literally tastes like has mayonnaise in it and I'm very scared mmm has tahini Anette dudes this is so good oh my god mm-hmm veggie wrap so good okay next item the next food item is the spicy lentil wrap with a spicy tahini sauce and it has a little V in the front so it is quite vegan oh oh I'm like oh oh oh I feel like this is like a little lunch box like you could take it to school oh my god it is Oh oh my god this is like perfect take it on the go and this is huge holy cow wow it's like two of these sizes what the hell open the sauce okay sauce is in the box wrap is in my hand okay okay baby girl let's do this right mmm I'm not the sexiest eater so I apologize this is insanely good oh yeah oh my god I'm just spilling food everywhere my mom wasn't look at the room she's gonna be like I got Rona maybe s the next food item this food is so good this is so funny so I was adjusting the focus on my camera and then I took a picture while I was licking my lips obviously I'm just enjoying this right now I got some chips and dip I'm pretty excited so I got these um baked blue corn tortilla chips and like they just caught my eye because they're baked like they're not fried like usual chips are so it's another health item Wow look at us being healthy hmm so there's that and oh boy yes to go on the side of the chips I got some chipotle black bean dip and then this is the hot puli salsa I wanted to get another salsa but this is the spiciest also the Hat and girl like if you're eating salsa and better be spicy like go big or go home shake it okay I learned this trick for my mom if you can't open a jar smack it like you give it to him light snack it hard and and then it opens I'm gonna scoop it into this cute little container I have okay didn't work this time Jesus oh my hands turning red it's so bad right now okay got it booze smells good okay just put it in this cute little container and honestly just looks like salsa with the side of dog food we know we have one hand so I'm gonna try chip by itself mm-hmm mm-hmm tastes like a chip and I'm gonna try the bean dip oh wait this bean dip is insanely good oh okay now I'm going to track the salsa not my favorite and kind of tastes like it's been out like in a can for a long time you've been notes in a jar like you know that feeling like you have it tastes like iron but even though it's like not encased in iron miss bean dip though this bean dip is so good it is fire it's lit it's just good water break okay now on to desserts this is gonna be so fun I'm excited next thing are these cafe twists super excited this is the only like cookie ish thing that I found at Trader Joe's I was vegan mmm here it is it looks like a little turtle and I'm very excited so let's do this oh it literally tastes like a churro oh my god what oh my god this is amazing mmm and this is vegan guys this is vegan I thought this was gonna be like puffy but this is dense this is a true row except it's like extra fried to roe these are so good I could imagine eating it with like coffee just like laying down watching some Netflix just like enjoying myself just like enjoy my body just next dessert that we have are these Trader Joe's brownie crisps let's try this I love brownies so much okay this smells amazing so they look like this thin brownies and they're crispy and I'm like excited to try this this is so so good oh my God if you love brownies that's all I have to say mmm so the next food item is this soy look it's melting because it's been out in the Sun hopefully it's not melted inside cleaning it up for you this is a cherry chocolate chip ooh looks like that looks amazing but does it taste amazing that's what matters oh it is very creamy I was like why is it getting me wet I mean like it's dripping on me okay mmm whoa this is insanely good mmm if you're ever feeling down are used to sit down the ice cream I recommend this one all right last food item is the mango sorbet bonbons I had to buy it because it said Bombo and smells like that's so funny I have to buy it boom little fancy you so you open it up and it looks like this it's mango sorbet covered in chocolate hmm okay let's try this mmm whoa I absolutely love this because the mango super fresh it's not super sweet and the chocolate just adds a little bit of darkness to it mm-hmm so good okay I literally thought I was done I opened up that salad again and I was like eating more salad I was like yeah this is good I can't wait to finish this and then I realized wait a minute are those muffins I forgot I bought these blueberry raspberry Oh bran muffins beautiful name by the way and it says it's wheat free on the front and it's also says it's vegan so they smell good I like the smell of like bran oh my god these are huge oh wow okay Waterson I'm just gonna bite into it let's go mm-hmm-hmm mm-hmm-hmm-hmm I would definitely eat this I think it's really good it tastes kind of healthy the so if you're not into healthy stuff you might not like this but I think it's really good I would definitely have this like in the morning afternoon or any time of the day to be honest I like these not as much as that ice cream though okay you guys and that was the video thank you guys so much for sitting down and watching me eat by the way this video is not sponsored I really wish it was because that means I'd be getting paid while eating in front of you guys which is like everyone's dream if you guys have any other ideas on videos that you guys want to see that make sure they come down them with that yeah then make sure to comment that down below also if you guys want to see a part two of Trader Joe's vegan items and also let me know make sure to follow me on any of my social media that will always be down below so you guys my next video bye write for me li fi technology paper Union College.

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