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Capstone law meridian for money

Capstone law meridian for money ashland movie theatre wiki new journalism essays ´╗┐so what I want to put forward to you to start the conversation tonight are really three main claims first opportunities for global citizenship while manifestly greater today confront two important barriers the first relates to the general problem of extending democracy beyond national communities the second I think is the embryonic nature of the this term the international community that we like to use and it's selective application of cosmopolitan principles next I want to argue that the concept of the North American citizen which we've seen arising in the context of continental integration is an inherently problematic concept my third and final claim is about one particular nation-state the nation-state of Canada and its role in global politics and what I want to do tonight is suggest that we shouldn't thinking of Canada in those traditional terms as a middle power but rather in terms of citizenship and in fact I believe that Canada has the potential to be a model citizen for the 21st century now before developing those three big claims let me take a moment to define what I'm talking about while discussions of citizenship typically begin with a nod to the Greeks my own understanding of the concept is indebted to the work of the British sociologist th Marshall who was writing at a very exciting time post 45 Britain when we were designing the welfare state and Marshall defined citizenship as a status bestowed on those who are full members of a community a status bestowed on those who are full members of a community so all those citizenship is something that is given to individuals it's a fundamentally social concept it doesn't make sense outside of a collective framework and citizenship is also underpinned by an egalitarian ethos those who have the status enjoy do jury if not always de-facto equality with respect to its corresponding rights and duties now in the twentieth century we've seen citizens rights extend from the 18th century narrow concept of equality under the law to very serious entitlements that are associated with our welfare state but even the expanded list of citizenship rights that we've seen only provides a necessary condition for citizenship whether actual participation takes place and what particular shape it takes depends on what citizens make of their rights and that's also a message I want to leave with you tonight about acting on your citizenship rights so my first of the three claims begins at the broadest level with the possibilities for citizenship on a global scale or what my predecessor picot I are called global souls with the end of the Cold War a new spirit of optimism took hold about the potential to transcend borders and build a truly global society and I was fortunate enough to be standing at the Berlin wall on that chilly November weekend in 1989 watching jubilant East Germans climbing through the ad-hoc openings that had been chipped away by their Western cone a tional x' for me their actions were the ultimate symbol that boundaries our social and political creations and as with all such constructions they can be redrawn these were heady days the early 1990s and with them came great expectations foremost among them was the hope that governments and international organizations would set aside old ways of doing things and turn their attention to forging solutions to pressing global problems others dared to dream even higher and painted a picture of Kozma Paul democracy and global citizenship so democracy would flourish not only within nation-states but also beyond them so that individuals wherever they happen to be located would be granted a voice and input into the decisions that affected them now 15 years on how has this vision fared well on one level that of global civil society there's cause for some optimism networked individuals working across the globe have creating a dizzyingly rich tapestry of associations and communities of interests some of which have succeeded in recasting global politics on issues like climate change hiv/aids or the ban on landmines and these trans-border civic associations have created new channels for popular participation new modes of consultation with the public they've also helped to increase the transparency and accountability of international organizations but we shouldn't exaggerate the effects of this global activism global civil society is very much a work in progress and it suffers from problems of inadequate representation and class bias that taint its cosmopolitan aspirations but more significant than these challenges which arguably we could overcome is the broader problem of fragmentation in our contemporary world alongside the familiar divisions that we all know between nation-states and the developing in the developed world we're seeing new kinds of divisions that limit our capacity to realize a truly cosmopolitan vision a division between skilled and unskilled labor that pits farmers against investment bankers textile workers against consultants a division between those who have the luxury to exercise their right of free movement and those who are denied the right of asylum and a division between those who live in zones of peace Canada United States Western Europe and those who live in zones of turmoil such as sub-saharan Africa so where is the egalitarianism that is meant to underpin citizenship and what kind of redress is available to those on the losing side of these kinds of divides is globalization helping or hurting them there's a strong argument to be made I think that globalization has exacerbated the problem of public alienation because it's made the locus of political responsibility a moving target when ordinary citizens who have been left behind appeal to their governments their politicians claim my hands are tied by the markets by the IMF and when citizens try to confront these forces they have difficulty finding a source of accountability so surely then one of the greatest tasks of those in my generation is to create mechanisms for legitimacy in governance structures at the global level but we must not delude ourselves we're not creating democracy and were not nurturing global citizens to put it another way legitimacy and democracy are not the same thing this isn't because we lack imagination or will it's because democracies boundaries I believe are limited in my mind democracy requires three things regular institutionalized debate the ability to remove your government without a revolution or bloodshed and the direct involvement of all citizens in a community so it's a civic Republican conception of democracy it requires citizens who take an active part along with others in shaping the future of their society it's not about a set of Rights alone it's whether we act on those rights and once we move beyond the nation-state I think the conditions for that kind of deliberation that kind of expression of collective will no longer exist indeed it's challenging enough for many nation states to realize those conditions now let me hasten to add I'm not counseling in action establishing and maintaining institutions at the global level is going to be a huge challenge for those of us moving into the future more and more issues are going to be dealt with at a global level but our system for managing these is unlikely to be democratic in the way I've described it instead I think it's likely to involve strengthening the rule of law in areas like finance in the environment expanding the activity of international monitors and auditors and increasing the transparency of decision-making but in all these dimensions the nation-state is still going to play a crucial role write for me accounting research topics for phd Downstate Medical Center.

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