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Capstone insurance group fort wayne in

Capstone insurance group fort wayne in biology research paper topics fielding saleyards reporte ´╗┐excuse everybody that you look mean good time for how it should be an American spending a lot of time thinking about the bush legacy in part because of the bush library dedication this week take it away course of course I've not been spending a lot of time on the bush legacy because it's something that I enjoy but I do think it's something that is worth getting those lessons right there were a number of Bush advisors that were out on the hustings this week defending him Keith Hennessy apparently a bush advisor saying that he was one of the smartest quickest policy studies out there well David as many of the listeners and viewers of this show now I'm the policy director of social security works an organization and is trying to defend Social Security from cuts and one of the biggest aspects of Bush's legacy is his attempt to capture to earn to cash the political capital he earned quote-unquote in these 20,000 for reelection to privatize Social Security in 2005 okay and the thing about this to note is that not only did bush have this way way wrong and the fact is the matter is is that our 401k and ira plans lost thirty-seven thirty-eight percent of their value in 2008 alone and so if things have been privatized then well we'd have a generation of extremely extremely poor people the market fluctuates individuals can't bear that risk the very idea of Social Security privatization is absurd and of course there are many other aspects of Social Security like the fact that if there's a higher replacement rate on people on lower earnings it is a progressive redistributed program it's done in a very moderate modest way it's not done based on need but it does it does provide extra protections for people that have bat have that bad luck in the labor market and certainly thereafter it's a market annuity for the rest I'm sorry an inflation-adjusted annuity for the rest of your life nothing in the private market can provide that but here's the other thing to note this wasn't just genuine free market nonsense even though genuine free-market nonsense is still nonsense this was also callous manipulation on the part of the bush in ministry asian to use lies about social security to force fear about the program to create to make acceptance of that program of his plan more more uh more widespread to make it a more popular plan even though he knew that the public was not into it and in fact here is how he characterized social security is 2005 state of the union address and again this is SOT number eight system however on its current path is headed toward bankruptcy and so we must join together to strengthen and save Social Security now of course David as you and I know that is absolutely not true is not true now and it never was Social Security is not headed for bankruptcy ever okay under current law there is a modest shortfall where it will be taking in more than it can it will not be able to pay a hundred percent of benefits after 2033 now if you say that a program has a modest shortfall that is not the same as a program being out of money completely as in bankrupt and the reason it has a modest shortfalls because unlike any other program is entirely self-funded it can't borrow to pay benefits that's the only reason we're even talking about this okay and even then the cost that shortfall is really the cost of only making millionaires and billionaires pay the same rate as everyone else in the system instead of having that Social Security tax caps at a base of one hundred thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars but Bush went further and and here's where it gets interesting because Bush was uttering myths about Social Security that were similar exactly to the kinds of myths that are propagated nowadays by folks like Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles the idea that the program was never intended to be a retirement program that it was that was created in an era when people weren't living in a long enough to even collect it and that somehow the worker retiree ratio in nineteen fifty was 16 21 and therefore the program is unsustainable here's how he also characterized that in his speech again this is sound element nine Social Security was created decades ago for a very different era in those days people did not live as long benefits were much lower than they are today and a half century ago about 16 workers paid into the system for each person drawing benefits well of course benefits were lower that that at that time but of course the payroll tax rate was also significantly lower the payroll tax base was significantly lower in the first couple decades of the program they were kept adding new beneficiaries without actually paying for it okay well we got that fixed and in addition if some economists estimate that if what if workers wages had grown in consistently with productivity in the past quarter-century then we'd be looking at a shortfall that was half as large we could to be talking about potentially even eliminating the entire shortfall if workers wages grew with the same rate as productivity in the past quarter century and going forward so has a lot to do with inequality not so much to do with the actual amount we're paying into the system now in addition there's that that issue of the worker retiree ratio well it was 16 to 1 David in 1950 because they hadn't brought in all these people in the domestic work for us in the farm workforce they hadn't brought in all kinds of people there are many people paying into the system who weren't yet collecting the same as any pension system in its starting period since the 1970s the worker retiree ratio has been 3 2 1 and now it's going to be 2 to 1 and remain at that rate it's still 3 2 1 today and I mean this is just useless fear-mongering and I might add David that the economy in real terms since social security was created has grown 12-fold at least the more our productivity increases the fewer people we need to generate the same amount of capital and in fact it's worth noting that when the baby boomers were children okay the increase in the spending is a percent of GDP on education for those children was greater than the increase will be to cover those babies same baby boomers retirement and no one was saying then oh we can't afford to educate our largest generation of children ever we shouldn't do any different for the retirement of our children today no no what's the takeaway from all this well privatization went down in flames it discredit the Bush presidency and it's created the policy privatizing Social Security but what it also did was move the overton window to the right so that now any Democratic president or any even Republican that comes in proposes many changes to Social Security that effectively privatizing it by forcing people to get more of the retirement income from private sources that are worse deal and create billions and fees for Wall Street seemed reasonable by comparison and that is not how it should be we should be restoring our entire policy debate to to the truthfulness and unfortunately what George Bush did was make any plan including things like the chained Consumer Price Index now being pros proposed by Barack Obama seem gone by comparison and and a that's just not how it should be capstone land development llc for money New York City College of Technology.

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