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Capstone insurance florida order

Capstone insurance florida order capstone tech group for money hp officejet pro 8600 plus eaio cashback ´╗┐hey guys it's adam ak's swimming burn and welcome back to zookeeper our journey to build the best zoo in all of Minecraftia it's been a little while since our last two zoo venture but we've got a lot of stuff to talk about first off we've got a new schedule for the series I'm gonna be posting zookeeper episodes every other day unless there is a big snapshot or minecraft news for that day but that is the new schedule I've got already more than a week of zoo ventures and different exploits planned so please look forward to it now I'm here on top of the temporary zoo enclosure and as you can see I've got a lot of wolves I've been breeding wolves and I've got every different collar color we have 16 wolves here now and these guys need names they're also hungry for chicken you guys can't have any this is for me I'm sorry so if you guys have some good Wolf's name suggestions it doesn't have to be by color it could be anything please leave them in the comments and I will try to find the best 16 if you guys want a thumbs up the ones you like that would definitely help me pick them and we're gonna have more wolves than that I would like to have some wild wolves in there as well but we'll have to see if we can get those eventually now I'm gonna jump on Douglas here and fly around we've got some other stuff to show off and I also want to mention we're gonna do an underwater adventure here pretty soon and I need some fish names not just fish but underwater creatures like manta ray stingray jellyfish stuff like that so if you have some of those names you can post them as well and that'll help me out in the future I can name them during the episode so over here we have the zoo HQ and I've been doing a bunch of work on this place trying to get it finished we're still planning out where a lot of the enclosures and stuff are but my emphasis right now is catching creatures that I can move around easily such as wolves or fish you can pick them up with the fishing net to move them around fairly easily so over here I was flying around on Douglas and it took me forever but I torched this whole area underneath to stop monsters from spawning as much as they they normally do so I've got torches all over the little support beams here and let's fly up to the top you can see there's an iron golem here and there's also another one on the other side and one on the roof these guys need names as well these are just personal iron golems to guard mountain zoo HQ but they could use names as well they're just kind of hanging out here guarding the area let's land on the roof and hop off a Douglas so I've still got to work on the roof stuff here this is where our beds are gonna be de-spawn in case we die and the Dragons can teleport up here without suffocating I'm gonna jump down and you guys can see the second floor is quite a bit different it actually has stuff on it now I've got an Ville screen about here I've got all the brewing stuff going some cauldrons Cup of furnaces crafting tables this is actually the light blue stained glass but a retentive glass and it's really weird-looking with shaders it just it kind of looks almost like a texture error but it's uh it still looks alright it just kind of stands out from the other blocks that's the only thing I don't like about these the shaders right now but I don't think it looks too bad this is here so that I had a little bit of water I just thought I would make the glass blue as well but I can use a buckets here to grab water and easily fill up the cauldrons and get potions and stuff we're gonna start stocking up on a bunch of supplies here because I'm gonna take on some bosses and different stuff eventually I've got the enchantment table here I got a ton of sugarcane and decided to just go crazy with the bookshelves try to decorate it I might change how this looks here it's a little crazy but yeah I was trying to make this a little bit more interesting than just the base 15 bookshelves so I've got our anvils let's go down actually you can see over here I started putting the item frames we don't have too much of this area mapped out I'm gonna wait until maybe we start building the structures for the zoo because we're gonna have to remap it anyways if we don't do that you know when we start we'll have to refresh the maps basically by taking them down once we have the zoo built so this is gonna be where our huge zoo map is so you guys can see like all the the little you know chunks in the area got all my cats down here cake and me now are still here but we got some other cats I've been breeding them a bit as well this is where the the little lounge is here you can go into this little pit and hang out if you want to relax it by the fake fire and we've stocked up on these chests here I finished what Hartmann started with all the the chests and trap chest line this is gonna be where we move all our supplies I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet I've changed the doors here so that you can go through the pressure plate that way things can't get in very easily this place is not lit up very well yet I've got a monster proof it that's why I've got the Golem seer switched out some of these dirt blocks for some better looking acacia wood so that this minecart looks a little nicer and just kind of generally cleaned up the area Bronco still up here I really need to put him down that golem looks like he doesn't know what to do it's it's a partially snowy partially rainy here of course right where we've built on the border but yeah we've got everything going and oh here we go I've got my my furnaces here and crafting table and I've got one ender chest I still need to build another one but I had enough for one there so I threw it in the center so yeah we've we've got this place going fairly well it's almost to my liking and I still have a lot more stuff on the the roof there the roost area for the dragons to build but it's starting to come along and I'm still compiling the list of all the creatures we need once we do that though I'm gonna start picking how many habitats we're gonna have how many enclosures and we should be able to start getting the base design down for what the zoo is gonna look like start you know mapping the grounds here I have to do some landscaping first of course but I'm gonna leave that for a future episode I've got a fun way to do that but yeah I think we're gonna have like a farm area maybe one for vanilla monsters and have a separate thing for the mo creatures stuff I do want to make like an African kind of savanna we do have a savanna right nearby so that would be perfect to make a savanna area put like the lions and elephants and different stuff from O creatures in there the village it'll probably stay over here but we're gonna build it up and make it a lot nicer make it not an enclosure necessarily because a lot of people commented it's a little cruel to keep the villagers in a enclosure so I'll try to make that maybe like a place that you can stop on the way to the zoo but yeah we've got big plans lots of stuff planned I've got a bunch of videos already in the wieck's if you have any ideas of adventures and different stuff you want to see what creatures you think would be good to capture early on I'm open to any of that please leave a comment and let me know and thank you guys for all of your name suggestions we got a lot of stuff to name now it's been a bit so thanks again for sticking with me please leave a like if you enjoyed this I'm gonna go land Douglas on this rainy roof here and stick around with my wolf pack and I'll see you guys next time for the next zookeeper update good bye excel sam capstone project 2 module 4 7 Adelphi University, Garden City.

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