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Capstone in school order

Capstone in school order ca capstone timetable for money the music machine movie review ´╗┐written by Ruth van der Zee illustrated by Floyd Cooper James William I don't know how we could keep this place going without your help you can go now but you be sure you don't get into any trouble I wipe the sweat from my sunburned face and looked at MA she seemed to worry about trouble I had no idea why it was 1933 and life was good for me ma kept busy caring for my two younger sisters her garden and the few animals we still had I did a lot of the chores early in the morning then was free to roam in the woods near our place the last thing I would ever want to do is put my Ma's mind to worrying about anything PAH had rented out our land long ago was busy in the hardware store he owned in town some afternoons I'd walk into town and help him yep this is my son he bragged to anyone within earshot he does all the chores at home so I can run this store I'd sweep the wooden floor listen to my paw it seemed that somebody was always stopping in at one time or other to talk to him in fact one afternoon one of those men walked over to where I was working and said you know James William most of the important decisions in our part of Mississippi are made right here on the porch of your Papa's store I was proud when he said that it seemed all the men in town respected my palm they'd huddled together they wondered about the weather they worried how cotton prices were dropping they remembered how good things used to be and renow and then they talked so low I couldn't hear what they were saying they talked in trouble tones wave their fingers at each other one day I asked my paw why do they get so riled when they talk with each other son there are some things you just don't understand Paul said sternly times are hard right now these are good men they're trying their hardest to put food on the table for their families but no matter how hard they work they still don't have two nickels to rub together he looked me straight in the eye James William these men are trying to protect what little they have man's got to do what he thinks is best for his family thick woods surrounded our property I roamed these woods with read who lived close by Reds real name was Charles but he'd been called red ever since his hair came in a fiery orange I had been lucky enough to get a rifle for my 12th birthday so we'd hunt raccoons rabbits as we hunted we'd swap stories sometimes we'd get to exaggerating so much the truth of our stories was hard to find but red got my attention real fast when he started talking about what he heard his paw talking to my paw about down at the store yep he drawled I heard your paw telling my paw that colored preacher who lives on the way out of town got what was coming to it what do you mean got what was coming to him I asked his house burned by accident nobody's fault not according to what I heard red replied your paw said that man had to be stopped from stirring up colored folk said he was telling them to register to vote then my paws said men like him were nothing but trouble but it was high time they learned their lesson are you telling me that somebody went and burned that house I asked nobody would do that well go ask your paws I couldn't hear everything because they were talking really quiet but I'm sure I heard it right I'm sure you heard it wrong I answered besides spending many long hours with red that summer I also spent time with Leroy whose family sharecropped on the land next to ours Leroy was the best fisherman around on afternoons when I wanted to fish I'd find Leroy he knew more about hooks bait good fishing spots than anybody I knew we always fished in secluded places where no one would notice us my father always spoke disparagingly about white folk spending time with colored folk he said it wasn't natural one afternoon when the fish weren't biting I said hey Leroy let's go fish under that tree over there that looks like a good spot Leroy didn't look at me it didn't say anything for a long time I thought maybe he hadn't hurt me finally he spoke so as I almost missed it and I don't want to fish there why because that's the hanging tree what world are you talking about I asked that's where the clan left a black man hanging for a whole day because he did something they didn't like the Klan yeah those people who ride at night wear in their white robes and ugly pointed hoods they're scary I never heard of no Klan I said you may not have heard of the Klan but my mama told me just the other night that they poured hot tar over a black man who talked to a white lady they don't mess around they took bull whips to my friend's daddy are you sure I am yeah I'm sure my daddy says that we black folks just have to be careful we mind our own business that's why I don't tell him that I come fishing with you you wouldn't like him I thought about what Leroy said for a long time somehow it didn't make sense to me whenever I went into town I saw a colored men trading at my paws store they were very polite and called my posture my paw was always friendly and said now boy you come back when you need something else colored men and women traded in the five-and-dime all the time they kept money in the bank and on some Saturdays were allowed to sit in the balcony of the theater to watch a movie this all seemed normal to me it's true that they couldn't drink out of the same water fountain his white folks are eaten the same coffee shop they had to wait to be served in the stores until white folk been served but that's just the way things were I don't think any of those white folks hated anybody enough to hang him from a tree I couldn't imagine any one of my PA's friends wearing a pointed hood white robe and burning somebody's house a few days after talking to Leroy I was sweeping the floor of the store by paw and I were alone I had been thinking about what red and Leroy had told me I was trying to figure it out Paul I asked do you know anything about people who wear pointed hoods with white robes and hurt colored people Bob looked at me where did you hear that rat told me seems to me red should be minding his own business and you get back to sweeping the floor Paul said in a tone that meant the discussion was over one morning in early August I woke before dawn as long as I was awake I thought I might as well get up and milk our old tired Jersey cow scuffed my way to the barn rivers of sweat were running down my back was walking back to the house with a pail full of milk the Rising Sun filtered through the muggy air in the morning haze I wondered if I was seeing things a white robed person was running down the road at the edge of our land the face was covered with a white hood I hid behind the maple that had shaded our house for years and watched the hooded creature run all of Leroy's stories flashed through my mind my heart drummed in my chest as I was trying to figure out how to get to the kitchen to protect my lawn and the babies I saw the white robed person turn in towards my house I froze looked into the ghastly cutout eye holes on the hood of the creature as he ran towards the house the man stumbled and the hood lifted up his face was uncovered my paws face my paw was hiding under that hood my paw as he reached up to pull the hood back down over his face my father saw me [Music] he never spoke to me about that morning I never asked I couldn't find the words after that I still went to the store he didn't want to but I did it I hung around with red fished occasionally with Leroy but somehow everything was different I still love my paw but I never really looked into his eyes again and he never really looked into mine [Music] [Applause] [Music] capsim capstone tips order Stella and Charles Guttman Community College.

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