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Capstone in engineering

Capstone in engineering do my accounting research paper topics 2011 report on motivation in organizations ´╗┐ladies and gentlemen it is a beautiful day in South Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania and we are heading to one of South Philly's most beloved iconic institutions John's roast pork for 87 years this place has been serving up incredibly juicy delicious roast pork sandwiches as well as the Philadelphia cheesesteak which is probably the most famous sandwich to come out of this area we're standing on what was traditionally a former industrial strip close to the docks home to a lot of truckers a lot of working-class people that would just come in for a quick lunch but now it's an incredibly diverse area a lot of people coming in enjoying these delicious roast pork sandwiches so let's see what people have been talking about for the past almost 90 years my grandfather when he emigrated here 1918 with literally closed on its back and a recipe for roast pork and a recipe for meatballs you know he came here and he figured he'd do what he knew best so he became one of the first caterers in Philadelphia in the old days they would have a small wedding and hi the reception at the house and he would bring his equipment and he was running a wooden shack here on the ground we're standing on that we've grown over the years but we still want to try to keep that family mom-and-pop feel to which I think we do it wasn't always as popular as it was we literally had that same 50 or 60 customers every day they don't get their coffee in the morning a small breakfast sandwich or pork sandwich you know like I didn't even have to take their orders they walk in the door and I knew what they wanted never since the article on 2001 came out with these four high school kids that they made it their senior project to find the quote unquote ultimate cheesesteak and we didn't know they were running it with the food critic with the Inquirer it's very prestigious guy Craig levan I was shocked because again we didn't know that this was for print yeah and they were way in the sandwich history right yeah that was that like a turning point as far as it was absolutely a turning point he's already come on Thor - Wow so many times now we'll get people they come right from the airport and then we're the first time I've been at the Liberty Bell Independence Hall and they come here first mind boggling it was August 11th the article came out so in the middle of the summertime the first Friday guy came in guy passes out in line right in the building and I'm like bacon cheese bacon or we own about in regained consciousness right he's like I want my cheese day though I said dude you're dying like so what happened that was before we were over on Saturdays the following Monday he was my first customer fuck you fuck dog treated in LA so you went to the emergency room came back got almost every sandwich in this place and everything's just phenomenal okay come here for probably five six years at least don't spot yeah whenever I'm in town make sure to come to Jon's weirdin south there's a lot of options yes that you find you come here right you just can't get that top level cheese steak and roast pork usually at the same place you're usually going one place has a good cheesesteak one place that's a good roast pork this place is good every top-notch quality they have some of the best bread in the city you know the pork has great flavor it's quick they know what their and if there's a line out the door they move it right through here just do everything the right way there you can tell everything's made properly it made with care I understand your big Patriots fan is that oh absolutely new boot no no Eagles fan is absolutely I used to be a season ticket holder for nine years what is it about this place that you think is particularly good there's something about the seasoning it's not like hit you in the face kind of seasoning at subtle but it's just so in-depth and the pork is just so you know they cook them then they let them sit yeah and then they slice them the next day and put it back in the juice yeah and so it doesn't get dried out it doesn't break down it just cooked perfectly and holds it and then it's right on the good scene it roll which is key and the extra sharp provolone it's just those three marrying together is the best yeah let me just get one point sandwich in one night a stick and your first name is my name is Lukas Lukas and you could slide down to the next station for your pork thank you very much very much why don't we roll out this cheesesteak look at this beauty this is a good cheese day they make it all to order they don't have a mountain of meat and a mountain of onions that they are shipping off of throughout the day the food's gonna be hot fresh we've got this nice crusty outside the yields to a chewy Center the sesame seeds I really love you've got these onions that give it that sharpness it's like a little sting you've got this nice cut of a pretty thinly sliced steak I mean look are we getting prime rib in a cheese steak no not necessarily the point you want it for that beeping salty little charred bits you want that kind of goodness you know prepared on that flat top grill and then of course the cheese the cheese is like the conductor of the symphony it's American cheese so it's a process like cheese whiz but it's not quite as plastic it's just like a nice and goopy saltiness this is very good that's a great steak let's put this aside let's go to the roast pork the typical topping you'll see on a roast pork sandwich is the broccoli rabe or rapini that's like a bitter vegetable it's like in the bok choy family so the spinach is not gonna it's not gonna have quite as much of a presence in the sandwich we're gonna see how it goes but this is the roast pork this is it like I'm not here to do a value judgment but this is the thing to get I would take this over a steak any day of the week I'll tell you why there's just a lot more going on number one I love a messy sandwich I love a soggy sandwich and with this because it's been sitting in so much juice and because it's just dripping dripping it gets to do that bread makes it nice and soggy you get that contrast regular sandwich bread that slowly becomes thinner and drippy ER and you get to the bottom and then the bottom is just soaked with that porky juice the roast part as John was saying his grandfather's recipe from southern Italy lots of herbs lots of spices and then shoved in the oven bake for a few hours slice put in its own is you and then it sits there and it just kind of marinades there we've got this nice sharp provolone it's so good on a sandwich it's a deep rich sharp cheese flavor it has so much more character than just a mild American cheese it's just such a strong funky pungent powerful cheese but I really really like ms and then the spinach spinach is great it's a different animal I like repeating a lot because it's nice to have sort of a powerful bitter vegetable especially when you have something really salty and fatty I'm gonna say spinach more of a team player doesn't want to stand out a little bit of a Wallflower spinach is just gonna lay back just do its thing so it's a nice compliment this sandwich as a whole super good the cheesesteak is the icon in Philly especially the South Philly I don't see that ever changing but the roast pork is a better sandwich it's gonna put it out there it's a superior sandwich in just taste and construct and how all the flavors bounce together and obviously here at John's they're proud of both sandwiches with their cheerleaders Tim but it is called at the end of the day John's roast pork and I think that's for a good reason ladies gentlemen I hope you really enjoyed this episode of dining on a dime from John's roast pork in South Philly Philadelphia Pennsylvania if you'd like to watch more please click here [Music] write for me outcomes based practical guide to thesis and capstone project New York University of Architecture.

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