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Capstone household waste site

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seasons golden color recalls the Sun rising over the water on a cool morning it's full crisp flavor makes it a compliment Oh a refreshing comment to a job well done so let's take a pork Oh the only thing that can be said to her today is it's not raining it's only around a 14 or so again tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer i think and sunday supposed to get up to twenty four or five so that would be the take off all your clothes and go skinny-dipping they ate then it's a set and a really get back to the beer setting day is what they call when they go out with their well for lobster anyway when they actually set their traps which is usually today before the season starts because it we have to first day of the season and now their lobster traps have been in the water for 24 hours or so so there's stuff in it you know anyway uh setting day how long have you had this drinking problem Chris so what a while why do I day by day anyway uh hey it is unfiltered especially after I swirled it all around look you can't see cat in front of your face very bubbly and carbonated nice lily-white head my favorite head is Lillywhite crisp hoppy bugs are out and I have to put some goop on I guess Frank I tried that spray that you sent me it kind of works a little bit not as good as deep though you know that little Australia let's go for a taste hmm very IP ayush bugs uh IPA yeah it's happy at the end it's not a bad hops it doesn't linger around very flavorful be really good if it's nice and sunny hey we have fired yesterday I cut down a whole bunch of brush like this except his paw was about four times as big and slowly burnt down in the night put the ends in but it's all green wood so it's not burning very well so if it nothing burns I'll just leave it till the fall time burn at that I seems me I'm saying a lot of things about the fall and burning stuff hope they don't connect the nuts and not connect the knots connect the dots in that one you know I was going to say about stays on our session beer and another story about session beer which they're selling now and it's a light alcoholic beer too it's cuz in England they used to have Hank these calm sessions when the pubs were open I think things got out of hand and now they closed it I think it's only open for my like 10 22 and then it's open from five till 12 midnight or sun but the session there the lunchtime one I guess too many workers back in the day we're going drinking beer during lunchtime and coming back all ghibli gob lead and container work so they created a session beer which was a lower alcohol three and a half I'm not saying this is the same as say zone but they could have named it session after anyway so that's where session beer is usually lower alcoholic so you can enjoy it during the day and still go back to work or just drink more or just still function I kept some of the poles over there because I'm kind of got to build something later yeah yep yep time to cut the grass again seems like I just did it last week maybe that's what i'll do when this thing is that it up i got a lot more brush down by the stream to hire out haul around and say big good day for it's nice and cool but I don't know if gonna do it today or tomorrow well probably a been since friday is beer drinking date oh yeah fire and I'll tend to this far so in conclusion this is a really good beer actually puppy monkey baby puppy monkey baby puppy monkey baby speaking of monkey and baby where are they Daisy and Luna remember we've seen balloons so maybe they're having a birthday party up there I got an awful if she head pure white lily white itchy head another one of my favorites oof it's a nice anyway setting date no this is a one-time thing or not anyway thanks for up and bite ah should be good weekend here I hope you guys gonna have a good weekend wherever you are here there go Ben and we'll see you in the next one it's Chris hey connect jawed aborted what is general education capstone for money School of Law.

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