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Capstone hospitality llc

Capstone hospitality llc research topics related to environmental management for money 268 martin luther king jr blvd newark nj 07102 ´╗┐alright guys I'm doing a review on a Rockford Fosgate PBR three hundred by four and the Rockford Fosgate 10 gauge amp kit while eating my subway and chocolate milk stuff is so good look at that oh ham cheese cooked egg oh man oh so good you guys never charge probably trikes it's frickin amazing and they serve it all the time not even just breakfast I got it just like a half hour ago and eight o'clock right now but uh alright let's start with amp kit so Rockford Fosgate a engage amp kit because it says the PBR takes ten gauge so it's got the best amp kit or the matching antic if that is so well previous box going to open it up let's kind of cook a little easy tadpole I can pull it open shut this down real quick it just comes right off pretty easy to get off here to just go champ kids I usually get for customer cars those things are a pain that I get to clip tears and everything this one right on off the sticker now the backing straight off the band it looks pretty pretty good to be thin but it's 10 gauge for you it looks really good though got some Rockford Fosgate rca's probably replace my normal skosh RCA s because this coach RCA it's like they do the job but this looks a lot better quality the sleeving and stuff other ones don't even have sleeving they're just straight RCA so it's like a thin plastic got all the zip ties the remote wire it's very nice to put the o-ring on already skosh it doesn't come with that I don't compare it to scotch on the Insco she's in bed you can go to Walmart buy like a 10 gauge skosh kit for like 22 bucks it's right then there and you look at that very day it's not bad it's good wiring but just wait a couple days and order you know what you have something better but what does that say 25 amp views that doesn't seem right you might need to pop something else in there probably put like a 50 in there this is a really nice amp kit though just for 10 gauge not bad pretty good geh s and 15 compliant I know you guys can see that it's a really nice hand kit happy Rockford Fosgate 10 gauge amp kit and then got all the connectors I bought a bunch of connectors from O'Reilly for the squeaker wire but a nice overall nice kit free half alright this is pretty cool when you extended warranty with Rockford Fosgate so that's cool alright here's the last how do you guys showed you quickly by the video so fourteen point four volts all the tests pass it actually does 85 to each channel at four arms they don't really stay what it does to 2 ohms but it's fun total RMS power three for you one max power 1023 so all my speakers actually are at 4 ohms because I have two front pioneers that I wired four ohms together and then I have my door speakers that are like 4 ohms and then my rear speakers that are firms so that's always good so yeah pretty cool pretty cool soft stories cool thing to have saying or your birth sheet is so you know what the full expectations of it is got some really quick connects really easy quick connects you this you can just rip them connecting to the wire then plug them in that's always really convenient I like that RCA is they said that you can just cut this off right here if you're hooking up to a factory harness if you're doing this factory because not everyone has that little skosh box or whatever when you hook up factories speaker wire rings to the output but it's cool another one for the other four Channel and then there's that RCA is so high I'm putting a little input so let me just set this down take it out the box put that stamp aside for now cut the rockford fosgate punch boosted four wheel pretty cool pretty cool hey we stopped that was funny Oh looks like my dad's leavin this is just a nossa I'm trying to get to the oh here we go oh it's just four loads for arm loads doesn't say anything about two ohm's that's another cool thing to have the owner's manual I'm pretty happy I bought this brand now I mean a lot of stuff I've been getting recently is like just good deals on sexless but so it's nice to get new stuff every now and then little dusty there is here's my little a hookah smoker thing that's how tall it is look at that thing ye hookah just so good to be out small and compact this thing is look at this is my mouse I forgot hooked up to my computer anyway so really small amp it's really convenient if you're working in small spacing I mean I'm not really working I have a blazer but not really working with small spots but this thing's pretty nice it's really compact it's weighs about 15 pounds I really like that you can unplug this you hook a hook up all the wires and then plug it in that's really nice you can just hook up everything and then if it's mounted already just plug it in and then that's super convenient like this whole thing is just convenient the size the shape the power the whole things is really nice so it just pops back in easy connect so 85 rmsd channel at 4 ohms which is what I'll be running at I got this for a really good deal with the 10 gauge amp kit so really happy overall really really happy overall really nice in it but I mean for the money okay some of my friends are like oh I would you want a small lamp that's kind of kind of pointless you can get money better amps for the money but I was looking on Sonic Electronix really really good site to get stuff from and the rockford punch PDR 300 by 4 is only 150 bucks on there I didn't order this from there but I didn't know about this deal I would order it from there but anyway so like 150 bucks of this thing and most of the amps within like the two hundred three hundred dollar range they only did like 60 RMS a seventy-five RMS a channel really and some of them I mean there's like a phonics ones that do true true see 2006 compliant and there's like other operand ones like lanzar and stuff I mean really for the price this was this was definitely worth it even if I would buy it for 150 bucks but I mean really cool lamp plus it's small and for the price and just everything about it super nice and plus rockford fosgate so you know it's a good product so well I'm gonna eat my food now and I don't know if I'm install this tonight I got the heater in my car right now warming up the car and I was gonna take my front seats out take the middle console out again email just finished it and take the front carpet out at the back wrap it in so I can run all the wires underneath make it look all neat and look at this bad boy up I need the end line power filter from Sonic it's gonna be here Monday couldn't make it today actually I'll pull it up right now let's see where it's at but yeah so I might get the wires ran tonight if not I'll definitely have it done - by tomorrow then after that - pull out my head unit and put on the inline inline filter because my power wire on my head unit has a bad signal so it's making like the alternator whine I tried everything else low-pass filter and all the other stuff uh nope it was a Alan Park class so it does not it's not delivered yet anyways so yep it's about it so overall happy 10 gauge amp kit then matching Rockford Fosgate punch PBR 300 by 4 overall really happy you can't wait to see what this thing does I know Steve Meade has a 300 point one and he hit like 140 5.5 s tables so with like two subwoofers hooked up not even not even full powering that's crazy two lamps mean business so pack-a-punch all right Anthony peace out guys do my research topics on educational management in nigeria Mercy College.

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