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Capstone homes flagstaff az

Capstone homes flagstaff az smart home internet of things kit for arduino raspberry pi for money sacramento city accident report ´╗┐hello everyone welcome back to english with lucy today is a video that can be appropriate for both native speakers are you people who have English as a mother tongue and also non-native speakers people who are learning English as a second or as an additional language it might be your third language I know some of you are completely crazy and are on your seventh language comment down below and tell me how many languages you speak I'm going to talk to you about words that are hard to pronounce there will be 20 words in total and it's going to be a bit of a tongue twister even for me I love doing this pronunciation video and I've done a couple before and I did one on commonly mispronounced words by non-native speakers the ten words that you might pronounce incorrectly which you can watch by clicking here and also ten words that native speakers might pronounce incorrectly as well and you can click here as well to see that yes these videos have been really really popular and whenever I asked you guys what kind of videos you'd like to see you want to see pronunciation videos and commonly mispronounced words so here is it before we get started this video is very kindly sponsored by lingo des the company that I've been working with ages if you don't know about lingo des it's an online language academy you can learn French Spanish English or German with real native teachers in both private and group lessons if you want to see a review I did of the platform then you can click here and that's a full review of lingo des and they very kindly given me a spife count so that's 50 euros or 50 US dollars off your first month at lingo des it's a great offer don't miss out you can plain that by clicking on the link in the description box and using the code in lieu c5 the code is also in the description box don't worry right let's get started with the video now the first word I want to talk to you about is this one how do you say it go on give a go the word is choir choir the next word number two is this one it's difficult because we've got the sound twice rural rural cut it doesn't sound nice when I say rural now the next one number three is actually a place name it's a county in the UK its Worcestershire Worcestershire so people want to say war sester sheer water to shire but it should be Worcester Worcester Worcestershire how do we pronounce and that brings me on to my next one number four which is this is it sheer is it Shire or is it sure the answer is it can be all of them officially it should be Shire or sure but a lot of people blend the two and say that's what my family and I say we're from Bedfordshire I'm living in Cambridge here the next one number five is Prelude Prelude a lot of people want to say previewed or Prelude but it should be Prelude the next one number six or number six yes the next one number six is a word that most native people will note but when I was teaching Spaniards English they never knew how to pronounce it because it's quite a complicated spelling if this one how do you say it it's squirrel squirrel and that burning or people with Chinese as a mother tongue that might be a really difficult one because for an all often get confused so square or square roll two syllables er the next one number seven this one we've got that Earth sound again dura dura also people suffer with the Jew sound dura it's a very complicated mouse movement that you have to make so I almost stick out my chin when I it zerah zerah beautiful angle there the next one number eight spiracle spherical so satisfying one to say when it's teracle a lot of people say spherical because we have a sphere and a sphere is spherical but it should be f not ear F circle number nine this one Frenchie's where are you because this one is yours valet valet that you will hear some people saying valid valid that pronunciation is accepted by some dictionaries but come on guys let's say ballet number ten pronunciation now this one is a really common mistake pronunciation how you pronounce something a lot of people will say pronunciation sometimes I get accused of saying pronounce of saying pronunciation in my videos but really it is just my accent pronunciation enunciation I say it so quickly of it and people like to pick at me and wait for me to make a mistake because I meant to be correct all the time number eleven this one I've heard so many different pronunciations that I honestly before researching this video didn't know which one was right it should be move move many people will say more or more but it should be move the next one number twelve regime regime which one should it be it should be regime I've got a new regime the next one that number thirteen is this one now because it comes from French it should be pronounced nice with a soft sound at the end unvoiced but many people will pronounce it niche it sounds so ugly compared to niche which is so beautiful and air in breath in the niche niche yes at the next one number 14 is more a confusion between two words it's moot moot it's a matter about which there may be discussion or confusion but people generally confuse it with mute which means silent not speaking not making a noise moot Newt the next one this one you might ask for a nice beer it's draft I used to work in a pub and I heard people ask for a drought beer a couple of times but it's a draft draft beer number 16 so this one yes in my lifetime I have heard someone say I'll bait I'll bait and I was thinking I'll bait what do they mean turns out it's albeit albeit the next one and this is one that my Italian ex flatmate used to pronounce incorrectly all the time he used to say let you let youth in the house know it's lettuce lettuce ya confusing spelling there the next one a word that you might not use in everyday conversation but it's an interesting one because it's such a bizarre spelling and pronunciation difference Colonel not : all colonel why why I'm sure there's a fabulous reason behind actually I just reset I just researched it it was Colin L and then Coronel and that's where the modern pronunciation came from Colonel just a squashed up version of Coronel the next one number 19 is another place name and this one is important because we have GMT I hear a lot of people saying Greenwich and I can totally understand why you would say that because reading it green which it makes sense but now it's Greenwich Greenwich the next one infamous I've heard a couple of people pronounce it in famous which is incorrect infamous number 20 this one I used to pronounce incorrectly this one is gay but it looks like it should be pronounced Gorge but no its gauge your gorge this is gauge that's it for today's video thank you so much to lingo de for sponsoring the video making this all happen don't forget to check out the link in the description box and use the code in blue c5 to gain your 50 euro or 50 US dollars discount of your first month at lingotto loads and loads of Lucifer's have tried it out and they're really really happy I don't think I've ever had a negative comment amount actually don't forget to connect with me on all of my social media I've got my facebook my Instagram and my Twitter and I will see you soon for another lesson laughs bye [Music] [Music] capstone berkeley research group for money Trocaire College, Buffalo.

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