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Capstone hill search south yarra for money gaf capstone weight per square the wiggles movie troopers report ´╗┐all right guys it is morning so about 5:15 a.m. and I am NOT in Nebraska anymore I'm actually in Texas I didn't do a vlog on the way here but I'm with this dude lookers TV so I'm in Texas right now we're gonna load up the boat and go fish fork right we're gonna fork and we're gonna see me catch some uh catch some hogs these are the three Roz I rolled with today I've got a flippin bait spinner bait and that's gonna be a weightless saying go I met Bucky's first time I've ever been here and guys can see the line of pumps goes all the way down we counted there's like almost a hundred pumps this is the most ridiculous gas station I've ever seen in my life this is literally like a Walmart alright what should I get breakfast beast burrito sounds kind of good back in the truck get my burrito croissant sandwich and Rob back there is talking abuse is it this is why you don't wrap your boat cuz then everybody wants to talk to you they think you know how to catch fish no I'm just kidding his rap is frickin sweet two hours later alright she made it to the lake in the tackle shop see if we can snag a few lures before we got on the water update for you guys we are at the lake and we got a big storm rolling in super excited so I don't know if we're gonna catch fish or not which we do they might not be on camera I've got the GoPro on we've got some other GoPros strapped around the boat but as you guys can see it's it looks pretty bad out there we heard there's some hail coming I don't know we're gonna we drove two hours dude we're gonna we're gonna rough it if we end up getting some fish and not video I apologize but that's just how it goes sometimes but I came here to catch fish so that's what we're gonna try to do she's got the boat in the water it's not looking too bad you might have a couple hours of dry fishing but uh we'll see how it goes I can get closer if you want alright when the boat boys go find some finish huh Oh oh we got a fish fish on fellas there we go on the pool ooh oh it's a good one dude it's a good one oh it's a tank oh it's a tank yeah grab them oh my god oh my goodness hey buddy dude oh yeah buddy that's the sun rays it starts to rain I got a big one dude that's so sick gone you got five pounds five point four seven five point four seven baby after I catch this fish oh baby you wanna get it after I catch this fish I'll go and eat oh shoot give give come on yes son yes son oh oh that's what's up dude just barely barely barely it's gonna do drop this nice fish here mojo rig beast look at this thing oh that looks so good thanks a toad man releasing the girl see you later alright well you guys just missed what's a hailstorm you can't see it crayons are like blood red all these boats are parking and like literally the second we get to the boat ramp it's freaking sunny outside it was peeling top - we're gutting blood but we still we headed and get some food that's how we're doing okay we're gonna head and get some food take a break after I caught that four pounder and get back after as long as the weather's nice walking in the Oakridge resort grab some food and if it's yeah I can say all the votes all the boats lined up and then we're gonna try to get back after and catch some more yeah chicken sandwich onion rings you can say how much fries good bunch leaving lunch and looking a little windy still no hail that's good it's always get sad when there's not hail but we're gonna see if we can get back after it and catch a few more we're on the hunt for the double-digit double-digit you need a 10-pounder four and a half in a five and a half me ten pounder getting in the sexiest rig yep all right yeah you guys ready for this oh god he actually got me nervous did it a good one what's going on up here all right so do you break dancing with the fish I think that was a breakdance me what do you guys think I think your breakdancing how did that just happen he's just about to get back just win out of the water back into the water then you almost went out and I almost went out so I vote flip this thing twice twice twice yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep it's not me it's not giant but it's a good one I'm bringing a tree with him oh my my drag to slip completely when I try to lift him out of the water and I failed miserably I just about boat flip this dude he the hooks tell me I'm hooking his in the skin I something I think I'm missing these fish Mars dude just try to boat flip this thing epic I tried to boat flip it and I failed but still got the fish I thought that all right gonna release this guy what do you think it's three three-and-a-half probably see you later little dude you got one is it going oh shoot you want me get her unit Oh psycho Robbie rotten we're gonna weigh this guy that's at least five 5.07 all right get one pic for snapping than one good pic put her back five pounder good one all right guys so the day is over and I'm gonna go over the lure that we were using we tried a few different things we tried flippin we try throwing spinner baits nothing really worked especially for the big fish except for this ring right here and this is called a mojo regen this is something I've never actually thrown before and I was taught this today and what it is it we got a 16 ounce peg tungsten weight with about 8 to 12 inches of length in between that and the hook and then we have a 4i ewg hook with a watermelon red senko and that was the rig that we had and I was throwing that on a 7 to medium heavy this was an extra fast rod with a 7 to 5 to 1 gear ratio lose reel and this was 15 pound seaguar flourocarbon it was the invisitech fluorocarbon and so that was the lure that we were using basically all we were doing is we were just flipping around bushes and just kind of dragging it real slow almost like you would a Carolina rig but trying to catch trying to target those bigger female bass our look not quite shallow but there were a little bit off the bank and so now lunker Stevie he's going to go over the location on the lake that we the pattern that we followed on the lake to catch today okay so we're gonna go over why we chose this area we were targeting first server in transition up to spawn we were thinking most of the bigger females are gonna be coming off the main Lake points so we chose these areas right here you'll notice there's got flats that come in and you'll see these drains that come on off these flats all your bigger fish they're gonna start from the main lake and they're gonna come from the main lake and they're basically gonna hug that wall as they go up through the drains and they're gonna they're not gonna push all the way deep far back into the creeks just yet one they're in that transition mode so they're gonna be sitting between five to ten foot of water and we were catching all the bigger fish today in about six or seven foot of water so when you wouldn't just look when you're looking at your map you want to make sure you're looking at the flats main lake flats in the drains that come off of them and then target those areas when exact midnight what do you say about today it's a good day tomorrow tomorrow should be better though yeah Hector come in so good day on the water caught big fish with him you haven't subscribed to him he'll fall in line YouTube it's uh one kirstie V link in description I am currently charging up all the GoPros three GoPros there and I'm filming at the camera too that I need a charged up transferring footage but we're getting ready for tomorrow Hector's coming in I don't know four meu fishing guys have met him yet but you're gonna meet him tomorrow so get pumped for vlog number two of Texas what are we gonna call this series whoop it on flare he whipped on me so we're gonna call it vlog two of whooping on flare coming up next Hey do my business management capstone wgu Monroe Community College.

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