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Capstone high school projects for money

Capstone high school projects for money capstone properties ma for money looking for someone to do my dissertation results on tax ´╗┐all right Audrey in the Bronx yes good morning how are y'all how are you by the way hungry it better happy MLK Day Thank You same to you I have a question under adjustment of status for it for 45 is a question that says have you ever work without authorization in the United States how do you suggest me answer that because using working should we say yet how is sponsoring you my son he's an American citizen thank so if your son's an American citizen and he's sponsoring you you're considered an immediate relative under the law immediate relatives are not barred from getting their green card in the United States if they worked illegally you're only barred if you misrepresent facts so you absolutely tell the truth I worked illegally and not a bar to getting a green card the only time you would be denied as if you lie about it and it's caught on your quad so you're better off to tell the truth okay oh thank you I'm not a one final question another quick part that says work history for the last five years should you put because if you work to do you put exactly the name of employer employees you of course do you tell the truth oh you tell the truth don't don't do you sound like you're in pain when you're saying this but you absolutely tell the truth and you will get a green card and if you're concerned this is why you have lawyers yep so you know what lawyers do besides make sure good lawyers do besides make sure that your case goes well what okay cuz you can hear the pain in her voice right now that pain is in Zachariah t there's anxiety okay you know what good lawyers do they reduce your anxiety and make you sleep well at night hold on one second okay one eight hundred five two nine five four six five one eight hundred five two nine five four six five let's go to another call I met in Guyana all the way from Diana's hi how are you I met in Guyana you know I'm fine I'm fine thank you I'm actually a United States it's an occupation yeah okay great yes I would like to know I have actually two questions for you one the first question is is what is the difference between a I so one form and i-601 a form okay what's your second question I know the answer to that one and the second question is if I have an approved i-130 form and I have on the proof I 601 a form uh-huh what would what is holding me back from getting the person approved okay so the I 601 is a waiver that is filed at the Embassy for for some violation of immigration law the I 601 a is a provisional waiver that's filed in the United States also for the same violation of immigration law except you do that when the relative you're filing for is in the United States so if the relative is in the United States at the time you're filing the waiver you do the I 601 a but the waiver is for that person to go home to pick up their green card so it's just it's done so that that way they feel confident that when they leave their country their waivers already approved the I 601 is for a waiver at the u.s. embassy so my question to you is I assume you filed for your relative your spouse presumably she was in the United States you did the 601 a she has now went home to pick up her green card and the question to you is why doesn't question to me is why doesn't this woman have her green card what I don't know let me ask you a question have you gone to the interview yet yes okay now my next question to you is what did they say at the interview they said that she would have to file they put the file on hold and she would have to file an ID 601 okay so now you did this without a lawyer I presume correct wait the lawyer you did this with a lawyer well then okay then your lawyer has not not really done what what should have been done or it or advised you at least because I'll tell you they're telling you to file the 601 because most likely either your wife has a no record or she committed some sort of misrepresentation when she was entering the United States Use Somebody a false document what was it one of the other one or the other okay so that 601 a waiver covers you living in the United States illegally it does not cover criminal and it does not cover false documents now she's at the Embassy you have to file a second waiver you should have known about that before you left the country because presumably if one waiver will be approved the second waiver will be approved but it's never a guarantee because just like you go before two different judges and two different judges will give you two different opinions you never know right so you got to do a really good job on the second waiver your attorney should have advanced you have this hold on one second oh okay hey what's up brother and squeeze no no want it the more yeah yeah I got a question um I got receive on my 10-year green card for my life oh my got it two years ago I got me and my wife we got divorced and I'm I'm with someone else no what could I do to earn that person I'm with right now well you have your ten year card now are your two year cards through you have a ten-year card or a two-year card I don't turn it on when did you get your two-year card I didn't get a two-year contract illustrate ten years okay when did you get the ten-year card January 2006 sixteen okay so you cannot do anything if you get a green card through a spouse you can man even if you get divorced you can go get married to anybody you want but you can't file for your second spouse for five years or until you become a citizen whichever comes first so even though you have your ten year card things didn't work out with your first spouse you're now what Matt want to marry the second lady you can marry her for sure but you can't file for her until 2021 okay so um if so even if I couldn't submit our paperwork's all right nope quite frankly if you marry her now when you go for your citizenship the first question they're gonna ask is tell us about your first marriage and prove to us it was real because they were gonna start questioning the validity of your first marriage I can guarantee you that okay all right hold on hold on all right let's go to marlene in Queens Marlene hey man how are you doing wonderful how are you they're cold I'm good happy New Year to you guys happy MLK Day before you know it it's gonna be happy July 4th squeeze I know right morning oh it's squeeze is gonna be out on his boat in the Hamptons all right and say wow it's so damn hot out here now he's kind of yeah what's up um question for you just wanted to find out how long can I put in my application for my 10-year green card what do you mean how long can you put it in you put like so if it's expired in and and you and 90 days before the 90 days before the expiration so for June you're gonna do it sometime in April you're gonna file it okay sometime in April okay thank you before right what you don't want to wait to the day before because it takes them about 30 days or so to send you back a response extending your green card so you got to really do it somewhere between the 90-day mark and the 30-day mark before the expiration so I assume sometime in April would be fine okay so can you still travel I absolutely enjoy your trips don't stay out for three months hold on if you need help [Music] [Music] you capstone cottages pool for money SUNY Cortland.

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