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Capstone financial planning perth for money

Capstone financial planning perth for money systems engineering capstone projects pcori patient and family engagement rubric for oral presentation ´╗┐hi I'm New York traffic lawyer Michael Spivak and today I'm gonna explain how to beat or reduce a traffic ticket in New York state court since 1995 I've got my own law firm helping motorists defend tickets in him around New York City in New York State I'm 1992 graduate of my law school and I've been admitted to the bar since 1993 in the state of New York in good standing I've had my own law firm since 1995 specializing in helping motorists including professional motorists navigate the traffic ticket bureaucracy in New York State today I'm gonna discuss a few things first I want to start out with what happens if you just want to pay your ticket and be done with it well there could be collateral consequences and I discussed that in another video you could subscribe to my channel and I'll have a video on there about what happens if you pay a ticket but just briefly I'll surmise the sort of summarize you could get jail time license suspension or revocation you could have immigration consequences you can get very large fines and including a driver's tax you can get huge insurance jump or you can get suspended or lose your job among other things simply by paying a traffic ticket without talking to the court first and doing some research on your own or talking to a lawyer so be careful don't just pay that they can be done with it there could be other consequences in this video I'm talking about tickets that you receive outside New York City I have a video about what happens if you have several videos actually and if you subscribe to my channel you'll see that I discuss what happens if you get traffic tickets like an 11 today and 1180 and 1172 those are all speeding red light stop sign tickets in New York City those I have a videos on separately that I'm discussing today what happens if you get a ticket in Albany in Westchester at Nassau I'm not talking about administrative tribunals I'm talking about state courts what happens if you get a traffic ticket returnable there and those are usually written on you TTS uniform traffic tickets one of the steps you should take to minimize the damage if you receive a traffic ticket from a police officer gonna have a video about what to do if you're stopped by a police officer you could subscribe to my channel and see that first thing don't request the supporting deposition supporting stop position almost never helps your case and creates administrative work for the court generally I advise that most cases settle before trial in traffic court in New York State and you don't want to create extra work that doesn't assist you in any way for the court and then the court personnel which leads me to another point always be polite and keep correspondence with the court and the clerks and the police officers and the judges and even the janitor and the court if you happen to show up in court you should be polite professional courteous at all times you never know who the judge is who the clerk is how they're gonna affect your case so you always want to be polite and professional sounding to people don't use an informal tone don't use slang words be kind and courteous observe the rules of court fourth thing that you should do is plea bargain the matter by mail see if you could call the court or send a letter to the court asking if you could do the matter by mail or if you live close to the court you could go into the court and try to upset obtain a plea bargain what you want to do is try to settle the matter before trial I know a lot of people feel they didn't do anything wrong why should they pay a ticket well trial in many courts upstate New York is very difficult to win the judges and the police have a bond and fact of the matter is in most cases you did do something that was ticket about so whether or not it's properly charged or whether or not you can get a reduction that's another story you should get obtain a copy of your abstract that's the fifth thing you should do obtain a copy of your abstract from the DMV offices or DMV website not New York State DMV type New York State DMV into Google go to the official DMV website that's an excellent source of information for you to obtain about points about getting your abstract it's a good website to go to and get your abstract and see how many points you have in your license now boy do I have a problem do I have a lot of points if you have a few points the court is more likely to a plea bargain with you so you want to find out how many points do you really have at this current time next step six step contact a lawyer or do some research online as to what's a reasonable plea bargain for your matter don't expect a lorry to give you free advice but you may be able to do some research online at the DMV website on lawyers websites call a lawyer and see how much he or she would charge to obtain advice about the ticket and talk about a plea bargain sometimes I get free advice on the phone if it's a polite person and they ask a quick question but most of the time you could expect to pay a fee if you want the lawyer's advice so try to get it off their website on the DMV website vii if you handle the matter by mail some courts in New York State have traffic diversion programs where if you qualify for them you'll get no points and no fun the ticket will just be dismissed at the end of the case not all courts have this it's rare but they do exist in New York State that's the court call the court clerk can ask if there's a traffic diversion program in your court where you received your summons next night step if you get a reasonable offer take it don't hold out this is not the place to negotiate like you're a tough negotiator this is a place to be reasonable and if you think you got an 1180 B for speeding and they're gonna give you an eleven ten a which is a traffic control device it's much better to get a two-point ticket than a six-point ticket and I'm non speed than a speed so that's a fair plea bargain you would take that don't hold out for no points and don't hold out for trial generally you want to take the best deal you could get if you feel like you have problems that are in addition like I mentioned up front like you're gonna lose your job or you can have immigration issues or your license is terrible look in the net add portion of Google because Google attorneys pay money up to fifteen twenty dollars for click to advertise to you and they charge more in in that regard because after pay Google look in the free portion of Google for an attorney that can help you and my number is on the screen if you want to call me to deal with your problem if you have problems down a separate that are special call an attorney this is not a time to save money this isn't a time to call an attorney always follow up with the prosecutor and if you get a fine from the court pay the fine timely usually by money order if you pay the fine include a self-addressed stamped envelope and the court will send you back a payment receipt and that'll conclude your matter so again if you have other issues if you're thinking of getting a gun permit or you want to be a stockbroker or you have a problem with your DMV license or you're a professional truck driver or a taxi driver or you have immigration issues or your license is terrible contact me or contact an attorney and it's a time to use the attorney or at least do research as to what the penalty could be call me at two one two seven five four one oh one one if you have any problems at the number on the screen I'm here to help you on all New York State traffic tickets thank you for watching this video and watch my other videos please subscribe to my channel psychology capstone temple university order School of Medicine.

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