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Capstone financial funding loans

Capstone financial funding loans write for me capstone college of nursing the university of alabama cover letter to research journal ´╗┐now William Lane Craig is pointed out that one can be an epistemological naturalist and still reject metaphysical naturalism so that is the single one could think that the only way to gain knowledge is through science and empirical observation but that perhaps God and angels and souls do exist they just don't think we could ever know that there are good reasons to reject metaphysical interest the date result of exists this is the focus of the rest of my talk tonight a must stated otherwise I will refer to metaphysical naturalism simply as naturals now as I've already pointed out scientism is logically self refuting and therefore as false as it offers a knowledge claim that is assumed apart from scientific discovery sometimes the advocates of this view will explain what you got to start somewhere I responded that statement by saying that one to start with the laws of logic as opposed to science because science presupposes and is based on the laws of logic one self-proclaimed empiricist once accused made of circular reasoning however the fallacy of circular reasoning also known as begging the question is a logical fallacy not based on science so this skeptic was essentially appealing to logic in an attempt to defeat logic therefore he inadvertently affirmed logic you see logic is bedrock and I hope you take that away from this discussion today logic is bedrock you can't get beneath it if one wants to start with science instead of launching then they need to provide scientific reasons that do not assume logic to explain why one should not start with the laws of logic quiet will consider the fact that everything I can think of mathematics science the historical method and even given theology itself are all based on and assumed the laws of logic logic is bedrock think about this at NASA that little green men on Mars existed well they would be justified and conducting missions to see if they could empirically verify the existence of these green Martians however if NASA stated the married bachelors we're living in Montana drawing triangles or four corners and jumping out of infinitely tall bottomless pits well one would not need to exert any effort at all the travel across line to empirically verify if this is true or not why because it's logically impossible for Bachelors to be married it is logically impossible for triangles to have four corners and is logically impossible for anyone even a super Martian with infinite choking abilities to jump out of an infinitely tall bottomless pit you see science is not necessary to attain this knowledge although logic is so unless the empiricist can provide a means of reasoning that does not require the presupposition of logic then logic as opposed to science is the correct starting point logic is the ground level and foundation of reaching reasonable and true conclusions the professor of logic at Oxford University dr. Timothy Williamson asks the question I quote why can't there be things only discoverable by non-scientific means or not discoverable at all end quote this is valid question that the naturalist must answer tomorrow ver imagine if we had when we developed for senses instead of five suppose humanity never resolved the sense of smell would that apply that there were no odors or sense does that imply that there would be no smell of old things this raises the question why can't there be things that would be detectable if we would have developed a sixth sense or perhaps a seventh sense to simply respond just because it's not a good answer it's not an academic response you see just as creatures without noses should still be open to the idea of the existence of smelling things the epistemological naturalist should still be very open to the idea of the supernatural epistemological naturalism explain is self-defeating and therefore false however even if someone is committed to that end coherent position they have no basis for rejecting the existence of things that are not detectable by our five senses this includes God dr. Williamson reiterates the point I've already made he says and I quote it is not discoverable by hard science that all truths are discoverable by hard science end quote you see sciences and fails its own test and therefore it cannot be true people who hold this illogical position lose all grounds for rejected Christianity on intellectual basis now with all that said even though there are good reasons to believe that if nistam illogical nationalism is false they play itself to be it does not logically apply even if it were true the metaphysical naturalism must be true it follows that one can be an epistemic naturalist and still be open that postulating in material aspects of reality even if doing so because is if doing so an inference to the best explanation of our experiences therefore an epistemic naturalist should believe in God I believe they should have believed in God after contemplating logical arguments many of ways we will examine this this year arguments such as the Kalam cosmological argument the magnets Ian argued from contingency the fine-tuning argument the moral argument the ontological argument and the free thinking argument against naturalism just to name a few the inference to the best explanation is what we're after here and the inference to the best explanation is a reasonable faith as opposed to a blind thing you see naturalist's hold to a blind faith the nature is all that exists however Christians can hold to a reasonable faith which is supported by much scientific data as well dr. Williamson from Oxford University concludes and i quote epistemological naturalism is not incompatible with religion and quote therefore there's no good reason for an epistemological naturalist to reject Christian theism the cumulative case of evidence demonstrates that there is much more reality than simply mad nature and physical things these arguments are based on logic and many of them as I said are supported by scientific data now science is the study of nature study of nature and therefore is impotent to disprove or prove or even talk about things other than nature what we call supernatural with that said however I want you to think about this scientific data can strengthen premises and philosophical arguments leading to logical conclusions with supernatural significance or theistic implications that's an alcohol let me say it again science cannot directly prove or disprove the existence of God Souls angels demons or anything in material or other than nature however science still is useful scientific data can strengthen premises and philosophical arguments leading to logical conclusions with supernatural significance or theistic implications Sol 19 1 says day after day your creation pours forth speech night after night it delivers knowledge accordingly you see but one studies God's creation studies nature they can gain knowledge you see some theologians study God's Word other study his work that's the job of the scientist you see scientists are actually theologians whether they realize that we're not scientists study the work of God science of God are not conflict even though science and some religious claims might be that's of our next discussion in two weeks come back write for me chartered accountants capstone exam Colgate University, Hamilton.

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