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Capstone financial bakersfield for money

Capstone financial bakersfield for money write for me ccna 3 capstone project motor tvs apache 2018 annual report ´╗┐we're at biosphere 2 in Oracle Arizona just north of Tucson joining me is John Adams assistant director but John can you give us a little bit of a background and overview of what the biosphere is right well many people maybe have heard about biosphere and so it dates back to this time in the early 90s when eight people were sealed inside biased for two which covers a little over three acres they enclosed a number of different biological systems and the the primary objective was to see if these systems could balance the conditions inside to make it sustainable for these eight people to live for an extended period they also wanted to capitalize on an understanding of how earth systems work for potential space travel more recently though we've transitioned away from this original objective to one where we're using as a larger system of laboratory so this is really the first time the earth sciences have had a facility of this nature and I like to make the analogy so astronomers have had large telescope arrays we put telescopes into space to look doing the time you know we built super colliders to understand what makes up an atom but the Earth Sciences have never had anything sort of equivalent on scale to that well biosphere now is that tool that we're using to address certain questions and how for example climate change is going to impact our lives now inside the biosphere there are four different specific biotypes right and recently actually the University of Arizona took over operations maybe was 45 years ago so so most recently the University of Arizona five years ago assumed ownership and managing bias for two and their primary focus is to use the facility to address and try to under better understand water and we're doing that in in certain areas inside bias or so we've got an equatorial rainforests we've got an ocean system we've got a savanna on the far end we've got a desert but in the area that we're focusing the greatest amount of attention and resources and in this former farm area so biosphere had of the three acres about a half acre was dedicated to agricultural farming inside and more recently we thought it would be better to repurpose this space to address and build three large hill slopes and the primary objective behind these hill slopes is to better understand how water moves over and through a landscape because we know as a climate changes one of the things it's going to be most significantly impact is the resource of water absolutely it's really becoming more and more an efficient issue even where I live and I'm sure here in Arizona well here in the southwest being one of the resources that we're all dependent upon and we're all trying to scratch our heads as to you know how much is going to be available 10 15 20 years from now is water and as we see land-use changes we're just not very good at predicting sort of how water is going to flow through and over this landscape ultimately you know how much is going to end up downstream for societal needs this new experiment is going to allow our researchers to be able to gain some insight into some of these fundamental processes now another component of biosphere is education and outreach yes so the University of Arizona just like Oklahoma State is a land-grant institution so you know our focus is to improve science literacy from a very specific objective here at biosphere so our lab is actually open so most labs on campus you can't walk into most field sites you can't you can't go to because they're there behind a locked gate or at a remote location biosphere is open and we encourage the public and we have over a hundred thousand visitors who come to our site every year and we have folks who take them through and explain the research that's going on and actually provide opportunities on occasion to interact with our researchers so that's one thing that we do the other thing is is education and we do education from you know people completing their doctoral degrees here all the way down to the K through 12 community and everything in between excellent well certainly fulfilling that land-grant mission but in such a very special unique way but I'm happy now we're going to take the opportunity to go visit with one of your rooms great thank you very much for coming today joining me is yost van Haren assistant professor at the university of arizona and leading scientist here in the rainforest biome US tell me how working here in the biosphere helps you advance the science of understanding rainforest system so there's three ways that we are trying to do this one is biosphere 2 is a glass house so the atmosphere and the plants are all enclosed in the same area and with that we actually have a magnifying glass how plants interact with the app important how they take carbon dioxide up our the atmosphere for their photosynthesis and so forth but also how through the protection of gases like volatile organic compounds VOCs how they affect the atmosphere and how they protect themselves from harmful agents like ozone in the atmosphere number number two I tend to talk long I'm a scientist after number two is that plants and this rainforest they function in their process normally like any other plants and so what we can do with biosphere 2 is do experiments in here that you can't do anywhere else in tropical forests you can't do a temperature in the act real-world because the trees are just too big normally people do that in grasses like in Oklahoma in the grasslands there you can do a temperature experiment if I in the rainforest in the Amazon basin you can't do that so you have to use something like biosphere 2 to do the experimentation then you run models and see how they can mimic then the data collected at biosphere 2 and then you use those models to improve models to then see what is the projection for the real world how does that change how did the parameters affect biosphere 2 to use to go to a bucket the real life and it only works because the same process has going on the plants work the same way here as they do in the real I'm one of those big models and big questions you're looking at is climate change and how that's going to affect the rain forests particularly drought exactly and that that is so the DOE that's the big question especially for the Amazon basin we know we have deforestation all mostly we can't do deforestation in the XP experiment here by YouTube because we will lose the forests but what we really want understand is what is the drought going to do because we know with El Nino events that will increase with climate change this route is the biggest pressure that the Amazon basin will see and so together with the increased temperature increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and so we want to see do experiments and see how drought is going to affect the plants how we're going to they do the photosynthesis how does that work also with increased temperature increase carbon dioxide these kind of experiments we can do here you can't do nowhere else and one of the beautiful things that some of the studies you found here such as with your microbes you're able to bring that out and kind of target once you get into the Amazon what do we need to take a closer look exactly exactly and again comes back to the magnifying glass effect right here we can see observe things how plants and soils affect the atmosphere much faster and also what the these interactions are and then and that's also the idea we can then take it to the real world because bias v2 by itself it's a beautiful greenhouse it's a great for experimentation but it's only to find certain things that we then can confirm wonderful opportunity and a great tool thank you so much for sharing the rain folder wonderful glad to have you capstone project ideas business Teachers College.

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