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Capstone facilities services ltd order

Capstone facilities services ltd order do my capstone investments concord nc report sample apa cover ´╗┐vincenzo joseph┬┤s the redshirt freshman off to a big start ranked number four in the inner mat rankings he's tenant one lust early in the year 18 to 12 he was behind 12 to 2 got thrown twice for six pointers battled back but he has been undefeated since joy Gunther out of Libertyville Illinois he's 12 and 3 been battling a shoulder injury Joey Gunther has Genzo Joseph man he's showing up for the Nittany Lion yeah his attack rate is way up there he's jumped in on a leg right there he's gonna go ahead and hit the Baazigar finish that was sweet that single leg driving right through lectin parlay and you do that when a guy stuffs your head in the middle it's an intentional optional start Joseph of course a heavy favorite only a freshman but he's ranked number four early takedown escape due to one right back in on a shot again Tim good job with the high crotch it's just done a pretty good job of staying on his feet but he turns to the mat Joseph running out of real estate here looks like he's got enough goofing him to go ahead and get a lift got the anchors two points takedown at the edge for Joseph goes out front now four to one so that was good work that was a head that the inside shot then the next one was the tacking too ugly for the same leg with the head to the outside shots a little variety from Joseph his attack rate like I said three minutes ago there a few little little while ago is that he's its way up there again you know and I don't know you know how this it seems of course you've got Isiah Martinez Logan masa Isiah George excuse me and he's he's a that seems to be the cream so far but there's a lot of room for a guy like this he's already ranked number four and for Penn State's national title hopes have a guy that's solid in this weight class is huge well he is solid he competes really hard and so far like you said those top three Joseph is going to get his opportunity soon enough to see how he stacks up I'm our Isiah Martinez won tonight Illinois versus Michigan three two one over Logan Massa and Illinois handing Michigan a thirty four to six loss Richards with a win over me cheat sheets at 133 so good out in for the Illini at home a tough haul Michigan Wolverines nice work there by Joseph jumping it back in on the shot he's able to hook that near leg and collect the far leg doing a lot of good things here on his finishes yeah he's clearly feeding gun through the punch on on the shots and has already got Gunther warrant for stalling been two years since Iowa and Penn State faced off so it took a year off last year and a couple of years ago when Iowa beat Penn State out at the Bryce Jordan and the one year that Penn State did not win the title five out of six five out of seven years the state has won the NCAA title when everybody respects about this program is that when they show up the fans show up you know they're they're the benchmark they had it counted up last year they're able to get in front of you know obviously with fifty thousand they might have eclipsed the exact numbers but they are well into the six figures as far as attendance to a lot to get a lot of people come out to see Iowa Russell it's a tribute to the consistency of the program and the same thing is starting to happen now with Penn State and tom brands has talked about that I mean there's a there's a mutual respect between a mutual admiration and respect but they both admit they're after the same thing national championships there's Tom brands done such a great job both these coaches Olympic champions NCAA champions calm three times kale four times nice job of collapsing there on the year elbow their their arm kind of harassing from the top position we talk about the program's the top three I was just thinking about this gym the top three programs Oklahoma State Penn State Iowa State all led by Olympic champions as their head coach all that way good coaches nice job there that when out and come back in was the call there I think the time keep Joseph in the top position it's not a prerequisite right be a little champion to be a great coach but it's uh it's obviously helpful to talk about that journey there's a lot of these people while these rustlers want to get their the percentages of them make an Olympic team we're very similar to a high school making the pros but they still have background and even if your dream is somewhat less than that nice job by Joseph see how he just kind of just glides in to the tip of the shot [Applause] surprisingly successful getting in on a leg with not a lot of setups just cuz it has good timing six to four minute left Gunther hanging in there left in the second period Iowa has won 24 consecutive Big Ten duels going into the night right now it's 98 Penn State at that after five matches Gunther's got that heading arm locked up right there we'll see if he tries something big off of that buying himself some time Joseph getting a little bit hung up can't get to his shot try to operate in space [Music] this job of yeah that the sprawl there by death and see the temple this match changing a little bit for gun and Gunther's favor he's be able to slow down Joseph now a short time in the second period and if that was coaching the guy in the blue uniform I'd start to get a little bit concerned that he's gotten away from what's what's made him successful lower body attacks getting the tie he wants he's settling for the ties that gun throws the dumper has that under hook and he can't get to it pick me shot here's what I was talking about the inner mat wrestling Google rankings Oklahoma State Penn State Iowa Ohio State for Big Ten teams in the top five those top four right there the favorites probably if of chances to win the NCAA Championships this year but when you talk about duals I mentioned it earlier the winner of this Iowa Penn State duel could end up in the national championship go meet most likely against Oklahoma State on February 19th at the NW see a national jewels and Ohio State will have something to say about that as they have the big duel against Iowa here BTN will have it live next Friday night and then of course the Penn State Ohio State duel mate will be on BTN as well somewhere in there one of those three will probably see Wessling for that they will have been so back to this match you've got Joseph getting the escape but the advantage here for Gunther is he was able to cut the riding time so his modus operandi is get a couple takedowns maybe a ride out you could go ahead you can see where he gets the tie up that he wants that left-handed underhook and he's just not pulling the trigger the Iowa wrestler is not pulling the trigger and it appears that Joseph has slowed down to not quite looking for his offense like we've seen to redshirt freshman and the Penn State wrestler is good worn for wrestling for warning for stalling gives one more of him then he only needs a takedown on a ride out to Ty Gunther but you know right now is the time even with the you know you try to get Joseph to think about staying on the offense and even if he gives up a takedown and get an escape you got a two-point lead Oh Gunther has her it is done a nice job of keeping this close because it looked like Joseph the start was going to go for her bonus points yeah no question about the tempo this match changed about three minutes ago three and a half minutes ago [Applause] Gunther has not been able to do anything successful with that solid left-handed underhook but I think they could have called him for stalling there in the last 10 seconds around but they're not going to the end of the match and a little too little too late for you so a Gunther the winner is Vincenzo Joseph from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania there's your winner three more points on the board write for me grand canyon university professional capstone project Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva.

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