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Capstone experience high school

Capstone experience high school do my csumb capstone 2019 uic gppa essay word limits I am my people welcome to the house this your boy till here and today my people I'm gonna tell you how you can play as the college teams of Texas and Oregon and Madden 18 but this is an ultimate team first thing you have to do is finish the longshot story mode that they added in Madden 18 this year so once you finish that story you're gonna go into madden ultimate team and then you need to get this devon waived card that was just a little showcase of my team real quick but once you get into solos you're gonna go in over here no The Chronicles of longshot so this is where you actually continue the story of David Wade and Colton Cruise and actually get a chance to play with them a little more now right now you see there's a chapter in high school then you have the chapter in college this is how you're gonna get a chance to actually play but the key factor and this is is that you have to be long shot that's the key once you beat long shot they'll give you an actual reward with a 68 overall or 65 overall Devin wave and you'll get a chance to go through them in high school and play Azzam I'm gonna go ahead and show you the footage of us getting that done let's get it my people so right now my people this is the Texas spring game I'm trying to get my words right this is what you're gonna go ahead and play ask first where you're trying to do the devil a Colton Cruz long shot chronicles challenge and the only thing you have to do is win the game so let's go ahead and get it got this bench play let's go to this out route I can have my receiver blocking downfield nice getting it out to the tight end let's see if we can run the ball a little bit some of the slight hero what that running back looking like and we switch over to let's see if we can use or no we can't use them right now there we go get to this outside looks like we got space just and make it move make it a Miss out here so we get another first at sid but see we looking like right now I got a band ragged up my cache this inner out though to cruise there we go this should be a better play for us here Titan may be able to make something happen here write him back he's wide open in the middle took me long enough to find him rain you see they got the Texas fight zone in the game this is just sick to me the fact that we can actually play a college version of Madden now the only thing that they didn't give you was the uniforms I wish they would give you the uniforms to actually use in Ultimate Team and also I mean this brings potential for them to bring it back as a series I mean these are fully fictional players besides Devon Wayne I mean if they just made a story out of it and got maybe the licenses to the tensor 20 teams I feel like people would be happy with that tell me in the comments section do you want to see a revival of NCAA football what was your favorite part about the series my favorite part was usually trying to play as the small schools creating a team or creating a player and go into the small schools and give them to the championship first and ten running back out here got it pick easy breaking off moon sail your feet alright so now we're actually about to play the third quarter of the Borgen game we have to score two touchdowns that is the challenge and like I said guys once you finish the longshots story you'll be able to access all of this and get a chance to play it yourself I say go for it even if you got to skip the cutscenes as much as possible I don't know if you have that option or not but go for it my people as you see we're down 28 to nothing taking shots down the field got receivers breaking off he's getting free my faithful struttin into the endzone for the six that was a easy six to start them off they left them wider no no option look at these you knees now that's the team they should have put them on as organ how nice it would have been to see that are you trying to scramble pic we got it reversed feel go back the other way looks like we're gonna get it six big six for the Longhorns so now we have made it to the fourth quarter of this game the challenge is just to win the game that's a good look 28 to 17 right now but let's start it off by throwing the rock down the field I just can't get over seeing a NCAA game back in what 28 tml he's on send a blitz go ahead and throw it out have to give him more time make it a mess out here Oh keep your feet big fella let's go hurry up now waste no time run this halfback off tackle to the wide side of the field see him ovals B can do something slight for you man oh yeah creating gaps holes make it a miss getting into the end zone already first Russian TV to play drive look at this man look at the detail on that man's hair holy if I light on the hand in the ball off no sir light this man up can we get the rod yes sir and we got a chance to recover it make it a Miss nothing but space but a lot back to our plants I go and get him boy so now we have actually taken the lead this is a good look two-point conversion now let's see if I can catch crews on this out we're out maybe giving it time forcing it but he got it I feel like this is a really cool way to keep the story going to not just playing the longshot story mode alone in itself but to have this as well oh dang that running bag drooping me out yeah we got to come back help that man get that ball hits pit they can't hold on to the rock out here so now that we got the lead we can take our chances we run in the rock doing good deeds all right let's get to the outside yes sir I'll run them speeds be make your miss oh he's slipping in this way hunson no problem big fellow so we've run only two defensive plays and each time we've gotten a turnover which is a good look I mean if you played good defense like that I mean that's what you want essentially I got this tight and I'm here running backs wide open yet again let's see if we can light this man up but I think something that would have been cool even if they would have put the college teams back in in Madden or NCAA whatever you want to call it if they would have just shifted up the conference's a little bit like maybe potentially just saved that like I don't know UCLA is in the pack or UCLA is in the big 12 Colorado is in the pac-12 I think they really are though I don't know but just to mix it up that way you can create a story because it would have been cool to actually play with Vivid Wade the whole way through a college season I mean I feel like a lot more people have been excited about it or they're not even getting off the line pink there we go ourselves another pick six in this game great this so my people that is how you get a chance to play as Devon Wade and : Cruise in long shot and ultimate team you actually get a car two bears you get some uniforms too so you may want to go ahead and just get that longshot story done but this is where you go to you go to your solos chronicles a long shot make sure you have a tier 1 tier 2 or tier 3 long shot team so that means you have to unlock the better way card in the story and the coat crews then it'll give you more cards of course like Chad Johnson Chad Ochocinco and Marino etc etc and then you got these stories that you can go through so you actually go through high school college long shot where the long shot team goes against NFL teams but I won't ruin it for you I just want to tell you how to do it show you some gameplay of it my people let me know what you think in the comments section of this and if you think they'll bring back NCAA games one day today hit that like button subscribe if you are new and as we in the house Susy on the track [Music] energy capstone project ideas for money Ulster County Community College.

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