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Capstone engineering society golf tournament for money

Capstone engineering society golf tournament for money what is the capstone project for college writing abstract of report ´╗┐swap out of the business tax for the property you had something to do with Governor Perry's request has not turned out the way that everybody intended for it to we now hear talk of a structural deficit that's created at the beginning of each session and that much of the shortfall that occurred this session and may occur in the next session is essentially the ill-gotten fruit from that tree what do you think about that do you feel like maybe that was a mistake and we'd like to have it do-over on that one no because your do-over would have been to shutting down of public schools let's go back to 2006 in 2006 she had a situation where the Supreme Court said we're going to close the schools in June of 2006 if you don't figure out a way to lower property taxes the problem was is that you had property taxes were at their statutory maximum the dollar and 50 cents and you had to in 70% of the school districts were there yeah and as a result of that they had no control they had no local control and that violated the Constitution because they had the legislature basically had control over the both of their budgets and that's why the supreme court ruling so the solutions were Tom Craddick came up with the solution head tax the anybody who had significant numbers of employees hated it it could not pass it could not get out of committee it couldn't go anywhere the lieutenant governor had attacks not sure exactly what it was but I know that it didn't get out of the Senate Finance Committee in in the Senate they struggled with that for how long six months eight months nine months whatever and the deadline was looming you had but one alternative and that one alternative that everybody knew could pass okay would solve the problem was the state income tax there was not an alternative that in my opinion the legislature was going to succumb to incomes of select committee unified something that was she felt confident the courts would not rule as an income tax and that that would lower that threshold from a tax rate in all school districts from a dollar-fifty and we chose down to a dollar we worked with the business community to do that 90 percent perhaps better of the business community agree to this tax now we weren't the ones that get to say how much money it brings in what you need in a tax situation is you go to the controller public accounts and say here's the framework for tax what does it have to be to fill that gap because we were cutting taxes by X billion dollars and you wanted to match it with that except that we knew we were going and additional dollars in tax cuts that was a given from the very beginning and so we go to control of public accounts controlled private accounts there's a fiscal note and go back and look at it and said it has to be one cent and a half basically that was it and that's what that's what the tax said the tax did not in fact bring in that much money but to suggest and by the way the definition of the structural deficit is you ain't got enough money to pay your bills I mean structural deficit is bullet were alive he'd go what some innovation that somebody came up with had you had had the had the margins tax performed exactly as controller Strayhorn state was performed instead of a twenty five billion dollar deficit you would have had a twenty two billion dollar deficit you really think that's the problem or anybody that knows anything about taxes right knows that the driver is sales taxes well guess what happened in 2008 in 2008 economy went to hell in a handbasket and sales taxes fell off the fell off the charts and so you know what happened now if you want to look at structural deficit or whatever as part of that this bill came through the house it came to the Senate in the Senate there was added 5.9 billion dollars of spending nobody tends to look at the main problem here is a bullet died do you understand five point nine billion dollars was added to it for good reason and that is that is that you know and if I'd have been in the Senate at the time looking at my districts I certainly would have voted for it because you know it was a boon for for school district what it did was is it allowed the state to pick up the tab to the tune of 5.9 billion dollars far greater than anything having to do its market tax and instead of Highland Park sending that money to Laredo or wherever they were sending it the state took care of that tab and so you allow districts to keep a whole bunch of money in Robin Hood that wasn't there that wasn't ever there before now that was not a one-time deal I mean that five point nine was there the next year and the next biennium and the next biennium and the next by him and so but it is much easier to say oh well as it's still very heavy you know well but you know senator Ogden who's no one's idea of a liberal is among those who think that this deal was not a good deal and thinks it needs to be tweaked you don't think it needs to be tweaked well the way the only way you tweak it is raise the rate I mean I am waiting for another alternative I've looked at all the alternatives and I know what their alternative to the market effect is and it is an income tax now if you think you can pass that through this legislature you better bring your lunch because it's going to be a while before you weigh but I you know I've heard all of this joke all of these years but I haven't seen out now Steve had had the solution to it you know he basically introduced an income tax I mean that was the bill that he introduced it looked different smell different but coming son else but we know exactly what it was I mean but you've got a little problem with the Constitution there now because you've got a ban on income tax we didn't have the luxury of having a vote on an income tax or anything like that back in 2006 we had 30 days we had to have this thing solved by June the 1st and if we didn't schools were going to close down my guess is that closing schools down and sending that kind of message to 50 states into the world that we can't even manage our system that closing schools down would have been a heck of a bigger problem another another problem with the margins tax is it taxes people who have never contributed before I mean I got a lot of lawyer friends in this room that never had to pay you know any kind of franchise tax before despite the fact that the cost of money to become state a little money to become a lawyer or a doctor or whatever you never paid before and under this one all of a sudden they have to pay and so you have some of that you know driving the drum of the process as well you also have people saying things like well it taxes me until I don't make a profit well every tax in Texas taxes you even though you don't make a profit you pay you could you don't make the profits you pay sales tax you don't make a profit you pay a proper tax you don't make a profit you pay every single time that's because you a tax that taxes you only when you make a profit is by definition and ending tax and you can't do it and so I'll look but but to suggest as some have that the margins tax was the big driver in the deficit shows a complete lack of knowledge of what really what tax taxes are about you research paper on eating disorders thesis statement Molloy College, Rockville Centre.

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