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Capstone energy services morgantown for money

Capstone energy services morgantown for money do my capstone delisting indian foreign service interview questions I have nothing against US News and World Report I don't think they're the problem frankly because as Pat O'Connor mentioned this morning yeah they're doing their job their job is to sell magazines and the rankings accomplish that wonderfully so the problem is not that with they're not doing their job I think the problem is actually with with us in terms of colleges and others not doing our job which is ignoring those rankings and doing what we are supposed to be doing anyway and actually when I put out this this column and it got some attention I a whole bunch of guidance counselor's around the country you know sent me emails saying oh you know awesome and you know great that you were willing to to speak out about this and I also heard from a guidance counselor who said gee you know it sounds really good but I just went to your website you know and your website mentions the US News rankings and and that guidance counselor was right and we changed it and we have actually gone through our entire website trying to clean it all up if you happen to find something we missed please email me and we will and we will take care of it but I think that was a very important lesson also you know which is that if you're going to talk the talk you also have to walk the walk now you all probably know a whole bunch of the reasons why the rankings do not make sense let me give you just my impression from the perspective of a president of a college and it starts you know we over somebody mentioned earlier about receiving the the forms to fill out for the peer assessment right which is as you know twenty five percent of the ranking is based on how you are ranked by your peers now let me tell you i got mine in the mail relatively recently i threw it out the truth is to think that i have the ability to accurately assess the quality of scores of other colleges if not hundreds of other colleges is just crazy i I know my college I might know a couple of other colleges I have no way of knowing their quality and I think that is true for many if not most of the people who received that survey what is the only thing that we have to tell us how good a college is while their ranking in US News right so basically i think what ends up happening on that peer assessment is that we just end up regurgitating back to us news the information that they just gave us six months prior to that i also know from my experiences Dean of a law school that you know pure assessment can be awfully strange there there was a story that I was told when I started as law school Dina I believe it's true it could be apocryphal of somebody testing by sending out a survey to a whole bunch of people involved in law schools in the law profession to rank top law schools and one of the schools that God ranked near the top was Princeton law school disregard the fact that there is no law school at Princeton so I think that tells you something about how people actually actually do the rankings and of course whenever a parent of a prospective student mentions the rankings to me even though we do well I I say to them how is your child ranked tell me about how accurate a reflection of your child you think that number is of course the irony is it's precisely those parents who just spent the last 30 minutes in the admissions office explaining why their child's GPA in their child's test scores do not it all reflect the quality or the potential of of their child and actually they're right that they probably don't who then turn around and say oh boy but this number must really reflect who you are so I think there are some real problems you know with first just that that first twenty five percent but then then you go deeper you look at selectivity right and here I think this is fifteen percent of the of the total score and you know selectivity has many different pieces to it of course is you know what / what's your acceptance rate of course I'm sure you all know that any college that wants to can gain that acceptance rate number right if I want our acceptance rate to become more favorable what do i do I just go out and encourage applications from a whole bunch of students whom I know we are not going to accept right puff my selectivity has has improved I must be a better college but I think there's something even more worrisome about looking at selectivity I am put aside the fact that you know you're talking about test scores right in you know incoming a cts or SATs and GPAs and I think you all realize that those numbers do not reflect the potential of the of the students at all but the whole notion of judging a school by its selectivity is basically saying that we are going to look at the quality of the college not by what happens at the college but by the quality of the student coming in before the student has even been at the college that's assuming again that this number really does represent quality I mean think of what a strange statement that is to make your parents you're about to spend six figures over a hundred thousand dollars over the next four years at whatever college it is that fit your child is going to and we measure the college based not on what it happens to do when your child is there but on the people who were coming in you know since we're in Detroit I know you know cars are important you know it's as if we were to say that we're going to measure the quality of the car company not based on the car they produce but based on the strength of the steel coming into their Factory and I've certainly never seen a car company decides that it was going to advertise based on the quality coming in rather than the the quality going out that I find to be very worrisome you know there was an article several years ago in The New Yorker magazine which I think made this point very well it spoke about the difference between a modeling agency and the Marines you know great modeling agencies are known for the quality of the models that they managed to recruit and sign up there is no representation that they have made these people or transform these people into wonderful models they're just really good at getting the best models to sign up with them you look at the Marines nobody really looks at okay what was the person like before entering the Marines whoever it was who comes in the Marines based on what they do they shape them and mold them into Marines by looking at selectivity basically what we end up saying is colleges are modeling agencies they're not the Marines and the truth is if all we are is a really sophisticated way to screen the quality of people coming in the truth is we could do that a lot less expensively if that's what people really want just a mechanism to filter out you know those people who are you know particularly smart quote-unquote you know based on those kinds of measures we could do that really easily you know the same holds I had a wonderful conversation when I was a Dean of university short mercy law school with a the hiring partner at a big national law firm right because the law school rankings are not dissimilar in in this respect and he made a great comment to me he said we hire students from harvard law school because we think that they are so smart that whatever damage harvard might have done to them over the last three years really couldn't have hurt too much I mean think of now having gone to Harvard I actually disagree I think Harvard did a great job but think about what that saying in terms of how they're viewing the time at Law School it really is this is just a inexpensive way to filter for us people who we think are going to succeed no matter what I think that is really in there is an underlying problem with a ranking and with a culture that starts to look at colleges that way capstone nursing projects ideas for money Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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