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Capstone energy omaha for money capstone south campus commons for money need literature review on privacy due tomorrow ´╗┐we think it was shot down because as soon as it crashed a big fighter plane flew over this school like that's what I think I think what the passengers took it down I think it was both I don't know I just think that they were attempted to do it because I mean I heard that let's roll over the radio so they had to have been doing something but we saw that plane like right after it happened and we were the only one to sell it pretty much from the school nobody else saw how long after 10 seconds right there is right now saw a mushroom cloud this plane gets flying over the issue of eyewitnesses is a whole subject to itself in any major crash the human being is not a very good sensory their senses are easily disturbed and furthermore their enhanced once the accident occurs and I hear from other people because then they begin to integrate and to tie things together that may not have been there yeah yeah it was it was a real shock riding here where that's where the clothesline post used to be and she was standing right here and she watched it right over a lot of people say it was shot down and I said did you see the plane actually fly over and they said no I said how can you say that plane was shot down I said I stood there and I watched that plane go out I said if it was shot down there would be debris falling from it there would be a ball of fire there would be some indication that that plane was shot down I said there was no indication that plane was shot down I watched it I mean you know I may have been the last person I don't know to see those poor people fly over and you know they didn't know and that they were gonna they were gonna die and no matter what they say that's people or heroes because anybody that knows they're gonna die and they do everything they can to save other people are heroes no matter who put that plane down stand there watching on TV and the lights flickered in the building about that time we heard the engines roar and we took off out of the building as we were coming out from the office out through the building the ground shook and we heard you know big boom looked over and saw a big ball fire up in the air we got there like I said probably within within 45 seconds or a minute of impact we were that we were there we were there before any firemen any paramedics or anybody we were on site when we got there there was a plane flying up above and he was smart he flew straight for the Sun so you couldn't you couldn't look at it and see exactly what type of plane or if it was a fighter or what it was but you know we caught a glimpse of it and as he was swinging he was basically traveling in the same direction as the plane that was in Atlanta and that was this past past winner was in Yamaha training and I was sitting there talking everybody of course asked where you're from where you're from introduce yourself to everybody in the classroom and and of course now we just say Shanksville we're a plane crash and everybody knows where we're at so I was sitting there talking to another guy and I was telling about you know he said did you see the plane crash and whatever was you there or anything I told him the whole story and I was explaining to him about whenever we were standing in the office and the lights flickered and everything and there was another gentleman sitting in the row in front of me that was retired from the Air Force and as soon as he heard me say that he immediately stopped me he said tell me this and I told him and he says well I'm retired from the Air Force he said that plane was shot down and I said why and he said because whenever the lights flickered they zapped the radar frequency on everything before they shoot and he said that's why your lights flickered he lights didn't flicker from the impact your lights flicker because they zapped the radar system before they shot it perhaps they did try to shoot their plane now or maybe they did but if they did the airplane would either disintegrate in the air if it was hit with a weapon or it wouldn't necessarily tip over it more likely glide in and and this aircraft at least went in fairly vertical it doesn't mean that that couldn't happen but I think it wouldn't support as much a missile shoot down as the vertical descent you know I just driving along here this beautiful day had my window open had this stereo on and when I got up here almost to the stop sign this small white plane at the time that's what I thought what went over top of me it was so smooth and it just glided right over me just like that and then I ducked and when I looked up again then it was the the spoiler which is what I call it and it was tipped like this so I could really see the spoiler and then it just banked to the right and went over and went down behind those trees we got to watching it on TV and they kept saying that it was a large plane like a 757 and I was like no what I saw was no new jet you know that would have blown me off the road I went over me you know that close wasn't it so like I said about 11:30 that night the FBI came wanted to talk to me they kept asking me how big the plane was I said the plane you know a small wasn't much bigger than my van that I saw and that it went over top of me and he says you don't know what a 757 looks like and I said you know don't be condescending to me you know if you don't want to believe me that's fine but what I saw I thought I should report and you ought to know there was something else in the air at the same time this was going on and you want to make sure maybe it was ours and not somebody else's and then that's when he did seem to get a little nicer told me that it was white Learjet someone was taking pictures I said before the crash and he says well we got to go and that was the end of it in my mind you know the possibility to flight 93 was shot down you know is an incredible is an incredible story but on the other hand I think in the minds of a lot of media people TV producers etc this story that emerged instead of heroism by the passengers is a remarkable story you know it you know certainly it's been the basis for two best-selling books so far it's you know was featured on Dateline NBC and some of these other news magazine shows several times over you know I'm sure and you know I you know I hate to be so crass referring to September 11th but I'm sure the ratings for those shows you know we're you know I'm sure those were some of the most watched news magazine shows of the year and so then I think is journalists you know unfortunately it's kind of sad but I think there's an instinct of we have a great story here why why would we want to like muck around and mess it up by coming up with a different story when this people love this story that's the book from Todd's wife Lisa I haven't finished it yet but there's a lot of information in here especially the let's roll part where that's from the phone call that she got Lisa got from her husband before he crashed and all she heard was the let's roll and it was silence just like the heavens were talking to her have you seen the book this is the role of government plays in times of stress how they view the public can the public stand the truth or shouldn't we we need a legend at this point we need a really neat story of reacting against such a dastardly act as it was happening so it's really nice and convenience to think of the Beamer story let's roll and that becomes just like the Alamo and it's just one of those legends and I I'm not saying that somebody's issued an order somewhere so don't do any more with 93 it's right whore it ought to be and leave it alone I don't think that's true but I think there'll be a lot of pressure to let the legend stay where it is I would think there's some inclination that way you internet of things based home automation system order Empire State College.

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