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Capstone eagle river doctors

Capstone eagle river doctors do my electrical engineering capstone projects need someone to type dissertation on divorce for me ´╗┐rooms because it's not just for food it's for storage and then we'll move into an hour of organizing at 11am so we've got a great morning for you but this is a jacket that is different it's unusual it's different it stands out in a crowd of leather jackets right because we've seen a lot of leather jackets here we see a lot of faux leather jackets here what we don't see are some jackets that stand out because they're different and I think that is great I mean so many times we as people like to be little wallflowers but sometimes you think I don't want to have something just like everybody else I'm gonna have something different this is your jacket your leather jacket that has a totally different upscale look and lamb leather and like I said it's not inexpensive it's expensive but you're still getting a QVC special low featured price I mean these types of jackets can sell for a lot more out there in the stores so understand that but here's the other thing i want to tell you go up one size especially if you're busty if you're a little busty or you want to go up a size because i normally wear a 10 and I put the 10 on and I felt like I was a little tight so I went up to the 12 and i feel just much better in it so I'm giving you that little tidbit of advice we have the black and we have the brown both of which are beautiful but let's take everybody through the jacket well I just think it's it's absolutely stunning and a lot of thought went into this um you know you've got the motorcycle jacket you've got all the different leather jackets out there we gave you something that to me was a replica of a beautiful blazer so we gave you that pointed collar right through here but then what we did instead of making it one hundred percent all leather we gave you the Tweed down here for the front you've responded to some of our tweed items that we brought use we've seen it in our skirts own and so forth and we thought well why not do that and what that did is it just you know we always talk about smoke and mirrors and you can see what does that mean smoke and mirrors is look how thin is because what is your I visually looking at me on right now you're looking this through here and this all of a sudden I have instant shape instant figure yeah Mary Beth has the same thing you can see that's where your is drawn to if this did not have the tweet on it would be a beautiful blazer jacket mm-hmm but i love the fact that it's got that different detail also like you said it stands out in the crowd you're not going to see yourself coming and going with this you've got two buttons down the front two large buttons that are done in the gold that have our logo in here and this is a part of the Heritage Collection I want you to know that what does that mean yeah what does what does that mean Oh Mike so much I will answer that we've launched that in the beginning of August it's something that we work super hard on coming up we like to call the Couture end of liz claiborne York we're bringing you the leathers and different fibers and some more cashmere and so on and so forth and even some different stitches and so this was part of that collection because we said let's do a really great leather coat let's do it with the Swede down the front and let's make it part of heritage so everybody can enjoy it this I want you to see then not only do you have well you don't have the tweet on the back you have all leather I mean this is just amazing and let their lashes look at the softness watch what I'm doing right here I'm actually gathering that leather you see right here as I go up watch what's happening that's the softness and the beauty of that leather I'm not saying you should do that with your jacket but you know we all know what stiff leathers feel like and even fo leathers and this there's no stiffness to it it's beautifully done in the back with literally line to yet gorgeously lined that pockets are deep you have the princess seams in the back I just think you know when it comes to leather in fact the leather is so soft if I wanted to see drink to that up you know I was going to attack recorder learn someone that really wants to be able to push up their sleeve and do that you can so do the soft and you know you've tried in the stores and you've gotten pieces home before I where you couldn't do that right and I can't say it enough can we walk over the ladies let's show okay so here we have Angela she's got on a pair of jeans she's got the liz claiborne blouse I think she even has the Heritage went on yes how pretty this looks she has hers unbuttoned but once again the visual is all in through here that you're seeing look how pretty that looks great length on this too it's not short it's feel about about two inches below my hip bones very very pretty now we're coming over to Dianna my goodness talk about commanding the boardroom accidentally Donna she's got our heritage collection a leather skirt on she put this on now I want to tell you something I probably if this was without the tweet in it I would probably not wear the leather skirt with the leather jacket yeah but I like the fact that we've got the visual difference here and this is a perfect marriage here by having that stirred on with this well and also if you had just a pair of black trousers like the ones we offer to earn that today I have exactly then the whole thing is now your whole outfit just dressed up exactly you know which is nice to a new level yeah exactly cuz we're to brown leather girls and they're the two black leather girls you only have two colors to choose from remember to go up one size I think especially if you're a little busty or go up a size you'll just like it better we don't fit a little bit better so that's right I asked her what size do you have 100 probably like a zero or sexy one for the red wait 10 it too yeah that's right for the rest of you go up a size yeah yes I went from a 10 to a 12 and I like it much better here's the other thing too is that right now it's on the six monthly easy payments so we're talking $43 and ten cents that featured price that we have a debt of two 5862 goes away and goes up at the end of the day so this is the last day at that featured price and just beautiful really is turnaround Angela I want to show everybody look at this I mean you look at that leather out and know that is definitely expensive levels with you yes as a holy to you know you sometimes you put them on and you move to the right in its days yeah to the left what's that all about today no I'm talking about it's just this it just it's very very soft and people are new i thinked for me what i love most about it is the visual yeah because when you're looking at it this is what people are focusing on that where the tweet is makes you look thin right it does I think we all look good is right there you go girls night out there you go we should have worn that last night should have worn out have a little girls night out last night did it was fine mm-hmm come on no all right by the way i just want to mention real quickly to that if you are saying okay got to wear that leather jacket when I go off to the office but here's what I want to bring to you oh I see Jerry I didn't know you were gonna come on in come on in to come on it it should really introduce him we talk about him all the time look how he even know that jerry has been working at how many years 28 28 and 28 for me too so we've known each other a long time and he dresses up every Wednesday morning just for liz claiborne New York get me appreciated Jared oh yeah awesome yes thank you honey I appreciate that and I just want to show everybody that these are the fleece designs I'll just take you through the colors okay sweetie I six okay good 16 do my the capstone school port elizabeth Finger Lakes Community College.

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