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Capstone digital marketing paper presentation on android technology pdf for money writing masters assignment ´╗┐so apparently Donald Trump had members of the press over at mar-a-lago his estate in Palm Beach and they were quite chummy now this might come as news to a lot of people who think that the press and Donald Trump have a very hostile relationship part of that is because Donald Trump goes around especially at his rallies pointing to the press and saying they're liars in their mister representing us and they're the enemy and they're all these different things sometimes people want a single individual in the press and blame them water bottles have been thrown at the press terrible chants have been chanted at them etc right well it turns out no when there are no cameras they get along handsomely so we now have a couple pictures of that gathering if you've ever seen the inside of Mara Lago and I have not it'll be honest nominee not a lot of invoice from Trump for me to visit his estate it shows you how incredibly tacky he is among other things this guy apparently thinks he's louis xvi so what is that what okay so okay he apparently is a French ruler of some source with that decor anyway you know how pompous he is so that is him addressing the reporters and then apparently Mike Allen was allowed to take these pictures everything else was off the record and now there's one more picture of them all together everybody's smiling having a good time Donald Trump is giving a big thumbs up here are the members of the press chummy with me even though I've been saying that I'm against them here we are all together having a grand time inside Versailles or whatever that is okay so some of the lists of reporters who met with Trump jeremy diamond o of CNN huh I'm sure they're gonna hold his feet to the fire Mike Allen who used to be with Politico is now with Axios Terrence stopped from Bloomberg News Brian Kilmeade of Fox News who looked a little surprised in that picture but he always looks a little surprised alley Batali of MSNBC and NBC News Wow I thought they were definitely hostile according to Trump turns out no oh right Trump does have a contract with NBC anyway Hallie Jackson also of MSNBC and NBC News that is among the names of people over there it's a lot about rage tweets Shilpa Cavalli says lol in all seriousness though this is a terribly embarrassing for you and everyone in this photo should be ashamed happy holidays now when I saw the headline that is terribly embarrassing I was trying to figure out for who so yes terribly embarrassing for the reporters who were supposed to hold them accountable but are they're trying to get access but I would argue even more embarrassing for Donald Trump so are you for real or are you an actor or just playing politics like it's a reality show and all that conflict is just for the ratings and for entertainment value in for the votes but in reality there's no conflict at all you're inviting them over to your state and having a grand old time big thumbs up so if you're a person who wants to press the whole Trump accountable you should be mad and and by the way there are critics who say oh no that's look though Obama had off-the-record meetings with journalists true enough John Podesta invited over a bunch of reporters for dinner and that was off the record which chief strategist for Hillary Clinton had him over for hors d'oeuvres though to declare and cocktails the literal cocktail circuit that we talked about and so they say oh you weren't upset about that wrong again Bob I was upset about that I don't think that's the right way to do journalism I know oh I need access I need access no you don't so you if in order to get that information from Hillary Clinton's team or Donald Trump's team or from the government you are so chummy with them that you don't actually challenge them then your information is useless you're a stenographer now they will tell you no but we actually do challenge them I'm waiting for that report haven't seen it yet I would say even more so for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump yes you've seen Donald Trump from time to time when he says outrageous things that are nowhere near true the press will say actually there are no evidence of millions of people who illegally voted for Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton yeah I think challenger on the emails but did ever challenge her premises they never challenged the premises because they agree with the premises the establishment is always right the status quo is wonderful let's not change a damn thing all right so I just gave you a couple more tweets here and then and then come back to a conclusion Michael Calderon of Huffington Post tweets over the past week Trump's mocked the press on quote Thank You tor and canceled first news conference news conference since July here is how reporters are spun his point being hey if he's going to attack you like that in the press then maybe you shouldn't go over and kiss his ring that's a fair point but and then others have made the point including conservative commentators Alex Griswold made an interesting point in media saying well Trump challenges the rights of many people including minorities he argued since these conservative gun owners are often have their rights questioned again whether it's by Trump or otherwise you know that's a conservative point of view Muslim Americans have their rights challenged and the press is at best neutral to any of that when their rights are challenged all of a sudden press supposed to go No that's it oh my god it's an outrage it's about me and that this happen often but here even so they bend a knee because they're not watchdogs they've been lap dogs of the establishment for so long because really what they do is suck up the power and call it access gaining important access to sources no see I remember one time a politician's staff threatened us saying well then he won't come on The Young Turks anymore great mission accomplished what do I need boring politicians on for what do I need access to them for to give me their standard news that they want leaked that is from their agenda and not necessarily true at all why is that interesting to me oh I've lost access to greasy politicians Wow how will I survive and then one more if you notice in the picture I mean it's just one picture taken quickly and not photoshopped or anything oh yeah so some of them have red eyes and somebody noted that on Twitter and then this response game that's there so leaving their bodies that stench is what's left of their integrity okay so fair enough and like I said I'm criticizing the press for doing this if Donald Trump invites us to schmooze us at his estates a very unlikely scenario I grant you we will not be accepting that offer and by the way the reason it's an unlikely scenario is because he knows we're not going to kowtow to him and he knows that those reporters have some good chance that they will kowtow to him but to me actually the press is a little bit less culpable than Donald Trump in this case if you're the person who should be most pisses the Trump voter who actually thought that he meant any of that stuff for him it's all a stage and he's an actor and all he's doing is playing you it was fairly easy to play you see he's not gonna lock up Hillary Clinton he's not going to be against the bankers he just filled his cabinet chock full of bankers by the way later you'll find out he's not even against the trade agreements and he's not actually against the press when there are no cameras rolling thumbs up who loves the press because they're all part of the same play and that's the lie that I can't stand we need independent media to make sure that we hold corporate media accountable the people that can make that happen is you you make the young turks possible TYT Network dot-com / join join us be the revolution do my federal reserve enterprise risk management guidance Vassar College.

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