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Capstone development group st louis

Capstone development group st louis capstone example of disclaimer detailed lesson plan for grade 4 english ´╗┐hi everyone I know I promised a room tour video after my whole video but in my room got messy and I am it was just embarrassing so I clean my room today and we are going to go through here's my door there's a key under door someone crystal was here when I came and here's my room here's my room that teddy bear's name is bobert let's just do a quick 360 okay what was that so door posit mirror and make up stuff the window bed beach it's the beach desk cube things baby one direction shrine music random near my and yeah so I may sound weird it's because I'm really sick and I have aa step the coal thing in my mouth let's start with here at the top are my beanie Gnaeus high five I'm sex and I didn't bring that many bags to school cuz like I'll just be using my school bag which you saw on my haul video but here i have my Louie bag my Alexander Wang bag and her dad got winners my bathrobe yeah Oh laundry here's my closet my closet literally looks really acting as most of my like bowtie just fold it into there it's my closet we don't care in there it's like a couple jacket some all the shirts that should be hung jeans leggings couple shoes there's my school backpack right there to army one yeah and I keep my lights I'll on the top shelf there just to hide it lit literally Oh cares like a jewelry thing where I keep some of my jewelry but and I put some of my belts on there I don't really have a lot of belt I need to invest as you can see I just cleaned and here is my place where I shoot my videos so i keep my brushes good morning gorgeous lies to me every morning and he was like a little mirror which is really dirty but i use a little mirror as opposed to this one high again because i'm blind eye glasses and I'm literal blind and I won't be listed I use that light on a database listen none that there was that and when I feel my tutorial it's cuz I'm so short as you can see like you can bear I can barely see my head and left me on for them so sure I sit on that chair because I can't see myself it's so sad oh and here is a candle mmm 69 winners what is it waterscape cool I wanted it to be beach theme because i live in ottawa it's so cold i just want to be your mind at the beach and here my curtains I tie them because they're actually really really long oh okay I guess I don't really clean my room that wall yes here it is and here's my bed oh my very first haul i mentioned i believe that i got urban outfitter beddings this is the urban outfitter right bedding it's the scalloped one and i was so pissed cuz i paid like regular price and then two days later was on sale for like forty nine dollars cool cool not not but yeah this is my bed I do have a memory foam and it is heavenly and is a double bed and it's all from Ikea so let it clean items pretty boring so yes this is my side table I just have like a one candle from Yankee Candle called early to rise there's a picture with me and my really good friends my best friend zahar thing on my wall is a top of line and to not wallpaper anything my grandma had it printed in the Philippines because it's really cheap there I just had it printed to the size of my wall and we just like hooked it on I don't be hooked it or nailed it and then like that we like nailed it onto the wall because I'm renting this house so I don't really want to like put wallpaper like paint or anything but yeah that's the beach as you can see there's so many lines and I want to iron it but I'm scared that it would burn and melt so apparently over time it's just going to get like flattened but I'm waiting I'm still waiting oh I'm so stuffy but here is my desk area that's my chair there's just like a thing on it because it's really ugly still wanting to cover it up because I don't want to see it here are some of my binders managerial economics um Italian the world is flat etc and and there's two water bottles because I'm dying their septic all because I'm dying and there's some water more water I'm gonna make my room smell good a laptop where I edit all the videos to post on the internet and here's like my class schedule that's my grandpa that's his Godfather cuz I'm obsessed with mob I should do like a get to know me tag or something let me know if you want to see that well here's like just some space lies it's a little just basic like paper clips those clampy paper clips on the motor home highlighters pens scissors were in my marketing class they basically she gives us these nameplate things and afterward our names let you know my name like are we Android to again here I have just some random decoration stuff this is a genie lamp that my friend got me from Egypt and I think it's so cool these are like candle holders they're like beach theme so I bought them closed knocking around so obviously I better buy them and then this is the blue box to keep all of my like medicine girl stuff and they're my mini one direction drive with my take me home album your book album and I have the one direction body lotion and the one direction perfume and I just keep the box because I like to look at their faces and then that box and that box on my underwear and socks this is really cool hold up i'm going to show this we found in the basement of our house like oh you silly i didn't really clean we have found this in the basement house like the previous tenants are left it haha it's like a margarita mixer or like some bar stuff like fancy smancy like clothes through the shaker everything cool could be my land me like hasn't even been used yet it's just for show put that there I have this candle that my mom got me for my birthday and at the bottom that little box is just full of like random stuff that little box is my sewing kit and over there just some more books and notebooks managerial accounting and like a box that's my printer there's my garbage it's my speaker dock there's my hookah a sad story I brought my good enough about the holes just like decoration this is like a shell I got at home sense and append is it just like some other like stuff like hair products based product the season review scrunchie yeah hair face products miscellaneous things that I need and my mirror as usual on from the beginning let's just go back here if you want to see this is just where i put some my makeup it's not really that organized but it's just a my makeup I feel like take a step back and Brooke my drawers they're all crooked don't ever buy this from warm one it's horrible they're all crooked and they all keep working and it makes me now but yeah this is my room to another 360 here is my room that I'm living in in university so yeah I feel like I'm just pretty basic I should have Christmas lights but ain't nobody about to spend more money on hydro yeah it's hydro yeah tiger so this is my basic room it has the beach so that it calms me down during the winter and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside my desk my cube thing want that good closet vanity dresser thing boom window there's yes this is the where I live Walt I'm at school this is why my videos don't look like they've changed because here we have a change of setting thank you for watching my room tour hope you enjoyed and found it somewhat entertaining hope you like my room anyways thank you for watching make sure to check out my other videos I will link everything in the description comment rate subscribe let me know if you like this let me help you like me talking I'll shut up if you want me to I really don't mind but yeah make sure you comment subscribe check out my other videos follow me on Twitter and Instagram I love talking to you guys it makes me feel famous but I really am NOT aren't caught up in your love affair little boy I kind of luxe just ain't for us we crave a different kind of buzz let me be your room you call the queen bee let me live that fantasy do my paper about emotions Stern College for Women, Murray Hill, Manhattan.

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