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Capstone development group llc order

Capstone development group llc order write for me arduino push button one shot looking for dissertation chapter on lifestyle as soon as possible a few years ago something crazy happened to me and it happened to be in the morning right so normally I wake up to an alarm clock right how many you have an alarm clock on your phone like a rings what happens when it rings you often like it the snooze button right so so I hit the snooze button and um go back to sleep and then another long happen right so I'm like okay I put snooze what's happening and then I hit a ping then I have multiple pings right usually I get emails in the morning so here's you know a ping and I had another thing and another ping and another thing and now I'm like oh snap what's happening right so I jump out got my boxes on grab my phone looked at it I was like oh my god Oh dozens of eveness Huffington Post uh Washington uh the Chicago Tribune is like and it all said Ahmad versus Wikipedia like what the blood clot right so now I'm on I get on my Twitter feed and I'm trending I am trending but not the way I want a trend right hashtag Ahmad versus Wikipedia hashtag Ahmad selling brands selling brands selling his brand to Wikipedia and I'm like and people are debating people arguing people are questioning my integrity and I had no control over it so the one day I could do is like shut off everything shut off everything jump right back in my bed put my you know a blanket over me and I'm hiding unsure what to do next I was like what the hell just happened like how did we get here I'm lying I know exactly how he got here so um a few months back from this date I was having lunch with a friend in Chicago my friend is pretty famous you know he got he got a few international bestsellers I mean this man travels very well and we started talking about branding know what you mod you need to be a Wikipedia I do need to be Omega video right so I started doing some research it's hard to get a Wikipedia they gotta find you right you just can't like submit an application they have to find you would acknowledge you I don't like they should have found me already I'm famous so I started asking people in my network people that have a wikipedia profile and we're talking about people that are like New York Times bestseller like endowed chairs and professors and Dean's and all them said the same thing there's a company they work with this PR company that helped them get on Wikipedia so I'm like okay so I did some other research about this company they seem legit like they worked with some big companies they work with Expedia Viacom right so they work with some big companies they work with Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell right so I called this company and some research on them spoke with them right we went back and forth back and forth and then finally they created my profile I had to pay a few G's I had to pay a few can you say a few G's a few G's right so boom my profile is up and they got the good picture up there yeah they got the good fiction right and all of a sudden my you know the Google Analytics are hitting my websites hitting and then within like a week I get flagged like flag like my name is in red and Wikipedia is questioning my profile they're like who the heck is this dude who put them up here and there's like a debate happening like a debate that I have no control over you know what they started calling me someone called me a sock puppet what the heck is a sock puppet right another dude said he was gonna soak my name salt my name I called this company up I'm like no this is the man people are calling me sock puppet I don't know what that is but I'm ready to fight somebody hey and what he told me was that it happens it's normal right your profile goes up they question it they debate right to go back and forth and it gets back up it didn't happen they took it down boom so we're back I said what's going on they took it down I want money back I wonder he fun said like no no no we would get it back up it happens right so within a few days boom it's back up and they got the good picture again right so I'm happy things are moving I put on my LinkedIn profile people excited and it happened again this time I swore is like you know when you're when your teacher takes out that red marker and like writes your name you know like highlights it I swear they highlight everything I'm like oh this dude is dude this dude right and I went back to the company I said listen what's going on here and they said that your profile has been hacked why did my profile get hacked they're like no what happens it's natural you know it gets hacked you know we're going back and forth I'm like I'm not a Wikipedia person but what if somebody hacked my profile out of you know the millions of profiles that out there and and they said it happens they put my profile back up and this time it was gone didn't even debate they like took off so now I'm going back and forth with this company and they told me that if I want my profile back up there I have to hire a PR company that they also work with so I know what's happening there's like a pyramid scheme right it's like oh in order to is you don't you want something extra here isn't we need more money we need more money we need more money right so I went back and forth back and forth with them and it finally you know what I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you right so I started calling around and I connected with Vice magazine hey bye no Vice magazine so Vice magazine did an entire profile on this situation right and that's what set it off right but here's the thing Vice magazine never got my side of the story correct they didn't get a chance to let me look at the story they posted without me responding to without me looking at it and then basically the world took that magazine and went it went viral it went viral I had bloggers going after me I didn't know what a blog was at the time right I had wiki guys going after me so I felt like everything was going out of control and I had no control over my brand my brand was being ruined my brand was being tarnished right and I realized something that these bloggers these people that were writing about me did not know me they only know me from what they read right they only know me from what they saw in social media so I did something that was revolutionary but it was actually honest I actually connected with each of these bloggers I found their contact information and called them and explained my side of the story got them to know me as a person I got them to know my situation instead of just looking at a social media you know post instead of reading something that I really didn't have no influence over and all of a sudden these bloggers started coming my way many of these bloggers took down their posts right many of these bloggers started defending me all of a sudden I became their friend they started realizing that I was not an opportunist in this situation I was technically a whistleblower right and they started writing good things about me like the type of things you want something right about you because they know about you they know your true story right so what I learned that day is that in order to create a true brand if you truly want to be famous turn off your computers turn off your phone do more they connect with people on social media reach out to that person get them to know you create meaningful relationships with people right don't just don't just highlight those things you want people to see it shouldn't be a gallery of your life when it's only good right you need to connect with people you need to get to know who they are and they need to know who you are and what you stand for thank you very much for your time anyone you [Applause] do my capstone mechanical ct Baruch College, Gramercy Park.

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