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Capstone design project in power electronics for money

Capstone design project in power electronics for money internet of things manufacturing examples eadrcc situation report sample ´╗┐good morning welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to give a quick look at two different Franklin Covey compact binders they were both then they're both considered I guess vintage I don't know what you're they were made in but they're both referred to as colleges or collages I'm not sure which pronunciation is correct but this one most often people refer to as the Aurora colleges or collages and this one I'm not sure I mean other than the collages so I wanted to compare them because number one they're very very similar to but they're very different and I'll give you what you know highlight those differences now so let's take a look first at the texture so the one on the Left I purchased from eBay and is very smooth in texture it does not have any kind of grain or pebble that you can feel it it's very squishy there's like feels like there's foam inside it's similar to me that to a either a Filofax Portland or a Filofax Holborn in the in the sense of the touch of this planner whereas the Aurora has it's more of a shiny shiny leather with a textured pebbles and although you can only slightly feel the pebbles they're not so pebble II that that's all you feel you can feel them when you rub your your thumb across them um it is shinier but they both have the same burgundy complexion and then like I said this is more matte and this one shiny you see the shine from the light coming from the outside whereas this one is more muted they both have contrast stitching one difference is that this Aurora has gold hardware or I should call it golden hardware because these little rivets will turn to silver with a lot of use or handling or if you were to rub on it with something metal or so you know it's it could scratch off this has silver hardware we'll get into the the clasp in just a minute but let me go ahead and turn these over so this is the spine and the exterior they both have the vertical pocket on the side and they both have a elasticated strap meaning that in on the interior it is has elastic that allows you to pull the strap and make it where you can stuff the planter a little bit fuller and the same thing applies with this one as you can see here now I both have magnetic straps meaning that there's a magnet underneath this one though does not have any type of button and you don't really need this strap to hold it in place it will automatically go over it but for appearance purposes it looks better under the strap the same thing applies here with a magnet but the magnet is built into the button clasp now it will automatically you know snap into place when when done properly like so there you go but the I guess you could remove this hmm maybe not but when open it doesn't actually hit the desk so it kind of stops right before hand so I don't have an issue with clasp noise even when I have it open it just kind of stays out of the way the only time I hear it is when I lift it up when I've left the class but open this one stays but it's kind of stiffer so it kind of can get in the way and you end up having to either tuck it behind or be annoyed by the fact that it's getting in your way so let's go to the inside they're very similar on the inside and I'm going to bring this up a little bit so that you can see but the difference is they have the same pocket configuration however on the Aurora you can see the nylon pocket behind the secretarial flap as well as on this back flap or back pocket the aurora has stitched pen loops contrast stitching around the pen loops whereas the collages doesn't have the contrast stitching but you do you don't see the nylon unless you've lift up the con the secretarial flap it's also in the back here but it's kind of hard to see because of the angle that we're at and then over on the right side to compare has contrast stitching around the pocket and zip no contrast stitching on the top one but you don't see the nylon or as you do see the nylon around the back here however it is there and it is lined in a nylon in the backside both have a round what do you call these leather tab zipper pulls this one has a golden zipper pull and this one has a silver zipper pull they both have dual pen loops they are both full leather panel OOP oh look at that I didn't realize this one has an elasticated pen loop and this one is full leather pen loop however it is big enough to hold a four barrel friction or Collett o pen the Rings are one and a half inch rings this one being silver and this one being golden both these pockets are slightly gusseted as you can see here and here now I'll show you the the ability to get the four barrel Colette oh into pen loops so start with the Aurora so here is a four barrel friction and it slides in quite easily but again this is a elasticated pen loop and on the left side is elasticated as well you just slip in the four barrel and it slides in relatively easily this is a one barrel friction Bisping and it two slides in and doesn't fall out it probably would if I didn't have the clasp on the side of the pen holding it in place let's look at the collages now remember this is full leather pen looped and it - it did look like it was a little bit harder to insert but that was because I was coming in at an angle so it does slide pass the rubber kind of gets stuck around this spot right here but not too difficult and the same applies for the right side this one is a little bit more snug I wouldn't want to put the Cleto on that side and then here is just a regular business pen this - probably would slip out so anything smaller you know some people like just thin pens I'm trying to think of another pen that maybe a stale or pen would not it's really slippery so anyway they both have the same amount of pockets on the side so we have one two three four five pock business card pockets with eight window ID and the Aurora one two three four five pockets and the window ID so very similar in configuration on the inside just with some slight variations such as the elasticated pen loops contrast stitching the magnetic clasp but and the nylon interior being seen from the outside and the texture so you might wonder which one I prefer you know they both are wonderful planners the only difference is is that this one is so squishy soft but this one it just it feels kind of like a Malden a Filofax Malden on the exterior it reminds me of that buffalo style leather so I don't think either one I could like more one more than the other because they're totally two different textures and so it depends on what style you like whether it's the Malden or the whole born or the Portland whatever it is it that you can you know assimilate it to so you know but both are wonderful both are beautiful in the contrast stitching I really like them both so but I thought I would like I said do a comparison I hope this helps you in your search if you are looking for one I found this one on eBay this one was lent to me it is not mine and I'll be returning it but I did find a black Aurora right here at a thrift store cost me a dollar but it was missing this little strap that you see here however I've ordered rivets from China that should match these rivets and I've contacted a cobbler who will help make a replacement leather strap that will match this planner and then we'll cut it to size and then add the rivets on accordingly so I will have an Aurora after I send this one back but it'll be in the black color and as you can tell even the black one is shiny and similar to the Malden and texture anyway if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I hope you have a wonderful day take care see you again soon capstone prep education group Queens College.

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