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Capstone dental parker co order

Capstone dental parker co order write for me coso enterprise risk management executive summary fabian bruneval thesis definition ´╗┐in this video we're gonna talk about who decides the price of a stock stay tuned hey traders are very warm welcome to you okay so who actually decides the price of a stock question you may have asked any question I asked when I first thought I was like oh who decides how much the stock is worth you know how do I know what the price is gonna be who decides if it goes up or as it goes down let's look into it let's work out exactly how a stock price is derived so basically no one person will decide the price of a stock now let's look at an example this could be a palooka Microsoft could be Intel could be Saenz risk could be Tesco's any stock that's traded on an exchange is purely based on supply and demand the first thing to say is that for a trade to take place a buyer and a seller must agree on a price when they execute that trade that then becomes the price of that stock so whatever the last trade is that's the current price of the stock we have things called bid and ask which we'll get into in a second but that's the main thing to remember when they've got two buyers a buyer and a seller agreeing on stock and they've done a transaction with us for one share or 1 million shares it doesn't matter on the volume the point is if there's an agreement in price trade on the exchange that becomes the price of the stock if there's no agreement and no trade a buyer could say hey I want $99 for my stock and burn in mind this may well also have a volume attached to it in other words you know this guy might want to buy 10 shares he might want to buy a thousand a million for this for this the old intensive purposes it doesn't matter for now but if he wants 99 and these guys looking to buy and these guys are looking to sell their stock and they want 101 then there's no agreement in price and the price is still the last transaction that occurred which is between this guy wanted to buy and this guy who wanted to sell which happens to be a hundred which is now the last price of the stock so how is the price change the price changes when we have this situation we have a stack of sellers all stacked up 101 102 103 104 in this scenario saying I want to sell my stock but I only want to sell it for 101 101 dollars one hundred two hundred three hundred four four different people let's say all looking to sell their stock there's some buyers are looking to buy some stock in this company but they don't want to pay more than ninety nine more than ninety eight this guy ninety six and it's got the bottoms want to pay more than ninety the ninety six they run in some more than ninety six there's no agreement in price so how do we get a new price we got a new price by these buyers or a fresh buyer you and I may come in unless use that as an example first you come in and you say you know what I'd love to buy this stock I think it's great value one of my choices so you can either go in now and you can buy the stock at the best possible price that's being offered out which is the best ask price which is 101 or you can say you do what I'm not gonna pay 101 I think it's worth you know 99 or 98 97 96 or even 95 you think it's worth 95 you got to strut yourself in the queue and wait for a seller to agree to sell to you at 95 but let's say you want to buy the stock and compared to buy 201 you go in and you buy hundred shares of the stock at one at one now that then becomes the new price for the stock because a buyer and a seller have agreed on value so the scene is made by whose pet to buy and who's prepared to sell now of course when they get extreme situations and we get trends on a certain extreme but moving markets and stock prices moving that's been just because one side is more aggressive as prepared to pay a higher price in the situation of an uptrend when we've got a price moving from you know 95 96 97 98 99 100 I was 110 that's purely because buyers are prepared to pay more and sellers obviously happy to have a higher price for stock because sellers ultimately generally just want a higher price for their goods and buyers want the lowest price for their good so whilst they're still trying to get the best price for their own requirements they know that actually hey at some point I might have to buy a 102 103 because I think it's mu it's worth 150 for example is why we buy stock or why we sell a stock and so this is when you'll get prices moving up and up and up because buyers has been more aggressive and more aggressive and pet prepared to pay more and agreeing on the price of a stock and let's say another scenario that the stock price and gaps so we have a gap situation you have news overnight and it's closed and then it gaps up in a gaps open in the morning and where the opening bell and then trade happens again it's the same situation buyers and sellers are both agreeing on what they believe is the new price after that news has come out on the stock and this is why you get anomalies guys why you get situations where you have very very good news but often you'll get you know a gap down in price and negative move in the stock that's purely because you know more people have perceived or higher volume of shares something to also add that you know it may not just be people it may be one person with a large volume of shares don't forget just one share is almost one vote if you like you can have 10 people with a hundred shares each or you can have one person with a million and that millions obviously can have more waiting on the stock price if he's going to bit into it or sell into it so that gap in the morning going back to that example that gap in the morning it's purely based on how people are perceiving the value or where the most volume is coming in and when we're gonna get a buy and sell transaction take place and that will agree on price it's similar are too many things in life like we go to a shop but it's a bit different in this shop because the retailer is setting the price yes we're agreeing our to buy that Apple for 50 pence or whatever it may be and we're agreeing to paying that but the price of Apple is still set by him because he's got margins to making it's a slightly different scenario there whereas if we have you know stock when there is no underlying value everyone is disagreeing on a value these guys are ultimately disagreeing and for disagreeing really in terms of the future valuation because this guy wants to sell it this guy wants to buy but then they're agreeing on price that's when we get our stock price and that's when we get you know the tickets coming through and that's when we see our closing prices there's obviously a stamp based on the closed based on the agreed price of the last and buyer and seller so there's no cartel well there's no there's no kind of one person or group of people are deciding the price of a stock it's purely how buyers and sellers are interacting when a transaction takes place that is the price of a stock if enough people believe the stock price is going up and they're buying and they're putting pressure on it that'll make it go up and if enough people think that this thing is going to go down and they're selling their stock there's not going by astir sell and they're pushing the price lower because they're fence to lower lower lower that will make the stock price go down and you guys hope you liked it take care see the next one goodbye you do my chapter capstone case softwear limited answers Canisius College, Buffalo.

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