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Capstone dental northport order

Capstone dental northport order do my research topics in operations management sandy lyle presentation skills ´╗┐David de David date is an 81 very human being as a matter of fact his family suffers from type 1 diabetes his parents were heard back diagnosed early in her childhood and now just recently he was alarmed with that his own son has type 1 diabetes but thankfully because of the direct experiment experimentation on dogs who discover insulin as a remedy to help which Dagwood type 1 diabetes his son will be able to live but we must ask ourselves what this was us what have we suffered from cancer or some of these that didn't have any sort of cure good afternoon my name is Jenny bright we've probably representing the fer-de-lance a chapter my topic today is should animals be used for scientific research in order to answer this question we must first I first identify what the Animal Welfare Act is and how it relates to animal animals being used for scientific research and then we must understand the public perception of animal research throughout our communities beginning with the Animal Welfare Act the Animal Welfare Act was enacted in 1966 as a result of this through this act it is what regular it is what regulates animal testing now although mrs. saime often relax relies on self-reporting from these animal testing facilities it also is inclined to inspect them now currently in the United States 25 million animals are tested 95% of these animals happen to be either mice rats or birds but where people tend to get concerned isn't the other 5% now recently the New York Times came out with an article seeking how chimpanzees are no longer being used for scientific research for two reasons the first reason was that when they were using chimpanzees for an for animal research they found that it wasn't successful they weren't going anywhere with their studies they've been using champions is for invent King came with listing of a chimpanzee on the endangered species list now for that specific reason animal research was know rated obviously it had not been successful and with the and with the listing of chimpanzees on that endangered species list we realized that we could use other animals to further this discover what what we need to know regarding diseases but where we begin to really become alarmed it's just the public perception of animal testing by show of hands who here either has a Facebook or Twitter all right for those of you who didn't raise your hand you have so much more free time on your hands but when it comes with we're on social media often we were alarmed with numerous different messages whether it be campaigns from PETA or possibly Facebook post from the Humane Society we're all taking trips not only on the agriculture industry but also on animal testing in general because to be honest sometimes those videos display horrible sights in us and we [Music] what to believe the Farm Bureau Federation recently came out with the 2016 20 roll now how this rule works is it suggests that 20% of our population has favorable views of Agriculture this means either that they are either tied to this industry in some way or they may be a truck driver hauling agriculture products across the state whereas on the other side of the spectrum 20% of the population does not like agriculture and they do not like animal testing and they tend to be animal rights activist but then we have the middle the 60% of the population that is known as the movable middle this is where we as FFA members come into play because ultimately we will be able to change that 60 percent of the populations perception of agriculture and if woman why we use animals for testing and how maybe if you take any sort of drugs to help combat any sort of disease that most of those drugs or results of animal testing in conclusion we must understand the Animal Welfare Act is the public perception and it wanted to answer that question question but should animals be used for scientific research ultimately let's go back to look at our own lives [Applause] absolutely twenty twenty percent of those who have positive have a positive perception of Agriculture you're not going to be able to change their opinions and that goes with the other 20% so because I say tend to be more biased because I have been raised in agriculture we have to look more so towards the facts as units in my speech attention how 25 million animals are used in the United States for animal testing now by using this fact it states that not only are these animals use but for my research I found that through the Animal Welfare Act there in trying to reach these certain to reach these certain points that ensure what they're doing is now on my family farm being a third generation dairy farmer I know the practices we do are ethical but I don't know what the rest of the world is doing because I'm not at their farm on a day-to-day basis or I'm not in the animal testing facility so also mainly being in agriculture we need to look at the facts rather than our own personal opinion how to change absolutely that's a wonderful question so actually one of my good friends Tanner live it tagged me in a big spoke coach this Facebook post had been made by PETA and it was it was taking approach up of how dairy farmers still the still calves from their mothers now naturally he asked me if I could give an educated opinion as a result I commented on that video explaining what we do and how we do it in the agriculture industry so I believe that through social media and through being engaged in those posts not letting it not just scrolling down on your Facebook but actually being able to write on this insight it's a great way that we'll be able to connect with others through our country right so naturally using them for medical research has certainly saved one of some of my family members just my husband actually suffers from type 1 diabetes and without using animals for medical research she probably wanted to be here today but would be change that and with that cosmetic testing we have to understand what our needs are and what our works are now I need would be to have a cure for say type 1 diabetes or tag cure for any disease well what's maybe our day to day makeup routine and this is where we have to draw the line now of course for that we also have to realize that 94 95 % of animal testing occurs on rats rats fur and birds and mice now these aren't animals were necessarily our favorite animals or animals we tend to be more worried about under guarding their animal rights so I believe that a medical research through through animal research should be our priority and that if the public is willing to purchase these products such as makeup then that should be an option for them too because a true capitalist society is driven by consumer once as you might know potentially being a product user there's a billion it all comes down to a choice for every action and there's going to be a reaction so for those cosmetic users they need to make that choice naturally if the many use products that have been developed through animal testing you need to be supportive of animal testing because you need to have a face born and not words but in deeds because if you're gonna do something you need to be for that thing that is happening time thank you very much thank you write for me industrial internet of things youtube Union College, Schenectady.

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