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Capstone dental nixa

Capstone dental nixa do my research topics in it project management opening quotes for tell tale heart essay ´╗┐now what is the first thing that comes to mind when I mentioned the country Somalia is it poverty or violence or famine warlords child soldiers drone strikes well whatever your initial thoughts about the country our chances are that they aren't good and chances are that they are inaccurate as well while some of all of these elements do exist in the country the fact is that Somalia is also the home of beautiful beaches business opportunities and oil riches the u.s. is becoming more and more involved in the Horn of Africa with drone strikes covert CIA operations even diplomacy and one man says that it is the wrong thing to do michael Shank is the director of foreign policy at the friends Committee on national legislation and he's here to tell me why the US should keep out of Somalia's affairs when it comes to the military Michael thank you so much for joining me now first of all you were just in Somalia why were you visiting and what did you discover I followed Somalia for years I used to write on it pretty often in 2006 2007 and 2008 when we were heavily involved in air strikes in fighting the Islamic Courts Union back in the Warlord's so I wanted to visit finally as a non-federal employee I was a congressional staffer for many years it would have been difficult for me to travel now that I'm off the hill it's easier to go what I found is a City Mogadishu is primarily a Mogadishu that is bustling with activity lots of business the West is not investing in that and that's what I'm here to say and that's what I've been writing about how do we invest in the socio-economic future of the country not primarily militaries which is how we've seen the country and what is the current status of the u.s. in Somalia and then broadening out of it in the Horn of Africa right so primarily as you mentioned CIA drone strikes a little bit of Defense support for the African Union soldiers very little support for the Somali national security forces you see the salary difference between a small II soldier is a hundred bucks a month versus an Amazon soldier it's 1,500 bucks a month so we need to support the government's capacity on that front a little bit of humanitarian aid but not much investment meeting with Somali women small youth groups not much investment in the infrastructure of roads bridges clean water sanitation power lighting you know let's let's figure out a sustainable plan for agricultural development rather than just giving them food so what are some of the solutions here what are some practical things that the u.s. can do in the short term and then in the long term to kind of change the path the trajectory that we're already on right so a lot of people think of Smalley as it as a danger zone a war zone and that's all they think of so we have to change that perception one - I think they want a partner they want investment they want people to come in invest in the you mentioned oil-rich it's a hundred billion barrels of oil is suspecting there but they want to be a part of that process they want to lead that process they want I mean they're frustrated that the West sea Somalia as wanting a piece of Somalia rather than peace in Somalia so they're looking for partners in that process that's what we have to change you know everything I saw in Somalia is very similar to what I saw in Afghanistan Pakistan which is we're not trusting locally led processes and that's the difference so are we doomed to repeat our mistakes that we made and arguably some of those countries well it looks like it unless and why I'm here today and thank you for giving platform to this we change we change that process it's a fledgling government they want to partner with us but we have to change our mindset now I want to bring up something that you wrote for an article in CNN you said quote beyond the 1.5 billion dollars provided in the u.s. security assistance since 2009 and the myriad of airstrikes that America has rained down on Somalia the US has created an untenable aid situation where any association with a rebel group al-shabaab however remote is illegal can you elaborate that on that a little bit more on what it means for Somalia right so we have a Department of Justice terrorist watchlist so anyone who's on that list any aid group cannot associate with that group the problem with Al Shabaab is that it's very amorphous it's very fluid so someone might be related to someone who might be related to someone who's in el Shabab it makes a very difficult World Food Program which through a lot of their humanitarian aid which ultimately led to a famine which killed 250,000 people between 2010 and 2012 we have to rethink that whole paradigm because it's preventing real socio-economic development in the country in ways that will build allies among Somalis rather than enemies and let's talk about Somali perceptions and people across the Horn of Africa perceptions of the u.s. obviously as you mentioned the only thing that they really know about the u.s. is that we have functioning drones that have the capability of killing a lot of people at one time so what else do they think about the u.s. or is that simply it well there are a lot of entrepreneurs so they see the West as potential entrepreneur when I was traveling throughout the city a lot of people were surprised to see me because they're not many white male Westerners can walking through Mogadishu but they were certainly welcome of my time and of my investment you know the UI monitoring group which is kind of given oversight over everything in Somalia has been pretty paternalistic in nature and that's what they're frustrated with they don't want another parent telling whether it's Ethiopia or Kenya or the West us UN UK telling them what to do so they welcome participation open arms open doors but has to be one of equality no on the same kind of coin that we're talking about right now the issue with giving so much aid to a country is that we don't exactly know all of the uses for what is going to be could have potentially fall into corrupt hands that could end up fueling terrorists that hurt the u.s. I mean ultimately we need oversight of everything we do which is why I've been very involved in oversight of even Pentagon dollars going into Afghanistan because there's corruption there too so we've got it we've got to vet these organizations and root out corruption wherever it lies whether it's in our Defense Department our State Department USA or the organizations on the ground so yes oversight is critical but that's very doable that's better than disengaging completely now obviously the Afghanistan Inspector General would definitely agree with some of the misuses of money there but if the US doesn't get involved in the Horn of Africa is it an argument that could be valid that possibly another country would well absolutely in Turkey is very involved in some very positive ways in terms of socio-economic development so they're building the relationship not unlike when I was in Syria Japan was heavily involved we're missing opportunities to build these alliances and Shabaab is coming in instead you know they're offering a cellphone to a kid and recruiting a kid that way lots of kids roaming the streets of Mogadishu let's get them jobs so what is the takeaway lesson then from here very quickly takeaway we see it in Afghanistan we see in Pakistan we see in Somalia we're only or primarily investing in military solutions and not socio-economic political sustainable solutions that are locally led by the country that's how we need to switch very interesting and we hope that you'll keep us involved in what you're doing and what you're working on and keep us involved in the region michael Shank director of foreign policy at the friends Committee on national legislation thank you so much capstone project supervisory liability leeda for money D'Youville College, Buffalo.

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