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Capstone course university order

Capstone course university order capstone village tuscaloosa for money melissa lonner hollywood reporter cover ´╗┐hello everyone welcome back I am bog mark we have to deal with this idiot relative of mine yeah she can become a spy here's a brilliant idea oh hello yes decent sized I mean where will it attack I have an idea where from attack I'm letting it I'm gonna let it attack there is I have a plan actually no ups I don't want to be leading armies changed my mind she's gonna attack there I would like to be able to come in and defend catch his army and off guard and then destroy it XO no no you're not gonna do it where are you off to now I wonder Oh mmm gathering your reinforcements it looks like pesky pesky reinforcements maybe I should go up here maybe I should go here I just don't know where to go sometimes 40% what's this claim it's oh oh cousin cousin after plot to kill you there's the risk you take when you put relatives on a throne I know what I'm gonna do though the higher another army the Lombard band carried by my fastest ships pregnancy for me and my boy I think I'm gonna support here actually to spend my fleets and you guys need to stop being jerks when I'm trying to fight for God luckily I'm rich oh that I'm rich so very rich and oh yeah I wanted to do a thing tonight yes right sorry cousin if only you hadn't have plotted against me you would get to live but now you don't all right 68% oh it's a good number I think he's gonna go here there to February it's intercepting judge your mind I don't think so catch and destroy wait let's make sure my finest commanders are in charge of this attack yes what's getting us the mountain advantage but I believe I have yes I have the commanders and I have God yeah learning hurting is good and then I will press on to his capital 85% Amir Nazim the unready huh well named well cast rates no no no I want to Branson him for sweet shiny gold thank you for your money it is we it will be well spent I assure you alright I must press my advantage quickly before his armies rally 98 100 ha ha ha I've done it Jerusalem is mine just good dismiss my armies so I can always hire them back no where's the varangians yeah like having the Varangians always out alright alright um - of course find somebody suitable the task oh wait wait wait wait first of all first of all very your yeah yes I want you to convert right away no my other cousin well he's got a kid though very well go to court just like me enough nieces any people's sons here we are nice we'll invite them to court hopefully I can get get some proper marriages going for them or V it would be nice toward to be nice siblings it is hard to brother do I put my brother do I risk putting my brother in charge of Jerusalem you know what I think I do I'm sure he will be loyal the most loyal has this relate as he's a religious man and I have given him the chance to govern this most holy of places such that I shall furthermore assist him in converting Jerusalem itself back to the Orthodox ways all right so that's done driving people to convince them to not be jerks about things all right mate progress everybody we made great progress with the city back under East Roman control the patriarch Patriarchate of Jerusalem has been properly restored as one of the Episcopal sees of the pen Turkey and the Eastern Orthodox Church to reverse it James the just who has made a head of the church in Jerusalem soon after the death of the Jesus god be praised excellency you came to my courts that will get you married posthaste to the sky did you come to my court I think you did you marry this guy cousins marrying cousins what could be better every our Miami sent back home your wife has no eyeballs what if she know that why does she have no eyeballs Oh another daughter excellent one of my heir subjects is convert to the Orthodox faith good you hate me you hate me you hate me you don't really hate me good if you converted to excellent he's joined perfect wonderful I think things are going great now see you take me do your brother know you love me Oh laters always raiding Raiders gonna raid which in facts over here Oh Castle uh-oh dis Arnold scum oh yes it does appear that I was spying Gandhi wasn't it how awkward damn I was also seeing all of your lands so there was that - OH luckily this lets me deal with my goons she's getting all uppity no new prisoners really it looks like Oh axes a child so I could just kill him quickly well I will still have someone taking over Savoie soon enough no no we know how I act must make an example of them and their terrible ways hello no idea build a war chest don't mind if I do start I'm not going to start anybody better than that oh yes my brilliant daughter you my dear in didn't brooding yes I will to teach you the diplomatic Arts and even as I get a new skill aerial even super pissed off of me you are you're terrible edits you you would be great at it all right so we've dealt with the east such as it is now we can focus on the West also Francia has a bit of a revolt going on it looks like how are you handling that my dear relative could definitely invade you at some point if you only had Welles's I can invite to my court do you take up the Arts of being thrifty right I can't demand a convert until they are older all right I built a war chest coming hmm bogum let's say where are they no they aren't it on there okay well then yeah let's raise up a few armies I think that should do 5,000 men yeah bring over this guy too curious eh how about learning yeah oh the delicious little strip of red well I don't need the gold I will pass ooh a carriage that is being carried on excellent she suffered unfortunate accidents carriage death traps good good I will play of course for him for an to God for forgiveness for the accident I must do but I have a higher mission that demands sacrifices good chicken my involved was revealed at a torture people will not be happy to know that I did kill one of my relatives perfect excellent there's genoa which is a piece of land have to take from Lombardi more children hole analyzer fussing oh yeah this is a little awkward it'd expect reinforcements to suddenly show up it doesn't look like it's enough good you can learn the art of stewardship and you dear boy I'm going to revoke the calculate ello and I of course have control of it or since I may claim to it no one will object to me demanding it from this Catholic child don't you say much okay ah thank you young Saverio we all notice far better to be in my hands than yours right the entire stretch is mine this pleases me are the carthesian revolts ah carpet we really should have just salted the whole place more salted it more than we did the first time no my aunt has passed on you shall be missed aunt you shall be missed but you've left left with children and you oh you know what let's do a gift of cash and then do you convert - no you won't turn right oh no once again one of my guys has ended up in jail it does happen but I don't think I'm gonna stop anytime soon all right so Ferrara and Genoa the last two holy man can't record blasphemous pagans dared criticize me ah you know like to think I'm doing the world of service there clearly some people in this world who have no common sense to come into the court a most powerful Christian Empire in the world badmouth God to my face yeah ah you're in jail forever Deus vult and of course not a big surprise but the the priests are like good work buddy thank you it's good to know my hard work is appreciated yeah look look drop you over there I think this entire region needs more more of me less of you everybody one of those all right well I think we shall take a little break here which was we had great success or thanks to the beard you you child learn to be prideful yeah yeah alright thank you all for watching and I will see you all soon for more Crusader Kings 2 write for me capstone australia pty ltd State University of New York at Geneseo.

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