Capstone Course For Obgyn Medical Students
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Capstone course for obgyn medical students

Capstone course for obgyn medical students capstone financial hk ltd how to end a science fair research paper ´╗┐okay so I'm going to take you through the biotech math quiz and walk you through all the different steps you would take to solve it correctly so that those of you who struggle with this you can review it and do a proficiency challenge to improve your score reasonably but also more importantly to be able to carry out biotech math appropriately for all of the labs that we are doing this year so first we're dealing with scientific notation so is here are some quick little steps step 1 move the decimal left or right accordingly leave only one number between the front of the decimal okay write the number without zeros well there is an exception to that if we deal with sig figs except sig figs okay count how many places you have moved the decimal make your power of 10 make that your power of 10 moved left positive but it moved right it would be negative so 3200 would be 3.2 times 10 to the positive third and 0.003 two would become 3.2 times 10 to the negative third okay so let's apply this so we are going to move the decimal one two three places so now it's between the 4 and the 3 so 4.3 428 we need to keep that last year because that is a significant figure 0 and then times 10 to the 1 2 3 so that tells us so that's 4340 2.8 oh okay now there is no decimal place here so we're just going to start right up here one two three four is we're going to get ten to the fourth and it's going to be 2.71 but we're going to leave those last two zeros off because those are not significant okay now starting at this but decimal we're going to go negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 so times 10 to the negative third and it's going to be 7.2 so though that is how we solve those scientific notation questions now significant digits so we have some basic decimal rules if there is no decimal then start counting at the first non-zero and stopped counting at the last nonzero if there isn't decimal then start counting at the first non-zero and count until the end so no decimal start counting at the first non-zero and stopped counting at the last non-zero not a zero not a zero not a zero not a zero there are four of them again start counting at the first non-zero ok four of them so zeros that are embedded between other numbers are significant these are not significant they just tell us that that would be times 10 to the negative third if we wrote it in scientific notation so significant significant significant 0 count to the end significant so four significant digits or significant figures now let's look at multiplying and dividing adding and subtracting so when you add or subtract round the answer to the least number of decimal places okay so in this example we see that this 83.2 could have been 80 3.17 to or 83 point at 214 but we don't know that we all we know is we know it's 83.2 there for the best answer we can have can be to that tenths place so when we do the math over here we're not limited at the tenths place they both have tens place they both have a hundreds place this one has a thousands place but this one does not so we have to stop at the hundredths place so when you do that math you find that that answer is 2.86 okay again our numbers they have a tenths place this one has a hundredths and a thousandth this one does not we are only certain to the tenths place so that's as good as it gets so it's 15.1 now multiplication and division is it's different animal okay you're going to round according to your least significant digits for example if you knew you had half of or you're going to divide 4.4 / to this is only that's our least significant digit it doesn't matter the decimal place all that matters is that that is one sig fig so our answer will be buns if it just like up here this has two sig figs this is one sig fig so our answer can only help one sig fig so when you divide Oh point 5 1 by 7 your answer is in one signet fig for when you divide 600 s 6800 80/20 1.45 three sig figs for sig figs so therefore we're going to be limited by our least number of significant figures which is three and so when we do the math and we round it would be 321 conversions where these little Mark's come from I know where the kingdom oh so when we do conversions how many millimeters are in a meter by definition there are 1000 how many micro liters are in a liter there are 1 million okay now unit conversion we want to take 2301 milligrams and convert that into grams so 2301 milligrams and then the question is how many milligrams are there in a grant there are thousand milligrams and a gram milligrams cancel out grams are left behind / a thousand and our answer is 2.3 01 grams now two point nine nine zero milliliters to microliters that you could know that there are a thousand microliters in a milliliter if you don't know that you can still figure it out so let's do it the long way 2929 Oh milliliters so if we're going with real basic definitions you don't know the shortcut well we know that there are thousand milliliters in a leader milliliters cancel out we know in a liter there are a million microliters so liters cancel out a thousand cancels out cross out three zeros so two point nine nine zero times a thousand is 2990 microliters next let's do a dilution you have 500 point 0 X DNA's thing that's very very dark DNA Stan you get it on your hands it will not go away for a very long time you want to do a quick stained technique that uses 100x DNA stain so we need to dilute it by one-fifth you need 80 milliliters of 100 x DNA stain so you're one students I just asked you to identify what's what so c1 is our initial concentration what's our initial concentration we're dealing with 500 x DNA sting what is the final concentration we want we want 100 x DNA string how much of that final volume do we need we need 80 milliliters what's volume 1 that's the question finally if you're you're too or your three you have to do the actual work so we need to use c1 v1 equals C 2 v2 now we're going to solve for v1 so we did what aside divide both sides of the equation by v1 a v1 cancelled on here therefore c 1 is equal to c 2 v2 divided by v1 now c 1 is 0 i did that wrong do we all see what I did wrong I can so that's v1 that's our question we wanted to solve for everyone so let's try again c1 v1 equals C 2 v2 divided by C 1 divided by C 1 C 1 cancels out our concentration initial concentration cancels out so therefore to solve for what is the how much of the initial DNA stain do we need to use to make 80 milliliters of 100 x DNA stain from 500 x tienes thing we would do the following map well 100 X DNA stain that's c1 times v1 which is 80 milliliters / our initial concentration which is 500 x DNA stain our units of x cancel out our DNA steam cancels out and when we solve for v1 you find that it's 16.0 milliliters of stock DNA stain stock is the original or starting DNA's thing now why did I put the point 0 well we had four significant figures four significant figures and three significant figures oh wait actually only two of those exist in a reality that matters this one right here 500x500 point zero that actually exists as a solution 80 milliliters that actually is based on the limitation of our graduated cylinders we can go to the tenths place and with measuring 80 that would give us three significant figures this one right here we could do better than that potentially based on our depending on our equipment you could make 100.00 X DNA stain but so that's not going to be irrelevant erase the 100 okay so we have four significant figures three significant figures so our three significant figures is our limiting factor so we have three significant figures here 16.0 because we didn't do addition we didn't do subtraction we did multiplication and division so three significant figures there's our final answer you write for me who am i the soundtrack of your life an ap psychology capstone project St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill.

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